Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Catchin up

Lots and Lots of catching up.  So many things have happened since my last post.  I ran a marathon, bought a new car, started a new job, and so much more!!!  Where to begin?

My blog doesn't look the greatest...so a new version is coming!!!

Denver Rock n Roll Marathon was a complete bust for me.  I ran 2 miles extra because I took a wrong turn.  I finished with the half-marathoners.  I ended up running back to catch up to the race.  Not a good performance.  My time was still pretty darn good, but I did not hit my goal.  My time was 2:59.  This was an adjusted time because the course ended up being to long.

I started a new job at the Sheriff's Office.  I am the reports guy.  I started on Nov. 1st and it's been treating me well.

P90x started on Nov 1st.  I've been hanging pretty well, but some days I ache more than others.

Another Ironman?  2012??  Guess I need to talk to Nicole first...

And more...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Who let the Dogs out?

Dogs = My running legs

I had a 20 mile training run today with the Rocky Mountain Road Runners.  I wasn't sure I was even going to run this event, but decided to at the last minute.

I rocked!! Finally.  I was 17 minutes faster than my 20 mile mark at the Boston Marathon.  My total was was 2:13:45.  Does this mean I could break under 3 hours at the Denver Rock n Roll Marathon on Oct. 17th?  I was on pace to run a 2:58 marathon...or better??

Pics to come soon!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

July/August Recap

Here is a quick re-cap:

Lots of running these days.  Every weekend is a long run.  I even woke up at 4:30am last Sat. to squeeze in my long run.  I've been averaging 7:45-8:10 per mile on my 18+ long runs.  I haven't run past 20 miles.  I was tempted one day, but my watch ran out of batteries and I didn't want to guess my distance.

I was swimming every Wednesday on my run day off.  It has been awhile since I have been to the pool and not sure when I will be going back?

I had a flat tire going into work early August.  I tried changing it, but I ended up pinching 2 tubes.  I had to call Nicole to come pick me up.  I haven't rode my bike since.  I was riding my bike every Friday to work.  I've been having troubles getting my back tire on.  I pinched 2 more tubes and I am out of tubes.  I need to go to the bike store.  I think I will need to buy a new tire??

Family Life
Family life is good.  Ariel is growing up so fast.  She is almost 16 months old.  Amazing how time goes by.  Ariel has some squeaky shoes that she loves.  Ariel has been trying new things and getting into everything.  She went to swim classes, gymnastics, and so much more.

New Car
I bought a car last weekend.  I purchased a 2009 Kia Optima.  I got a pretty good deal and satisfied.  Not sure what I will do with my Mercury Cougar yet.  It needs a new transmission.  I hope to sell it.

Not too many races.  I have done 2 work related 5Ks within the last month or two.  I am signed up for the Denver Rock n Roll Marathon.  I am working extremely hard to do well.

Track Practice
I have been going to track since late July.  I feel so strong and running well.  We have done 400's, mile repeats, 2 mile run, 1200s and ladders.  Good stuff and I hope this is making me faster

I finished the 1-2 and 3-4 in 45 days. I am now currently working on the Master Series.  It has been fun, but very dedicating to get up at 6am to complete the workouts.  I am not sure when I will start the P90x?  Maybe after the marathon??

Thanks for reading and sorry for such a long time between posts.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Too many workouts??

Too many workouts and not enough time in the day to do other things.  I have my house to clean, yard to take care of, baby to play with, go to work, maintain the cars, laundry, blog, facebook, hotmail....

The list goes on and on.  I just don't have enough time for everything.  Somethings got to go???  Not sure what?  OH well...

I've been running about 45-55 miles per week.  I'm running 5-6 days a week, cycling and swimming once a week. I swim on Wednesdays and bike to work on Fridays. 

Did I mention that I started track practice??  I want to get faster and the only way is speed workouts!!!  It's going pretty well.  Track is on Tuesday nights so I take Wed. off for recovery.

More to talk about later.  Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

My 2010 Totals

My 2010 Totals (Swim, Bike, Run)

Swim: 0 meters (0 miles)
Bike: 0 miles
Run: 336.91 miles

Swim: 4,200 meters (2.8 miles)
Bike: 44.50 miles
Run: 235.77 miles

Swim: 10,100 meters (6.73 miles)
Bike: 72.64 miles
Run: 55.25 miles

Swim: 7,700 meters (5.13 miles)
Aqua Jogging: 4 hrs 10 min
Bike: 74.31 miles

Run: 65.04 miles

Swim: 7,200 meters (4.8 miles)
Bike: 63.75 miles
Run: 48.03 miles

Swim: 5,500 meters (3.6 miles)
Bike: 98.89 miles
Run: 135.75 miles

Swim: 5,000 meters (3.3 miles)
Bike: 42.58 miles
Run: 199.92 miles

Swim: 0 meters (0 miles)
Bike: 0 miles
Run: 258.89 miles

Swim: 0 meters (0 miles)
Bike: 0 miles
Run: 216.81 miles

Swim: 0 meters (0 miles)
Bike: 0 miles
Run: 153.81 miles

Swim: 1,600 meters (1.0 miles)
Bike: 0 miles
Run: 97.52 miles

Swim: 0 meters (0 miles)
Bike: 53.32 miles
Run: 106.94 miles

Swim: 41,300 meters (27.53 miles)
Bike: 449.99 miles
Run: 1,910.64 miles

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Power 90 and Bike to Work Day

Been extra busy these days.  Nicole and I started a new workout program on Monday.  We started the Power 90 workout program.  This is similar to the P90x program, but came out before it.  This is the first version of p90x.  We've been getting through it.

Yesterday was Bike to work day.  I did p90 in the morning, rode my bike to work, ran 10 miles during lunch, rode my bike back home.  What a crazy day it was.  Maybe a big overboard?  Good for training.  I haven't trained like this since Ironman in 2008.

A new Ironman is coming to Texas.  Looks interesting!!!  Maybe in 2012?  We'll see.  Would need to find some extra money and time to train.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Another BolderBoulder 10K has come and gone.  That was 16 BBs for me.  I started running them when I was 14.  Pretty darn crazy. 

My offical time was 40:11.  Not my fastest, but I wasn't looking at a PR. 

I've got more to talk about...but will save my words today.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Run Day On, Run Day Off

It sure does feel great to run again!!  I have only run 4 times since Boston Marathon on April 19, 2010.  That is 4 times in a month.  I took about 2-3 weeks off, ran 3 times.  Took another 10 days off and ran once.  My right leg feels pretty good and no pain while running.  I ran a 10k a few weeks ago and my right leg started to ache after the race.  That is when I decided to take some more time off.

I have the BolderBoulder 10k race coming up.  This will be my 13th year running it (or so).  I am in the top wave again, 2nd year in a row.  Last years time will be much better.  I am looking at running the same as a few weeks ago.

I will only have about a week to train.  Yikes.  Instead of running every single day, I will be running every other day.  Hopefully this will give my leg enough time to finish healing (if necessary).  What's next.  I am going to Casper, WY to watch my friend Shirley race.  I have been thinking about the half-marathon????  Probably a mistake..??? But maybe not?  I will make a decision after the BolderBoulder.  If my leg feels great, I might talk with Nicole and see what she thinks.

Till now, I hope I get a chance to go out running today!!!


Monday, May 17, 2010

Passing a Brick Wall

I went for a bike ride today.  I told Nicole I would be gone 1-2 hours but no longer.  My lungs were burning the first two miles of the ride.  The first two miles are on Quincy Ave which is a moderately busy road.  Cars always seem  to be pretty good about cyclists, but I am always alert.  The first mile is a slight uphill and the second is a fast downhill. I can get my bike 25-32mph.  I always take it too fast.

I went one loop around Cherry Creek Reservoir and only 40 minutes into my ride.  I was pretty worn out and felt like calling it a day.  GU to the Rescue!!  I had an orange burst GU and gave me enough energy to keep going.  I ended up going around Cherry Creek Reservoir again.  I paced myself better going around the second time.

I rode 26.5 miles and averaged 17.5mph.  Not too bad. 

Got some good Wii Sports workout afterwards. I was determined to beat the obstacle course record.  I did it, but too me way too long.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Blazing Bullets 5K/10K Trail Run

The Bullets Trail Run was a fantastic race. This event was held by the City of Westminster and the Westminster Public Safety Recognition Foundation. The community group benefits Westminster Firefighters who have been injured on the job and financial relief to citizens who have lost their home or have been displaced.

The best races start off with great volunteers and organizers. The Blazing Bullets event gave a personal touch because it had great community involvement. It felt like the sitcom Cheers where "everyone knows your name".

The location was perfect. It was held at the Christopher Fields (near Sheridan and 104th) just off highway 36. The registration was simple and easy. The goodie bags included a reusable grocery bag given by City of Westminster, water, toothbrush kit, and information about the course. The t-shirt gave it a nice touch.

This event wasn't a stressful event. There were plenty of bathrooms with no long lines. The event included a short walk to the south parking lot just before the start. 8am start was perfect and it starts right on time. The 10K runners started first and 5K runners started 5 minutes later.

The course offered a combination of road and trail. The course was clearly marked and each mile offered a quote of inspiration. The aid stations were well supported. There were more police motorcycles at this event than many 5k/10k races. It appeared that the officers enjoyed helping out for the safety of the runners.

The finish line was mostly organized. 5K and 10K runners finished at the same chute so it may have caused a little confusion at the end. We received a timing chip and several volunteers were at the finish line ready to take them off.

The Post race events may have been the best part. Great food and beverages afterwards. Panera bread, EAS shakes, water, coffee, and more. The exhibit booths made it fun for the entire family. Great music was provided by the Standley Lake High School Jazz Band and Car Toys.

The award presentation was good, but too long. The announcer knew many runners and explained who they were. Most amazing door prizes at this event. The door prize announcements were long but felt like everyone was a winner.

The Blazing Bullets event was a huge success and the volunteers and organizers did an outstanding job. Not to mention a personalized finishers certificate sent via email.

I placed 2nd out of 98 finishers in a time of 39:48.  I won my age division 30-39.  I also won a free pair of shoes.  YEAH!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

GU Rocks!!!

I love GU.  My nutrition plans have been fantastic and I can certainly tell you that it has made a big difference in my performance.  I have been able to complete Ironman Coeur d'Alene, Salt Lake City Marathon, Boston Marathon, 24 hours of Triathlon (team event) and much more. 

GU has recently come out with a test drive package with a full variety of GU Energy products.  GU has over 20 years of experience providing athletes with proper nutrition while exercising.  Every athlete needs a workout plan and nutrition plan.  GU has helped me, so they can help you too.

So what does the performance energy sampler provide?  It gives the athlete with a range of choices to create their individual performance nutrition plan and includes the original GU Energy Gel, Roctane Ultra Endurance Energy Gel, Chomps Energy Chews, Electrolyte Brew, and Recovery Brew.

For full product information please visit http://www.guenergy.com/products/performance-energy-sampler.

Did I mention that I love GU.  They have helped me become a better person and a great athlete.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Boston Marathon Race Report

Alarm Clock
Alarm clock went off just before 5:15am.  I arose with ease and was eager to start the day.  I put on all my gear.  I also had some warm-up clothes.  I went downstairs to the cafe "Au Bon Pain".  I was able to get some coffee and oatmeal.  Little sugar and milk with my oatmeal and I was good to go.

Bus Ride
The Rocky Mountain Road Runners group met in the hotel lobby at 6am.  We met for a quick photo or two and headed towards the buses.  We didn't wait to long too get on a school bus.  The bus had a cute turtle on the window next to the door.  On the yellow school bus we go and we went straight to the back.  The ride took 45-60 min.  I started becoming uncomfortable half way.  I was getting car sick and had to find a restroom.

Start Line
The start line was crazy.  We started heading to the start line with only 15 minutes before start time.  It almost felt like a mad dash before the race started.  After a quick last minute bathroom break, I rushed to the the 2000's corral.  The video camera came right in front of us several times.  Click here to view the video.  My friend is dacook (David Cook) and I am next to him on the left.  Check out the bright yellow outfit and my sunglasses.

And we run...
The gun went off and let the mad chaos begin.  It wasn't a fast pace at first.  It actually took us about a minute to get to the start line.  My goal was to take it hard, but not to go crazy and run a miracle mile.  The crowds were already starting to form and I felt like this was going to be a good race day.  The weather turned out to be perfect and sunny.  I didn't even notice the wind.

Miles 1-6
Mile 1: 6:50, Mile 2: 6:18, Mile 3: 6:01, Mile 4: 6:36, Mile 5: 6:33, Mile 6: 6:33
5K - 20:13
10K - 40:48

What a great feeling to run again.  I felt great and so thrilled to be at Boston.  The first mile was perfect.  Not too fast, not too slow.  I increased my speed after the first mile.  Mile 3 might have been a mistake?  I ran too fast and noticed it.  My friend Dave Cook was keeping up with me and was wondering what I was doing. 

We passed by an awesome biker bar with tons of people cheering.  I didn't hear any engines roaring, but I could easily point out the biker dudes.  The first 5K and 10K passed by and I was pleased with my times.  Every time I passed a timing mat, I thought of all my friends, sponsors and family.  Especially those who were watching me on race day.
Miles 7-13
Mile 7: 6:24, Mile 8: 6:43, Mile 9: 6:48, Mile 10: 6:48, Mile 11: 7:01, Mile 12: 7:09, Mile 13: 6:57
15K - 1:01:35
20K - 1:23:18
Half-Marathon - 1:28:02

Steady, easy, and steady.  I was rockin and racing towards the half way point.  The miles started to slow down a little bit towards the end of the first half.  My quads and calf's started feeling tight around mile 11.  I blame this on my new orthotics that I only had a week to break in.  I also will mention that I took off 3-4 weeks before Boston.
Miles 14-20
Mile 14: 7:05, Mile 15: 7:15, Mile 16: 6:58, Mile 17: 7:46, Mile 18: 8:07
25K - 1:45:23
30K - 2:09:11

The hills started at mile 16.  The first two hills were tough and I felt the challenge.  I didn't think the first two would be tough.  We passed by Wesley College during Mile 16.  Something neat about Wesley College...It's a female only college and the girls were out to scream.  One of the most amazing parts about the course.  Hundreds and maybe even thousands of college girls screaming and shouting at all the runners.  Many of them held "kiss me" signs.  Runners would stop just to kiss the girls.  Not me.  I kept running, but I did blow a few kisses.

Mile 19-21: 25:38 (8:22/mile)
35K - 2:35:08

My garmin watch lost signal so I wasn't sure what my pace was.  This is good and bad.  Bad because I wasn't sure how fast I was running, but good because I could run at a comfortable pace. Heartbreak hill was around mile 21 and I didn't even notice it.  I asked another runner if we have passed Heartbreak Hill yet.  He told me we just passed it.  I do remember some college kids screaming at a person to start running again.  The runner nearly stopped and took a break.  The college students screamed and yelled louder once the runner got going again.  Way to inspire!

Mile 22-26.2
Mile 22: 7:54, Mile 23: 8:10, Mile 24: 7:47, Mile 25: 8:10, Mile 26: 7:38, Mile .2: 1:07
40K - 3:00:22

2nd Half-Marathon - 1:42:53

My pace was mixed, but I started picking up the pace.  After passing Heartbreak Hill, the toughest parts were done.  My garmin watch starting working again, so I was able to see my pace.  I passed the 24-25 mile marker and knew I wasn't going to break 3 hours.  My next goal was to break 3:10, which is the time to re-qualify for Boston.  I had a little over 1.5 miles left to run in about 12 minutes.  The finish line was coming close and I had enough time to finish in 3:10.

The last .2 miles was crazy.  I put everything I had left out on the course.  I was running at 4:12/mile pace for the last minute. I ran until I couldn't run any longer.  I finished with a time of 3:10:55.  I re-qualified for Boston by 4 seconds.

Will I be able to Walk?
The race was over and I was exhausted.  I kept thinking to myself, keep walking. Keep walking.  Don't stop.  The wheelchairs to the first aid tents sure did look nice.  I wasn't feeling the greatest and I thought I might have been a little dizzy.  I got my medal, water, snack bag, and headed to the bus to get my "gear bag".  I changed and went straight for the massage area.  I wanted to make sure I got a massage.

After a simple and basic massage I headed towards my hotel.  I found it right away and headed up the elevator.  I was walking pretty well compared to the last race.  I showered, closed the blinds, and took a nice 2 hour nap.

Looking Back
My training paid off.  I worked hard and ran hundreds of miles.  I couldn't have done the race without my sponsors, GU and Brooks!!  My nutrition was right on and I had good shoes, gear and support.

I might run Boston again next year, but I will do a few things differently.  I will make sure I have at least one day off either every week or every other week.  I will make sure to listen to my body a little better and rest when I need to.

I was happy to run the 2010 Boston Marathon.  Despite my leg injuries, I ran a great race.  I ran the first half a little too fast, and ran out of gas for the second half.  This race was my second fastest marathon and I have many more miles to run.  Thanks for your support and well wishes.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Boston Marathon Results

I made it through!!  Race report coming either tonight or tomorrow.

My finishing time 3:10:55.  Not too bad.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Headed to Boston

I put on my running shoes and went on a 8 mile run.  I ran last night at 9pm and had a great run.  My leg didn't feel too bad and I felt like I could keep running.  Pain level was around a 2 on a scale 1-10. 

I went out again during my lunch break today.  I went 6.75 miles.  Not as great of a run as last night, but not bad too.  I felt a blister on my heal and it was pretty painful.  Ah man.  Not another blister.  Do I blame it on my orthotics or shoes?  Yuck........

What does this mean?  I am planning on running the Boston Marathon next Monday.  It won't be my fastest marathon, so I hope to really enjoy the race!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Game Plan..heal baby...heal.

2.5 weeks left till the Boston Marathon and I will make a decision in about 2 weeks.  I can defer the Boston Marathon till next year, but I must re-register and pay the entry fee.  I have stopped running on Monday and will give it 2 weeks off.  I have been cycling and swimming to cross train.  Aqua Jogging is something else.  Time passes by faster than I thought.

Heal leg heal. I felt very optimistic today.  My leg/foot seems to be going through all kind of feelings.  My ankle and calf are sore or ache.  Odd.  Heal leg heal.......I want to get back to running soon!!

I have some orthodics on order, but they won't get here until next Friday.  Not enough time.  Big decision to make soon...

Thanks for coming and reading/dealing with all my issues.  I will be talking about happier thoughts in the future!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Still Broken

My car is back in the shop.  My friend Joe and I replaced the alternator twice and still no luck.  Got another brand new battery and alternator.  It's something else...??

21 days till Boston.  3 Weeks.  I ran about 13 miles this week.  Not bad???  Bad.  I gave up a treadmill run because my legs burned too much.

I iced my legs last night before a run.  I made it almost 5 miles.  I decided to stop while I was ahead.  Pace was slow, but I was listening to my body.  My body said "slow".  What will I do??  I don't know yet.  I can have the race defered still next year.  I would rather run this year.

I rode my bike almost 3 hours today.  No leg problems.  I have rode nearly 50 miles since September 2009.  It was a warm day and I felt like I need a big workout.  This was pretty big.  Let's see what happens in the next few weeks.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

MRI Results are in...

The results from the MRI are in.  Here is what the Dr. said via email:

The MRI shows changes in the fibular shaft consistent with a 'stress response.' These are the beginnings of what we would see with a stress fracture, but no fracture was seen. There were no other soft tissue abnormalities, including tendonitis, that were seen.

Right away, I would start taking calcium 1000mg and vitamin D 400 IU daily to help with bone growth. As far as training, we need to talk about specifics and goals for your current race schedule, so I agree we should touch base by phone.

Good news, bad news??  Doesn't sound horrible, but explains why my leg still hurts.  I will be talking with my Dr. soon about what I can do.  Guess it might have been a smart idea to stop running for a little bit.  26 days left till Boston Marathon.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Needing a battery charge?

Crap.  The car stalled on me again.  Yesterday's somewhat big snowstorm also brought me a dead vehicle.  My Mercury Cougar's battery light came on Friday morning.  It was enough to get me to work and back home.  Ariel's 10 month dr. appointment was after work and I drove seperatly to meet Nicole and Ariel.  I tried starting the car in the parking lot.  No luck.

I went to Checkers Auto.  They told me I needed a new battery.  I bought a battery 2 years ago, which seemed odd.  Put the new battery in my car.  The storm made things cold.  I was able to get home and drive some today.

My MRI appointment was at 7:00pm for my right leg.  I was done at 8pm and started driving home.  I didn't make it too far.  Long story short...I think my car needs a new alternator.  Battery is dead, but just needs re-charging.  What an ordeal tonight.  Hopefully the car is safe where I left it...??...

I feel like my body needs a new re-charge.  Hopefully I will figure out the results of the MRI soon and I can get back to working out.

5 days in a row for Aqua swimming.  Not too day.  Will post more about it soon.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Now until Boston

5 weeks left or 35 days of training. 

Day after a half-marathon

My legs feel stiff, tired and worn out.  My spirits are high and my legs lay low.  I got 2 new pairs of shoes and gloves today.  I went Aqua Jogging in the morning.  25 mintues and 400 meters.  Not too bad.  This seemed to loosen my legs a little.

I attempted running on the treadmill during my lunch break. I made it about 1.25 miles in 17-18 minutues.  Yikes.  The pace was super slow.  It was a mixture of jogging/walking.  I pushed the treadmill dial to 8:41/mile.  This has been my standard slow run pace.  It was too fast and I couldn't keep up.  After I got off I did a few leg weights and some stretching.   Super short workout, even though I was moving slow.

What does this mean for BOSTON Marathon??
Yikes.  5 weeks left of training, and I can't run.  No more running until....
I have a MRI scheduled for Saturday.
My legs need to feel better.
I need to stop limping.
2-3 weeks of running.  Maybe cycling too.

Guess what that means??  More time at the pool AQUA Jogging.  Oh Boy.  I guess I need to get up earlier and be at the pool for as long as I can.  Maybe even 2 swim workouts a day?? 

Abs and Core exercises would be good too.

Boulder Spring Half Marathon

What a great way to represent GU!!  I wasn't sure if I should have raced this one.  I decided that it would be a great training/tempo run leading up to the Boston Marathon.

Dave Cook ran along side with me during the race.  We both ran the first half around 7:00/mile.  Not too bad.  I think we were hoping to run just a tad bit faster.  The second half was faster for the both of us.  Dave Cook and I parted ways at this point.  He blasted the 2nd half with amazing split times.  I was pretty happy with my 2nd half performance.

I beat my course PR by almost 2 mintues.  I thought about slowing the pace several times.  I don't think it would have made a differnce if I ran the race fast or slow.  Both ways it would have been hard on my legs.  There was a pack of runners that I kept up with for most the race.  This allowed me to run smart and even pace.

Official Time: 1:31:50
Pace: 7:01/mile
Overall Finish: 56th
Age Group Finish: 12 of 63

Mile 1: 6:45, Mile 2: 6:47, Mile 3: 6:55, Mile 4: 6:58, Mile 5: 7:06, Mile 6: 7:10,
Mile 7: 7:17, Mile 8: 6:33, Mile 9: 6:40, Mile 10: 6:45, Mile 11: 6:52, Mile 12: 7:09
Mile 13: 6:50

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Leg pains that won't go away

Will my leg pains go away??  I am not certain how much rest I should take?  I went to the doctors almost a month ago.  I took a week off and my left leg pain went away.  2-3 weeks later my right leg started acting up and the pain has been much worse.  I've taken about 1 1/2 weeks off now and the pain still exists. 

I went to a physical therapist last Monday and he told me that my "Peroneus Longus and Brevis" are the cause.  He did some needle therapy, massage, and more to help fix it.  He mentioned that I had a few knots and the muscle is just very tight.

I've used ice, ibprofin, foam roller, massage, rest...and nothing is helping.  This injury is very frustrating.

Boston is less than five weeks away.  I don't want to take off too much time, but I want to complete the race too. 

I also have a half-marathon scheduled for this weekend and I am still deciding whether I should attempt it???

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Long Run before Boston

Do I dare say it? Do I dare run it? I had a 24 mile run planned for today. I kept thinking, should I even be running today? A hard race yesterday and I want to run how many miles.

Nicole and I went to church early today so I could get an earlier start on my run. We got back home just before 11am. I got all my stuff ready and was out the door by about 11:25. I really wanted to get out a little sooner, but what can you do?

The first mile was a little tough. I wasn't quite limping, but I felt slightly awkward. The first mile is at small incline, so it's never the best mile. Mile 2 is downhill so I can cruise and work on my pace. Most of my long runs are at Cherry Creek State Park. Today was an extra challenge for several reasons. First, I had to get the mileage in so I took extra loops and paths around the park. Second, my brother David met me at mile 19. I needed a pit stop, so I called David a few days before and asked if he would be interested.

I had everything mapped out and I was supposed to meet David at mile 18. I was running behind schedule and was figuring I was going to run 18 miles in 2 hours. What was I thinking? I wasn't planning on running that fast. Around mile 13 I lost my glove. I took my glove off so I could get a gel. I put the glove under my armpit and the glove someone ran away. I realized I lost my glove, so I ran back to find it. I kept running and running in the wrong direction. I tried hard to find my glove, and never did. I asked a walker along the path if she seen it? She said she mostly looks down and didn't see it.

Shortly before I spoke with the walker, I speedy girl flew by. She was at warp speed and headed in the direction I was supposed to be going. The chase was on when I turned back around. I tried catching her. Almost thought she might have my glove...yeah right. I came close, but never did. She ended up turning around and we waved at each other. She didn't have my glove. Darn.

I was getting close to where David and I were supposed to meet. I pulled out my cell phone and let him know that I was coming by shortly. I told him less than 15 minutes and I will be there. Down hill most the way. My pit stop was just after mile 19. David brought me some water. I mixed my GU20 packet into my water bottle and I was good to go.

Five miles left and David was running with me. I didn't want to slow down my pace, but I didn't want to wear David out. The pace was still pretty fast, but David managed...until we hit a big hill. He struggled a little, but we met each other at the stoplight. I was extremely impressed with his running and pumped that I had some company. 2 more miles and we were home. The pace slowed down a little. No worries because the last 2 miles were supposed to be a cool down.

We finished and the run was over. We rested a little bit, and I took David back to our meeting spot. I drove back home looking forward to a nice long nap. Ariel woke up shortly after my shower...no nap for Daddy. We went out shopping for a few things. I was at a snails pace. Nicole even called me Grandpa.

The day after was pretty rough. I decided I was going to take the day off and swim instead. Great idea. Hopefully the days to come my legs will recover.

Here were my mile splits:
Miles 1-10: 8:21, 7:42, 7:35, 7:29, 7:43, 7:39, 7:53, 7:45, 7:55, 7:40
Miles 11-20: 7:32, 7:43, 7:50, 7:44, 7:30, 7:34, 7:28, 7:42, 8:09, 8:22
Miles 21-24: 7:43, 8:01, 8:11, 8:05

Frosty Frozen 10 mile

Frosty Frozen 10 Mile
What a weekend. Lots of activities planned...and not all just running.  I woke up pretty early because it was race day!  The race didn't start until 10am, so I had plenty of time. I even got to sleep in a little.

I had my morning race breakfast, oatmeal.  I try not to eat too big of a breakfast on race day.  I didn't have any coffee, but I sure wanted a cup.

I have been trying to get over all my leg injuries, so I wasn't sure how my run was going to be??  My right leg started bothering me on Thursday's run and I was a bit nervous.  I ran an easy 1 mile warm-up run.  I tried my best to get fully warm before the race started.  The temperature was rising and I was getting anxious.  I found several of my running friends.  Dave Cook and I will be running Boston together, so this race was perfect.

The race started. Dave Cook and some of my other friends took off.  I did not want my first mile to be under 6 mintues, so I let some them pass.  My first mile was 6:20, so I was pretty happy.  It amazes me how many people (just like me) go crazy for the first mile.  Almost a dead sprint...then everyone seems to slow down, or adjust.

Mile 1: 6:20, Mile 2: 6:15, Mile 3: 6:21, Mile 4: 6:09, Mile 5: 6:20
Total Time: 31:27
Avg Pace: 6:17/mile
The first 5 miles flew by.  I felt pretty good.  I wasn't too concerned about time split mile times.  I kept trying to push the pace.  I also kept catching other runners.  I ended up passing 10 runners after the first mile.  Not a single runner passed me.

Mile 6: 6:38, Mile 7: 6:24, Mile 8: 6:23, Mile 9: 6:23, Mile 10: 6:14
Total Time: 32:24
Avg Pace: 6:29/mile

I was catching Dave Cook.  I passed him about mile 8.  He was still running pretty strong too.  He kept up with me for most the way.  I looked back because I thought I heard him slip on some ice.  Dave did slip on ice, but didn't fall.  I passed one final runner with 1/2 mile to go.  I was picking up the pace and running towards the finish.  Dave sprinted towards the end, and nearly caught me.  He finished at about the same time as I finished.  Amazing.

Official Time: 1:03:51
Avg Pace: 6:23/mile or 9.4 mph

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Don't count me out

Last week was hard.  I did not run once.  The entire week.  My last day off was Nov. 15th.  I was on a good streak. 450+ miles later I decided it was in my best interest to take a week of running off to heal my leg.

So instead I swam and rode my bike indoors.  I swam 4 times and rode my bike 3 times.  This was the first time getting in the pool and on the bike since the end of September.  It felt great to be back.

Did the time off help my leg.  Short answer: No.  Didn't really do a think.  Seems like a waste.  I am not counting it.  A slight change of pace is always a good think.

So what is wrong with my leg?  Not sure yet.  I think it might be shin splints??  I have been icing it twice a day now and I will wait and maybe see the doctor on Friday...or whenever I can get in for an appointment.  I iced my leg before my run today and I felt great.  Felt almost too good. I ran so fast and didn't give in.  Felt like I was running from daemons.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Pain Tolerance

A few weeks ago my left leg started giving me problems.  I kept running and the pain seemed to get worse and worse each day.  Not a pain to stop running, but very annoying.  I am not sure exactly what the issue is, but I have determined it's lower leg.  It could be shine splints??  It could be my ankle. Not sure.

After running 22 miles on Saturday and a 7 mile race on Sunday I decided to take a few days off.  I was only planning on 2-3 days, but it's been 5 so far.  The pain only occurs when I put pressure on the left.  This includes running, squats, and other types of lifting.

I have been cross training this week.  I've been swimming 5 times and cycling 3 times.  First time back in the pool and on the bike since the end of September.  Hopefully these activities are not making things worse?

This weekend looks like I will either run or take off completely.  I want this leg issue to heal.  At the same time I don't want to miss too many more running workouts.  It's amazing how you can go running from 80+ miles per week to 0.   On a positive note I will still have 8 weeks left to train for the Boston Marathon.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hard workouts = feeling like crap

I had a very intense workout today. Lactate threshold - 11 miles w/ 5 miles @ 15k to half marathon pace. I think I pushed it too hard!

Miles 1-2: 8:16, 7:27
Miles 3-7: 6:14, 6:17, 6:17, 6:08, 6:31
Miles 8-11: 7:14, 7:42, 7:27, 7:52
Total Distance: 11.15
Time: 1:18:47
Avg Pace: 7:04/mile

Few things to note. First, after I slowed things down a little, I felt pretty good and the pace was still pretty fast but felt easy. Second, I did a bad job with hydration. I didn't drink many liquids until I think it was too late. Third, I felt extremely sick afterwards. I am getting over a cold, so this didn't help much. I have been having extreme bowel issues lately. I have been taking emergency stops and getting lucky.

My stomach seems to be a mess after intense workouts. Today was definitely the case. I felt so sick after today's workout. I left for home, and barely made it. I used the restroom several times and got home enough to say hello to everyone and right to bed.

Finally, don't use socks with holes in them. I was desperate and used a backup pair of socks, but one had a hole in it. A good size hole. Enough to rub and tear off some skin from my foot. Doesn't hurt too badly, but I am not sure how it will fair with today’s run.

Other Notes:
Last day off was Nov. 15th, 2009
Next day off...um...After the Boston Marathon.
Miles run since last day off 700+
Miles run in January: 300 and still counting...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lots of running.  I nearly put in 80 miles last week.  This week has been a recovery week for me.  Recovery week is set at around 65 miles.  Wow.  I can remember when that was my max for marathon training.  This recovery week doesn't feel like a recovery week.

Sore all over.  It seems that another body part seems to ache each month.  First it's my hips, then my knee, then my back, then the bottom of my foot.  Now it's my calf muscle.  My back seems to be doing better after I quit playing the Wii Fit??

I've been meaning to post more on my blog, but life has been pretty darn busy.  I have written down some possible races for 2010 that I will be entering:

2/27 Snowman Stampede 5M/10M or Greenland 50K in May
3/14 - Boulder Spring Half Marathon
4/19 - Boston Marathon
9/19 - Boulder Half Marathon
9/25 - 24 hours of Triathlon event??  Maybe the 8 hours solo??
10/17 - Denver Marathon??

Lots of decisions to make.  Lots of thanks to Brooks and GU for helping me through my journey to Boston and beyond.