Saturday, May 22, 2010

Run Day On, Run Day Off

It sure does feel great to run again!!  I have only run 4 times since Boston Marathon on April 19, 2010.  That is 4 times in a month.  I took about 2-3 weeks off, ran 3 times.  Took another 10 days off and ran once.  My right leg feels pretty good and no pain while running.  I ran a 10k a few weeks ago and my right leg started to ache after the race.  That is when I decided to take some more time off.

I have the BolderBoulder 10k race coming up.  This will be my 13th year running it (or so).  I am in the top wave again, 2nd year in a row.  Last years time will be much better.  I am looking at running the same as a few weeks ago.

I will only have about a week to train.  Yikes.  Instead of running every single day, I will be running every other day.  Hopefully this will give my leg enough time to finish healing (if necessary).  What's next.  I am going to Casper, WY to watch my friend Shirley race.  I have been thinking about the half-marathon????  Probably a mistake..??? But maybe not?  I will make a decision after the BolderBoulder.  If my leg feels great, I might talk with Nicole and see what she thinks.

Till now, I hope I get a chance to go out running today!!!


Monday, May 17, 2010

Passing a Brick Wall

I went for a bike ride today.  I told Nicole I would be gone 1-2 hours but no longer.  My lungs were burning the first two miles of the ride.  The first two miles are on Quincy Ave which is a moderately busy road.  Cars always seem  to be pretty good about cyclists, but I am always alert.  The first mile is a slight uphill and the second is a fast downhill. I can get my bike 25-32mph.  I always take it too fast.

I went one loop around Cherry Creek Reservoir and only 40 minutes into my ride.  I was pretty worn out and felt like calling it a day.  GU to the Rescue!!  I had an orange burst GU and gave me enough energy to keep going.  I ended up going around Cherry Creek Reservoir again.  I paced myself better going around the second time.

I rode 26.5 miles and averaged 17.5mph.  Not too bad. 

Got some good Wii Sports workout afterwards. I was determined to beat the obstacle course record.  I did it, but too me way too long.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Blazing Bullets 5K/10K Trail Run

The Bullets Trail Run was a fantastic race. This event was held by the City of Westminster and the Westminster Public Safety Recognition Foundation. The community group benefits Westminster Firefighters who have been injured on the job and financial relief to citizens who have lost their home or have been displaced.

The best races start off with great volunteers and organizers. The Blazing Bullets event gave a personal touch because it had great community involvement. It felt like the sitcom Cheers where "everyone knows your name".

The location was perfect. It was held at the Christopher Fields (near Sheridan and 104th) just off highway 36. The registration was simple and easy. The goodie bags included a reusable grocery bag given by City of Westminster, water, toothbrush kit, and information about the course. The t-shirt gave it a nice touch.

This event wasn't a stressful event. There were plenty of bathrooms with no long lines. The event included a short walk to the south parking lot just before the start. 8am start was perfect and it starts right on time. The 10K runners started first and 5K runners started 5 minutes later.

The course offered a combination of road and trail. The course was clearly marked and each mile offered a quote of inspiration. The aid stations were well supported. There were more police motorcycles at this event than many 5k/10k races. It appeared that the officers enjoyed helping out for the safety of the runners.

The finish line was mostly organized. 5K and 10K runners finished at the same chute so it may have caused a little confusion at the end. We received a timing chip and several volunteers were at the finish line ready to take them off.

The Post race events may have been the best part. Great food and beverages afterwards. Panera bread, EAS shakes, water, coffee, and more. The exhibit booths made it fun for the entire family. Great music was provided by the Standley Lake High School Jazz Band and Car Toys.

The award presentation was good, but too long. The announcer knew many runners and explained who they were. Most amazing door prizes at this event. The door prize announcements were long but felt like everyone was a winner.

The Blazing Bullets event was a huge success and the volunteers and organizers did an outstanding job. Not to mention a personalized finishers certificate sent via email.

I placed 2nd out of 98 finishers in a time of 39:48.  I won my age division 30-39.  I also won a free pair of shoes.  YEAH!