Friday, August 15, 2008

5430 Long Course Race Report

Pre-race routine
I set my alarm for 3:45am, 4:00am, and 4:15am. I wanted to make sure I got up. I got up by the first alarm. My pre-race meal was my standard 1/2 cup of oatmeal. It seems to tide me over quite well. This race was a solo event for me. I didn't have my family come this time, so I drove alone. I went to 7-11 as I left and bought some gatorade and coffee. It took a long time for the coffee to cool down.

Event warmup:
Setting up my transition area was pretty easy. I had to go back to my car a few times to drop off my extra stuff. My restroom breaks were very minimal today, just like last year. What a relief!! I was able to get in the water for a quick warm-up. As I was in line for the bathroom, I noticed I still had my glasses on. What was I to do? The transition area was closed. I went to the volunteer area and asked if they would watch my glasses. YEAH!!!

I had such a great swim last year, this year was hard to compete. I think I started off too fast?? My tinted goggles work great, especially going right into the sun. It was really cool to see the hot air balloons. My sighting seemed to be pretty good and I was on the same pace as last year. After rounding the half-way point, I noticed I started slowing down. It took forever to get to the last buoy. I noticed my time on my watch and just felt trapped. I felt OK during the swim. I had a cramp for just a brief moment. I picked up the pace a little at the end.

Duane was cheering me on after the swim. What a neat surprise!! Thanks Duance for the support.
47:55 (2008)
39:25 (2007)

Good transition. I thought it was pretty slow, but no problem!!. The baby pool just before transition saved tons of time so I can wipe my feet off.
1:58 (2008)
1:51 (2007)


I really like this course. The first part seems to be all uphill, but the downhills may it worth while. I didn't get a chance to ride the course this year, but it was nearly the same as last year. I tried to pace myself again this year with an average cadence of 90-100. My max speed was 43.7mph. Last year's max speed was 45.1mph. I wasn't playing leap from with too many people, but there were some awesome cyclists who passed me. I think I talk to much to the other racers as I pass them. I need to focus more and keep relaxed. I didn't seem to have any problem with loosing water bottles this year. I didn't go off the road and cut anyone off. YEAH!

There is one turn-around part that is very scary. I unclipped and took it slow. No crashing today. I think I saw my friend Laura while riding?

2:40:32 - 20.9mph (2008)
2:38:23 - 21.2mph (2007)

Here is the the time that my bike computer said:
Time: 2:41:36
Odo: 2612.8 miles
Max: 43.7 mph
Avg: 21.0 mph
Distance: 56.48 miles

Very quick. I forgot to take my Garmin watch with me. I brought a hanky with me to wipe of my sunglasses. This was a good idea.
1:14 (2008)
1:28 (2007)

I started off with a pace slower than last year. My hamstrings weren't burning badly this year. I brought my water pack with me this year. The pack really helps me stay hydrated and I drink every mile. I tried staying away from the ice water. I did have a little, but I tried to control myself. It was so cold!! I used the sponges just a little this year. Last year I carried a sponge with me almost the entire race. My pace was great for the first 5 miles. I started to slow down. Mile 7-8 I started picking it up again.

Graham from Parker Triathlon Club was riding his bike helping some club members. I am not part of the club, but he was helping me too. "Relax your shoulders", and I would do just that.

I did more training on the gravel, so it wasn't such a big shock.

I told myself last year that I would do more brick workouts. Did I do more? Not really. I am a much faster runner, but I always slow down quite significantly. The finish was pretty cool and my legs weren't as bad this year.
2:00:24 - 9:10/mile (2008)
2:00:14 - 9:12/mile (2007)

Total time:
5:32:01 (2008)
5:21:24 (2007)

Cool down
I tried stretching as much as possible. I got another message this year. I also took an "Ice Bath" when I got home. The Ice Bath wasn't the greatest, but I think it helped with my recovery. I didn't take a nap this year. It took me several days to catch back up on my rest.

I was pretty happy overall with my results. I was most disappointed in my swim, but I slacked too much during the month of July on swimming. I am not certain if I will do the race next year, but it sure does sound tempting.


Brent Buckner said...

Nice B-race result!

You crazy altitude people....

ShirleyPerly said...

Great race report and cool pictures too! I think you did well so soon after IMCDA.

UntPawGal02 said...

Congrats on your half iron! Well done!

iron-boyer said...

Congrats on your race. Nice pictures.
It was my birthday today and if you would grand me a wish I would like you to comment on my last post on how you like to spend your b-day. Thank you!

SWTrigal said...

Eric-great job on the half..You just weren't use to swimming in such warm water after IMCDA! Well done..

Tea said...

Congrats! I think you did an amazing job especially since CDA wasn't that long ago!

I was thinking about doing 5430 next year, but old stage coach road scares me. I've just heard how difficult it is.

Phil said...

Hi Eric. Excellent report (nice pictures too). Sorry it's been a while since I checked up on you (I know you're always there for me with the comment love). I have to admit - I'm inspired! It looks like you've had a good year for racing. How do you like your helmet? (Is it the Rudy Project Aero?)

Bob Almighty said...

Dude a 2 hour run split after tackling mountains is pretty damn good. Good write up too.