Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Run Goal (Thousand Miles) - done

Today was my last day to run for 2008. I did it. I made my goal. I ran just a little over 1,000 miles. I reached this at 1:40pm at mile .9 of my 3.6 mile run today. I was listening to my Triathlon Song just before I hit the big 1,000. I raised both my hands in the air just for a brief moment. I feel so amazed and cheerful.

Just before Christmas I recieve a plaque with a neat quote (above) written by lao Tzu. This almost put me into tears because this year has been a huge journey for me. Now it's finally time to rest and take a break. Maybe 3-4 days off??

Total (As of 12/31/08)
Swim: 225,300 meters (150.2 miles)
Bike: 3,009.36 miles
Run: 1,002.61 miles

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Swim Goal - done

I have reached my swim goal for 2008 today. I topped it off with a 1,350 swim at the pool this morning. I swam a total of 225,300 meters (150.2 miles) for 2008.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Kwanza 5K Run

Getting faster? Getting slower? Running the same...but I got a medal. Oh boy!! I don't get too many prizes for placing in events. I won 2nd place today in my age group and overall. I didn't run my best 5K time, nor my worst. I wasn't even sure I was going to do the race until this morning.
The race was bitter cold. It was posted at about 14 degrees. I received a new Pearle Izumi top for Christmas from my parents. It kept me warm. I ran 2 miles before the race and 1.5 miles after the race. I ran a total of 6.79 miles.

My overall time was 19:08. That is a 6:09/mile pace. My first mile was the fastest at 5:41. I slowed the pace down because this was not a goal for me to PR. I was in 2nd place by a good distance so I knew I wasn't going to kill myself to the finish.
10.25 miles left to run for the year. There are only 4 days left and I know I will do it!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Almost there...A Bump in the Road

Almost 2009. I have almost met all my distance goals. It has been a long haul and I have reached new levels this year.

My Distance Goals:
Swim: 225,000+ meters (150 miles)
Bike: 3,000+ miles
Run: 1,000+ miles

What I have with 13-14 days left in 2009:
Swim: 222,950 meters (148.63 miles) - 2,050 meters left
Bike: 3,009.36 miles - Done
Run: 952.23 miles - 47.77 miles left

So close!! I will easily get my swim goal. Bike goal is done.

Uh oh...
I have 47.7 miles left to run...will I be able to run this amount in 13-14 days?? That is about 3.5 miles per day. I know its possible, but here's the deal. I was on the treadmill last week and was working on sprint/fartleks. I screwed up and wore myself out. My right hip has been acting up and I am a bit concerned. I took 3 full days off from running and was on the treadmill again last night. I took it easy, but my hip hurt. It only hurt after the run...I was limping a little too.

This might be related to my crash 1 week before Ironman in June?? It seems like its the same issue anyways. It nearly went away and it came back.

I am off running during my lunch break today. I brought warm clothes because I plan on running outside (38 degrees). Yikes. I don't plan on going too far; 4-5 miles. I plan on taking Ibuprofen which should make a difference.

I will tough it least these last 47.77 miles. That's only about 24 miles per week, which is less than what I have been doing.

I will keep you posted. Thanks for reading.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Chilly Cheeks Race #1

Here are my results from the Chilly Cheeks Race #1
Overall Place: 34
Sex Place: 34
Division Place: 22

Run Rank: 8
Run Distance: 4 miles
Run Time: 24:36 (6:09/pace)

T1: 1:50

Bike Rank: 67
Bike Distance: 10.8 miles
Bike Time: 32:57 (19.7 mph)

Total 2008 Time: 59:22 (Run Time: 24:36)
Total 2007 Time: 1:09:34 (Run Time: 25:03)
Total 2006 Time: 1:00:15 (Run Time: 26:59)

My times were better this year overall. The course was covered in ice/snow last year which made the bike times to vary. I was able to ride my road bike this year and my run time was 27 seconds faster.

I need to start riding my bike again. I've only been out riding 2-3 in two months so it's time to start riding again. This will improve my bike times. I was in shock because I finished the run in 8th place overall and 26 people pass me on the bike. Way too many!!! I will start working on my 2009 goals, and improving my speed times on the bike is one of them.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Swimming to Reach My Goal

I am now being forced to swim to reach my goal. I have swam 220,150 meters (146.77 miles) and only 4,850 left to go to reach 225,000 or 150 miles!! Almost there. YEAH!

Here is today's workout
1,100m warm up/drills
Avg: 1:50.16
100 cool down
Total Distance: 2,000m

Monday, December 8, 2008

Have a great Monday.

I had my trophy series run yesterday. I matched my goal. I ran the 4.4 miles at Washington Park in 26:45. The official time is off by a few seconds, but the distance is off too. I ran 4.55 miles. I was hoping to run a little faster.

Here is my mile splits:

Mile 1: 5:27, Mile 2: 5:54, Mile 3: 5:56, Mile 4: 6:06, Mile .4: 3:22
As usual, I took off too fast!! My first mile was one of my fastest in a long time. I was planning on running fast, but at a more even pace.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Freaky Fast Mondays

I have decided nearly a month ago that Mondays would be my speed workout days. It went from speed-ups to tempo runs. The last two weeks have been a 4.4 mile time trial. My next RMRR Trophy race is at 4.4 miles and I want to do good.

Monday 11/24 - 4.4 miles - 26:20
Monday 12/1 - 4.4 miles - 26:15

GOAL 12/7 - 4.4 miles - 27:00

The treadmill makes me push hard so if I can run well on Sunday I will make my goal.

I have only 100 miles left to go!!! With 30 days left, That's only 3.33 miles per day. I am almost there. Almost...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I just got back from an 8 mile run. I am not sure if I will have time on Thanksgiving to go for a run so I snuck one in today?? I really wanted to do a 5k run, but maybe next year.

I hope that you have a happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

More Running

I am on a running streak! I have been running like a mad man and I don't see to stop. I have a run 109.56 miles for the month of November. This is my third biggest month so far and I an not training for any races. Did I mention that I still have one more week left?

I have been running around 30 miles per week. I only have 125 miles left till 1,000. I am getting close....I think I will make it :)

Friday, November 21, 2008

What a day...

What a day so far. Not as crazy as yesterday. I went to the pool yesterday and I had no luck. I left my swimming shorts at home. There was no point in going back home. Oh well...I wouldn't have had much time to swim anyways.

I went back to the pool this morning and swam for about an hour. Not all of it was swimming. Today was the largest amount of swimming I have done in some time.

I swam 2,000 meters. There are 40 days left and my swimming goal is to reach 225,000 meters (150 miles). I only have 13,750 meters left to go. I might have to swim more meters each day just so I can reach my goal. The holidays are tricky and 2 days a week at 1,000m per day may not cut it.

Tis the season to be Jolly. I have a new coffee I brewed today. It's called English Caramel. Not bad.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Tires, Running Update

New Tires
Check em out baby. Their hot, their cool, their expensive. I bought a new tire or two when I needed them. I waited about as long as I could to buy new tires for my car. I figure I would buy all four at the same time. I might split it up next time $450 for tires plus labor, plus an alignment plus an oil change is a bit much all at the same time.
Maybe I don't need new tires?? Maybe I should have waited and saved the money towards a new bike? Who am I kidding? I needed at least 2 new tires, and I have a kid on the way. Safety is most important. Now I can drive fast again. YEA!!

1,000 miles Update
168.09 miles left to run till the end of the year. I have 47 days left. I am on my way to success. The only problem is...I might need a new pair of shoes by new years? It's worth it.

Running off Steam
It seems like I have been on a mission. Running long distances and in the cold. I ran 10 miles today. 9 miles before work and 1 during. I dropped off my car to get my new tires. I ran a mile to work, dropped off my backpack, and ran 8 more miles. A little over hour later my car was ready. I ran back to the tire store and picked up my car. Running for a Reason!!!

During my runs, it seems that I have had more time to vent, process, and run off steam. Running will wear me out and I won't feel the need to drink. That is a good thing. I am too tired to get mad when I am finished.

Baby Greene Update
I won't have too many Baby Greene Updates because Nicole and I want to have everyone checkout our family blog. We are at 15 weeks today and we a doing great. We told almost everyone now. That was fun...what's next?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Greene Team Announcement

The Emerald Terrace Steakhouse
in Sage City
Would like to invite you to celebrate the signing of the Greene Team All-Stars Shortstop.

Join us in the month of November for our featured dessert:

“Play of the Day Shortstop Buns”

This delicious treat is baked fresh in our oven and made with
100% organic love from Mom & Dad.

There is just a sprinkling of grandpas’ spice and grandmas’ sass over top.

During the month of December,
we will exclusively
highlight Shortstop Buns in either:

Handsome boy’s huckleberry smile
Cherry-vanilla girl sweet cheeks

* Shortstop buns will be a permanent item
on our menu starting in May 2009.

Do you get it yet?

We're pregnant! Everything is going great and the whole world seems to think we'll be having a girl. Nicole and I are just so excited, we don't know what to do with ourselves. We will have family updates on our family blog about once a month for updated pregnancy news and pictures. Have a wonderful day.

Love, Eric and Nicole

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Big News

Big New is coming soon. Checkout the blog in the next few days...

Really big news...

Sunday, November 2, 2008

RMRR Trophy Series

Today was another RMRR Trophy Series Race. The race was held at Westminster City Park. I helped co-race direct today. What a great experience

Last Year:
Time: 1:01.43
Distance: 9 miles
Pace: 6:51/mile
Best mile: 5:49

This Year:
Time: 1:00:14
Distance: 9 miles (9.07 exact)
Pace: 6:39/mile
Best mile: 5:57

I was pretty happy with this year's run. A few things new, and a few things the same. Same: I missed my predict by about 1 min this year. I missed it by 2 min last year. Different: I kept a better pace this year. My first mile wasn't as crazy, but still fast. I had a few 7:30/miles last year, where this year I had one 7:13 and one 7:06.

I didn't hit the wall like last year. I had a gel at 30 min, which may have upset my stomach? I felt pretty crappy after the race. My stomach was doing numbers and I wasn't feel good. I hope it didn't show too much.

I feel like I trained better this year. My quest for 1,000 miles is getting closer every day. I am at the 775 miles mark. I can't wait till I am really close!

Check out our family blog to see some Halloween pictures

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Been Busy

I have been really busy these days.

1) October has 3 birthdays. Nicole's, My brother (Jesse), and my Dad's.

2) Keeping busy at work. I've been arriving at work extremely early.

3) Lots of running (237 miles left for 2008!!)

4) Volunteering election stuff, bike expo stuff, and running club stuff and more

5) Parties, Costume contests, etc

Checkout Jesse's new Blog:

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Remaining goals for 2008

I have glanced at my totals for 2007 and 2008. Looks good. I think I have slacked the most on the run. That is funny because I am a good runner, but only when running. Running is one of my weaker disciplines during a triathlon. I am so amazed I finished an Ironman this year. One of my running buddies runs 80-90 miles per week. PER WEEK. YIKES. I struggle to run that much in a month. After looking at my totals, I want to make this year an all-start year.

2008 Totals (As of 10/14/08)
Swim: 199,150 meters (132.77 miles)
Bike: 2,911.99 miles
Run: 693.96 miles

2007 Totals
Swim: 200,035 meters (133.36 miles)
Bike: 2,570.60 miles
Run: 714.06 miles

I have some work to do. Here are my list of goals for the remaining of 2008.

Pass 200,000m and possibly 225,000m? That would be 150 miles total.
Swim every Tuesday and Thursday (min of 1,000 per day)

Reach 3,250 miles
Speed/Interval workouts
Ride 2-3 times per week??

Run 306 miles...
- 79 days left to run
- Can I run 3.88 miles per day
- Can I run every day?
- I need a new pair of shoes!!!

The run goal seems to be the toughest. It almost scares me. I think I can manage the swim and bike goals.

Friday, October 10, 2008


I went on a 5 1/2 mile run today during my lunch break. It was much later than my normal time, but I felt like going out for a run.

What was I thinking?? IRONMAN!!!!

I was thinking of when I could possibly do another one? I am thinking 2010 or 2011?? Not sure what, when, where yet? I will keep dreaming for now...Ooooh. Maybe I will have an awesome Ironman dream tonight.

I am getting up early enough to catch the start of Kona Ironman World Championship. I am not sure how long I will watch it, but I might be glued to the Computer all day long. Take care.

Go Danny!! You rock!

Monday, October 6, 2008

New Things

Lots of new things coming up...Some I will tell you about, and some I won't.

Workouts have been on and off. Nicole and I went to Alamagordo, NM this weekend. It was a very short trip, but we had fun. We went to Nicole's 10 year high school reunion. Not a huge turnout, but we had fun anyways.

I went running once in Alamagordo. It's a neat town to run in.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Wetsuit

I did it. I ordered and received my new wetsuit. This was a hard decision, but a 50% deal was hard to pass up. I found my last wetsuit on ebay and paid only $50. That's right $50. I am still planning on keeping it, but its getting old and I have to keep repairing it. No fun.

Here is my new wetsuit! Oh boy. I have been to the reservoir twice now and it seems to be fine. The wetsuit is snug, and I hope I never gain too much weight. It won't fit if I gain too much weight.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Endurance Races

I love this video. It was posted on Endurance Planet. This reminds me back when I did my first marathon. My legs burned so much and it was nearly impossible to walk. The better you train, the less you feel like this. Enjoy.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

US Wins Gold

US Wheelchair Rugby Team won Gold!! I was able to watch the entire game on the internet! Go Jason!! I can't wait to see the medal.

Click the link to find out more about Wheelchair Rugby.

Monday, September 15, 2008

US Wheelchair Rugby Team

Go US Wheelchair Rugby Team!! They are now in the finals and will be playing against Team Australia for the gold. I'll keep you posted.

2008 PARALYMPIC GAMES: U.S. Wheelchair Rugby Team Defeats Great Britain, 35-32, to Earn Berth in Gold Medal Game

September 15, 2008

BEIJING, China –Four years ago at the Athens Paralympics, the United States didn’t even have the opportunity to play for the gold medal. The team was upset by Canada in the semifinals and had to settle for bronze. Since that day, the U.S. has been on a mission to get back to the gold medal game and sit atop the medal podium once again. On Monday, Team USA got one step closer to its goal, defeating Great Britain, 35-32, to earn a berth in the championship game.

“We’ll definitely enjoy this win for a little bit, but it’s not over,” said U.S. head coach James Gumbert (Austin, Texas). “Our ultimate goal is to win five games. It feels great to get the fourth win under our belt, but now it’s time to refocus and get ready for the last one.”
As it’s done all tournament long, the U.S. rotated an endless array of line-ups into the game to wear down the opponent and keep up its own energy and momentum. Despite the fresh bodies, the U.S. was having a difficult time putting a run on the Brits. With the U.S. and Great Britain entwined in a back and forth contest – the U.S. held just a 25-24 lead entering the fourth quarter – Gumbert said it was the contributions of two of his youngest players that helped make the difference in today’s victory.

“What Nick Springer (St. Petersburg, Fla./New York, N.Y.) and Joel Wilmoth (Hueytown, Ala.) gave us today was unbelievable. They’re the two youngest kids on the team and they came out and played like seasoned veterans. Their defensive performances were just phenomenal,” said Gumbert.

With five and a half minutes to go in the fourth, the U.S. turned the ball over on a bad pass and an ensuing Great Britain goal tied the game at 27. Seth McBride (Portland, Ore./Juneau, Alaska) quickly scored to put the U.S. back up by one and then tough defense by Bryan Kirkland (Leeds, Ala.) on the inbounds pass forced Great Britain to fumble and give the ball right back to the USA. A goal by Andy Cohn (Tempe, Ariz.) gave the U.S. the two point lead and put the British away for good.

“The USA’s biggest strength is that we’re 11 guys strong. There are 11 different starters on this team and we can confidently play any one of them at any point in the game. That helps all of us go out on the court and give it our all knowing there are seven guys on the bench that can back us up and come in fresh and ready to go,” said Springer, who had eight assisted blocks in the game.

Will Groulx (Portland, Ore.) once again led Team USA, tallying 13 goals against Great Britain. The other top scorers for the U.S. were Kirkland and Cohn who each chipped in five goals. Cohn also had seven assists.

“This is where we wanted to be. Every one of us that was on the Athens team [that lost in the semifinals four years ago] remembered what that bus ride felt like and we didn’t want to feel that again,” said Mark Zupan (Austin, Texas). “We played our butts off and it showed. But, this is just a step. We didn’t come here to play in the gold medal game. We came here to win the gold medal.”

The U.S. takes on Australia in the gold medal game on Tuesday, Sept. 16, at 7:30 p.m. at the University of Science & Technology of Beijing Gymnasium.

For more information, or to arrange an athlete interview, please contact Susan Katz at

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Go Me!

I love this picture!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Tri for Your Cause

I was asked to join a Team for the Tri for Your Cause Triathlon on Saturday. It was spur of the moment and I was asked just a few days before. I didn't know the team, but one of my friends Chilly does. Here are the results:

Team Name: Banana Splits
(Anna, Jason and Eric)
Swim: 13:34
T1: 0:29
Bike: 1:04:15 (24.3mph)
T2: 0:21
Run: 24:12 (6:03/mile)
Total: 1:42:49.3

WOW!!! Very impressive. I did the run segment. I thought I was going to have the fastest run time total. I had the 3rd fastest time. Our team ended up 2nd or 3rd Overall. We finished 2nd, but the final results posted shows us 3rd.

My goal next year is to get faster on the run during Triathlons. I am great running by itself, but not in triathlons.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Special Day

Today marks my 4th wedding Anniversary. Nicole and I have been married for 4 years now!! We have known each other for 10 years. We met at Show Band "band camp" at Adams State College in Alamosa, CO in 1998.

I love my wife! Thanks Nicole for being such a sweetheart.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


These photos are long overdue. Enjoy.

Grand kids/CousinsEric, Patty (from Omaha), Nicole

Shane and Eric at top of Mt. Evans Eric at top of Mt. Evans
Mt. Evans
Nicole at Summer Splash 5K
The Greene's Summer Splash 5K

Eric and Brett Summer Splash 5K

Me receiving 1st Place trophy

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Daily Cup of Brew

I drink coffee. I also drink energy drinks, kool-aid and soda. Ever wonder why I am always go.go.go? Since I started my Ironman training, I would mostly drink coffee. I didn't drink too much soda. I had an energy drink every now and then.

Now that I am not in serious training mode...I have had a few more sodas and energy drinks. Everything else has stayed the same. Nicole and I don't buy too many 12 packs of soda because I will drink 1-2 per the mountain dew!! I am starting to dislike highly carbonated beverages. Too much carbonation and it makes my stomach bloated.

I have a french press coffee maker at work and I really enjoy it. My co-worker, Ann, loves the coffee too.

Does this extra caffeine give me an extra lift. Sometimes. I have read a study that says caffeine 30min before a workout can make a difference. Your body doesn't hurt or ache as much during workouts. I put this to the test. I believe it.

Friday, August 15, 2008

5430 Long Course Race Report

Pre-race routine
I set my alarm for 3:45am, 4:00am, and 4:15am. I wanted to make sure I got up. I got up by the first alarm. My pre-race meal was my standard 1/2 cup of oatmeal. It seems to tide me over quite well. This race was a solo event for me. I didn't have my family come this time, so I drove alone. I went to 7-11 as I left and bought some gatorade and coffee. It took a long time for the coffee to cool down.

Event warmup:
Setting up my transition area was pretty easy. I had to go back to my car a few times to drop off my extra stuff. My restroom breaks were very minimal today, just like last year. What a relief!! I was able to get in the water for a quick warm-up. As I was in line for the bathroom, I noticed I still had my glasses on. What was I to do? The transition area was closed. I went to the volunteer area and asked if they would watch my glasses. YEAH!!!

I had such a great swim last year, this year was hard to compete. I think I started off too fast?? My tinted goggles work great, especially going right into the sun. It was really cool to see the hot air balloons. My sighting seemed to be pretty good and I was on the same pace as last year. After rounding the half-way point, I noticed I started slowing down. It took forever to get to the last buoy. I noticed my time on my watch and just felt trapped. I felt OK during the swim. I had a cramp for just a brief moment. I picked up the pace a little at the end.

Duane was cheering me on after the swim. What a neat surprise!! Thanks Duance for the support.
47:55 (2008)
39:25 (2007)

Good transition. I thought it was pretty slow, but no problem!!. The baby pool just before transition saved tons of time so I can wipe my feet off.
1:58 (2008)
1:51 (2007)


I really like this course. The first part seems to be all uphill, but the downhills may it worth while. I didn't get a chance to ride the course this year, but it was nearly the same as last year. I tried to pace myself again this year with an average cadence of 90-100. My max speed was 43.7mph. Last year's max speed was 45.1mph. I wasn't playing leap from with too many people, but there were some awesome cyclists who passed me. I think I talk to much to the other racers as I pass them. I need to focus more and keep relaxed. I didn't seem to have any problem with loosing water bottles this year. I didn't go off the road and cut anyone off. YEAH!

There is one turn-around part that is very scary. I unclipped and took it slow. No crashing today. I think I saw my friend Laura while riding?

2:40:32 - 20.9mph (2008)
2:38:23 - 21.2mph (2007)

Here is the the time that my bike computer said:
Time: 2:41:36
Odo: 2612.8 miles
Max: 43.7 mph
Avg: 21.0 mph
Distance: 56.48 miles

Very quick. I forgot to take my Garmin watch with me. I brought a hanky with me to wipe of my sunglasses. This was a good idea.
1:14 (2008)
1:28 (2007)

I started off with a pace slower than last year. My hamstrings weren't burning badly this year. I brought my water pack with me this year. The pack really helps me stay hydrated and I drink every mile. I tried staying away from the ice water. I did have a little, but I tried to control myself. It was so cold!! I used the sponges just a little this year. Last year I carried a sponge with me almost the entire race. My pace was great for the first 5 miles. I started to slow down. Mile 7-8 I started picking it up again.

Graham from Parker Triathlon Club was riding his bike helping some club members. I am not part of the club, but he was helping me too. "Relax your shoulders", and I would do just that.

I did more training on the gravel, so it wasn't such a big shock.

I told myself last year that I would do more brick workouts. Did I do more? Not really. I am a much faster runner, but I always slow down quite significantly. The finish was pretty cool and my legs weren't as bad this year.
2:00:24 - 9:10/mile (2008)
2:00:14 - 9:12/mile (2007)

Total time:
5:32:01 (2008)
5:21:24 (2007)

Cool down
I tried stretching as much as possible. I got another message this year. I also took an "Ice Bath" when I got home. The Ice Bath wasn't the greatest, but I think it helped with my recovery. I didn't take a nap this year. It took me several days to catch back up on my rest.

I was pretty happy overall with my results. I was most disappointed in my swim, but I slacked too much during the month of July on swimming. I am not certain if I will do the race next year, but it sure does sound tempting.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Boulder 5430 Long Course

Triathlons come and go by so fast!! One minute I am training for Ironman CDA. The next minute I am on a 3 week rest break. And now I have finished another half-ironman race. Where does the time go?

My race report will be written soon...

I took an ice bath yesterday. Nicole had the pleasure of dumping 2 bags of ice into the bath tub and seeing me scream. I had the bath several hours after the race. I am not sure how much of a difference it made...but I feel pretty good today. Stiff...but that's is normal after a big race.

My total time for this year's Boulder Long Course was 5:32:01. This was not a PR. This was 10:36 slower than last year. I blame most of it on the swim, 8:30 slower this year. ahhh man. What happened? Too much time off and not enough swimming after Ironman? That's my best guess. I felt good during the swim, except for a small cramp. I think I just pooped out?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

FootGlide Product Review

FootGlide is a blister fighting formula designed just for your feet. It is so easy to apply. You rub this stuff all over your toes, heels, and any other parts that you might form blisters. FootGlide is a new product that has received great reviews. I was offered through to review this product.

I started using FootGlide a few weeks ago. I don't have too many problems with blisters on my feet. I wear my shoes out. I run them to the ground and put on about 400-500+ miles per pair. After I have a pair of shoes for a long time I start getting blisters. It seems the evil blisters form on my long runs. I don't have any problems on my short runs.

The first time I used FootGlide, I was impressed. This formula made my feet look shiny and clean. No big blisters. The second time I used FootGlide I went on a long trail run. The run was about 10 miles and I pushed the pace. It was about 96 degrees outside and I could tell my feet were hot. When I finished my run, I took off my shoes right away. My feet had a few big blisters. YUCK...Same spots every time.

It seems I would have one great experience with FootGlide and one bad experience. This seems to be ongoing and it is hard to decide whether to continue using it. Here are a few conclusions and observations I have made.

1) FootGlide worked best for short runs
2) FootGlide works great on bike rides
3) My blisters may have nothing to do with the FootGlide...I might just need either new inserts or new shoes.
4) Socks. Some socks work better.
5) I used BodyGlide "just in case" so I don't have any wetsuit chaffing issues. I might use FootGlide just for this reason.
6) FootGlide doesn't smell and leaves no filmy residue.
7) Easy to Apply!

Blisters are no fun and I have been told that you can easily prevent them. I am now on a mission to get rid of them forever. My next step is to buy a brand new pair of shoes and test the FootGlide out.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Race, Race, Ride

90 min bike ride - Done
5K RMRR Trophy Series Race/BBQ - 19:46
Goal - 18:39 (2007 time was 18:46)
I didn't quite reach my goal. It was at least 95+ degrees outside and I couldn't run any faster. There was one aid station at mile 1.5. At miles 2 and 3 I was very thirsty and my mouth was so dry. My overall pace was 6:22/mile.

My split mile times looked pretty good, but 6:00 min miles are hard. I need more speed workouts.

5 1/2K Summer Splash Race (Open to all city of Aurora employees)
Goal - To Win!!! - 22:45 and I won!
Open water swimming
Goal - 30 min

My pace today was just a little slower than yesterday. I was happy with my performance. I wanted to push it hard, but with control. My wife, Nicole and Pazu (dog), both did the 5 1/2K. I am so proud of them!! Go Nicole and Team All Stars!

Climb Mt. Evans (On my bike) - 28 miles all uphill (averaged 8.8mph), 28 miles all downhill (averaged 28mph)
Goal - not to trash my legs - My legs felt great. I didn't have any issues. The day after was good too.
- no crashing!!!! That means slow? No extreme sharp turns, be smart...etc.

Well...I almost crashed. HEHEHE. I was almost at a complete standstill and I was trying to lock in my shoes going uphill. I caught myself, but I almost fell. I took some of the turns pretty slow. I was be conservative. I went with my cousin's boyfriend, Shane. He was awesome!!! He took some of those turns so well he was gone in an instant.

Pictures are coming soon!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Big Weekend Ahead

Lots of stuff going on this weekend!! I am not sure if I should be doing this much a week before my next half-ironman race. Oh well. Too late now. I am a tough cookie...I will make it. Here is what is in store for the weekend:

90 min bike ride - Done
5K RMRR Trophy Series Race/BBQ
Goal - 18:39 (2007 time was 18:46)

5 1/2K Summer Spash Race (Open to all city of Aurora employees)
Goal - To Win!!!
Open water swimming
Goal - 30 min

Climb Mt. Evans (On my bike) - 28 miles all uphill, 28 miles all downhill
Goal - not to trash my legs
- no crashing!!!! That means slow? No extreme sharp turns, be smart...etc.
- hill workouts

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

No Surgery?

I met the hand and wrist doctor today. I also got another set of x-rays. It looks like I may not need surgery afterall??? I am supposed to meet with the doctor again in a month. The pain is less and less and it sounds like the fracture will go away on its own. The TFCC is the only part of concern, but only time will tell. Let's hope for the best.

The doctor told me to take it easy...What's that?? I am planning on doing the half-ironman race in 12 days....then I will take it easy. OK...easier.

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Must Get Going

It has been a month now since I completed Coeur d'Alene Ironman. I took 3 weeks off. Yikes. I have a race, 5430 Long Course (half ironman), in 17 days. I usually don't wait this long to start training. 3 weeks left. I found a plan from and printed off the last 3-4 weeks. I think I will combine this and my workouts from last year. I will make the best decision possible on what to do.

I woke up really early on Monday to get my MRI. During my lunch break I lifted weights. My focus was on my legs. I went and ran almost 10 miles after work in the 90+ degree weather. I felt great and had an awesome run.

I got a blister on my left foot. Tuesday was tough. It kinda felt like the day after Ironman...barely able to walk. Today isn't much better. My legs are so tight and I stayed up too late last night. Time to snap out of this funk. I brewed a pot of my newest coffee flavor. I am drinking Millstone Foglifter. Not bad.

The results came in and don't look good :(
I have what is called Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex (TFCC) Injury. This injury was caused by my fall and might require surgery. I also have a Ulna fracture. I am going to see a specialist on Tuesday of next week to find out more. My doctor says that because I am so active I will need and want surgery. It really amazes me how one dinky fall can do so much! Surgery or not; I still want to do my race on Aug 10th. If I can do an Ironman on an injury I can do a half-ironman. Right?

Testing FootGlide

I have received a sample of FootGlide. I am testing the product out and will be giving my full report. I have used FootGlide twice now. I have had one great day without blisters and one awful day with blisters.

More to come...

Monday, July 21, 2008


I went to the hospital today to get an MRI for my wrist. My wrist is still bothering me. It has been a month now since I injured it and it's time to figure out what's wrong. I am crossing my fingers that what ever is wrong it doesn't lead to surgery. YIKES!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Why do terrible things happen to good people???????

Monday, July 14, 2008

2 Mile Run

My running club had a 2 mile trophy series run today.
Mile 1: 5:40, Mile 2: 6:23
Total Time: 12:05
Pace: 5:52/mile
Distance: 2.06 miles

WoW. That was fast. I was huffing and puffing the whole time. This race was short and sweet.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

First Workout after Ironman

Stiff. I am not sure if I need to explain anything else. I went for a run this morning. I got up, snoozed once or twice and my run awaits. I knew right from the start I was going to be aching. Its hard to explain, but my legs felt really stiff. Lead. Iron. Oh yeah, Iron. My knees felt sore but did not hurt.

I ran pretty good for the first time back. No cramps or huge pains. My right hip still hurts from my crash, but it will take more weeks to fully heal. I ran for 30 min and went 3.5 miles. 8:43/mile.

I don't have a workout schedule, but I really should come up with something since I have a race in 1 month. Time to be hardcore again and the workouts begin. YEAH!!! Of course, I started playing Zelda II.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Might need a plan?

Where to go from here?
Mental Check...Good.
Spiritual check...Good.
- wrist still hurts..maybe 20% better?

I called the doctor to see what he wants me to do with my wrist. It has seen some improvement. It only hurts when I twist it. I am starting to see some strength back, but very slowly. I am a little scared because I want to start exercising right away and I want my wrist to recover.

I start training again soon. I decided to take of 2-3 weeks after Ironman. It has now hit the 2 week mark and I am getting anxious to get going again. I have a 5430 Boulder Long Course (Half-Ironman) coming up August 10th. That's a month away. Yikes.

I will start training again on Thursday July 10th. This will give me one month before my next race. I know what needs to be done. I need to start gearing up for another training mode. HARD CORE.

I have a Team Zoot GU Group ride on Saturday and a 2 Mile RMRR Trophy Series race. This is great because I will ease back into things.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Iron Finish

Thanks TriBoomer for recording this! It means everything to me!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ironman Coeur d'Alene Race Report

My alarm went off at 4am. I went to bed just before 10pm and slept the entire time. I am not sure if I woke up to use the bathroom. I brought my oatmeal and bought some milk the day before. I had 2-3 packets of sugar with my oatmeal. I also brewed some coffee. I don't remember having the entire pot, but a cup or two works. Bathroom breaks. You mean to tell me I have to use the bathroom again. I used the bathroom 4+ times before every race. I must get some kind of pre-race jitters? It gets annoying sometimes, but that's life.

Nicole and I left the hotel about 5:15am. I setup my bike and transition bags the day before so I didn't have much to setup. I pumped up my tires to 115psi, took off the plastic bags and made sure everything was ready.

I put on my wetsuit and was almost ready...wait a minute. I forgot to put on my bodyglide so I unpeeled the wetsuit halfway and applied the bodyglide to the necessary areas. I don't really need the bodyglide, but I put it on just in case.

Once I got the wetsuit on, it was time to line up for the swim. That came really fast and we started to head to the lake. I stayed out of the water before the swim. I wiped some water around my goggles to make sure they wouldn't fog up. Great plan!

Swim: 1:17:02 (2.4 miles)
The gun went off and so did the swimmers. YIKES. The swim was the craziest swim I ever imagined. It was like everyone trying to swim all at the same time in the same area. On the bright side of things, it forced me to hold back and pace myself. One of the turn-around buoys was packed with people. I heard people scream "lets go" and "come on now". We were at a doggy paddle because it was congested.

I didn't drink too much lake water. There were times I got a big gulp. I didn't get too beat up during the swim. I did get bonked and bonked others, but for the most part I was good.

Turn-Around point came and I was feeling good. I clocked my time at 37:35 for the first half. Not too bad!! Time to dig in deep and finish the swim. I really enjoyed the swim. The temperature on race day was 59.5 degrees. That made me happy to see that the lake was warming up.

T1: Swim-to-Bike 12:10

The time started once I got out of the water. I was running towards transition. I couldn't believe how many were walking. Helmet, socks...., shoes...., sunglasses, bib #, gloves...., sunscreen. All went well. The shoes and socks took longer than I anticipated. The change tent was packed with people. That was crazy!!!

I had to stop and use the restroom. I spent too long in the port-a-potty. Once out I ran to the bike. Uh oh.......Back to the port-a-potty I went. No wonder why my transition took so long.

Bike: 5:57:37 (112 miles)
What a great ride. I think I went out too fast. It was hard to pace myself because I felt great and I had tons of people to pass. I was talking to other riders as the day went. It was neat to hear from others and enjoy the experience.
Some of the views were breathtaking. Passing by the lake was a big highlight. Some parts were tough, but because I live in Colorado, the ride wasn't too hilly. I would pass many on the uphills and some would pass me back on the downhills.

I had to stop 3 times during the ride. I had to pee each time, but made it quick. A volunteer would hold my bike, while I went to the port-a-potty.
My nutrition was great. I had a GU gel every 30 minutes and drank 16oz of GU20 or gatorade every hour. I think I kept it pretty close to my plan. I tried eating a cliff bar, but I couldn't get it down. I think the cliff bar was giving me cramps for the run in prior long rides.

T2: Bike-to-Run 3:29
The volunteers took my bike and I went to change to my run gear. Shoes, Hat, water/nutrition pack and I was off. This was quick and easy. I did use the stall briefly just to be safe.

Run: 4:08:38 (26.2 miles)
The run is my strong point. Of course, it slows down a little during triathlons. My goal was to run 8:30 min per mile. I ran for one mile an walked for 30 seconds. This was great for the first half, then I walked a little more.

The first half marathon was great. I was feeling pretty good. No cramps, no stomach issues. I ate a gel every 30 min and had 3-4 water bottles worth of GU20 and gatorade. The crowd support was the best. There were so many people cheering us on. Some were doing the wave, some asked for kisses. What an amazing day.

The second half marathon went great too. I noticed that I did slow down, but that was expected. I stopped a took off my sock. I had some dirt/sand in my sock that needed out. That was much better. I saw Nicole, Duane and others cheering me on. Wonderful!!

The Finish
The finish is one of the best parts of an Ironman. There were so many people cheering and the emotions were running wild. I would get chills watching others finish, but for me to finish was amazing. I was running as fast as I could towards the finish. I wanted a good photo finish, so I let one or two run past me. A volunteer at the end took care of me. He asked if I was alright and if I needed anything. I met Nicole and Duane at the finish. How special this day was!!

Total: 11:38:56 (140.6 miles)

After talking with Nicole and Duane for a little bit, I needed to sit down and stretch. I eventually got my bike and gear. I was walking, but it was tough. I was told later that there was free pizza and massages. I could have used both. Oh well.

I settled on some gatorade and my cliff bar for dinner. Nicole made a hot bath for me at the hotel and I plopped on the bed. I wanted to go back and cheer others on, but my legs were shot for the day. I slept pretty good that night and it took my legs a few days to recover.

Nicole and I went to another mall the next day. We also went to a TriBlogger's party at Momo's house. That was really fun. I drank some beer, but regret part of it because it made my immune system weak and I got a cold.

These memories will last me a lifetime and I am so thrilled. I am now an IRONMAN!!

What's next? I have another half-ironman race this year. I am thinking about trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon, but maybe next year. I was also thinking about a tattoo, but we'll see.

I want to thank Nicole for all the support. This year as been amazing and worth it! I also wanted to thank my friends, family, supporters of the Challenged Athletes Foundation and others who have followed my progress.