Sunday, September 30, 2007

Time: 1:05:14
Distance: 8 miles
Pace: 8:09/mile

I was pretty worn out when I finished. Nicole and I drove back from Alamosa, CO in the morning. When we got back, the Broncos and Rockies games were on. The Broncos were on 850 KOA and I listened while I ran. It was very nice. When I got back, I quickly got ready for church and off we went. I regret not taking any food after the run.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Day off - Morning Run

Home to Himalaya St
Time: 41:54
Distance: 5.24
Pace: 7:59.77/mile
Avg Speed: 7.5 mph
Calories Burned: 623

My time shows that I ran pretty well. I sure didn't feel it today. I felt good about the first 2.5 miles. When I came back my shoulder was hurting, my stomach didn't feel great. It was about 57 degress today. I put on a small pair of gloves today. I think it was worth it.

I have today off because I am going to Alamosa, CO this weekend. Nicole and I met at Adams State College back in 1998. We are going because because they are having a 5 year reunion for homecoming this year. It should be lots of fun. I have no workouts tomorrow. Time to relax!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Warm up: 200 easy
Swim Golf (2 x 50)
61.56 + 32 strokes = 94
46.70 + 52 strokes = 99

Main: 10x50 yd/m w/:20 rest:
#1-2: Stomach kick
#3-4: Right Side Kick
#5-6: Left Side Kick
#7-8: Six Kick Change
#9-10: Six/Three Swim Transition
Swim Golf (2 x 50)
49.68 + 32 strokes = 82
42.31 + 36 strokes = 78
Did you improve your golf score ? Yes, but I used the fins the 2nd batch of swim golf.
Cool Down: 200 easy.
Total: 1,000 meters

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Time: 46:08
Odo: 12249.0 miles
Max: 34.6 mph
Avg: 17.4 mph
Distance: 13.36 miles

Too many bugs!! Yuck. I hate eating them. I had to stare at the ground and keep my mouth closed. There were too many of them. I am not one to complain much...but man.
Autumn is here. I changed two flat tires today and left the house late. It was pretty warm to start, but it got cold fast. I will prepare for my ride better next time!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Warm Up: 400 meters w/ drills
Main: 400 pull, 400 with board
Cool down: 100 meters
Total: 1,300 meters

I used some fins today. They fit very nice and WOW. I could sure swim better. Something I will have to keep working on. I am going to start working much harder on my stroke count.

To Cherry Creek State Park
Time: 27:44
Distance: 4.56 mi
Pace: 6:05/mile
Avg. Speed: 9.87mph
Calories Burned: 528

Boy was that Snickers Marathon Energy bar good. Yum!! I hade some honey dew before I ran. That could have been a mistake. I thought I was running much slower than what my pace was. I was almost running 10mph. That is super fast. Of course I was running with the wind and lots of downhill. It was out and back, so I got to see some of the uphill too. I timed my miles, but they were off more than just a little.

I have been super hungry lately. H U N G R Y. I am posting this after Nicole and I just finsihed watched the "biggest loser" TV show. Very inspiring!

I have some big news to share....SOON! It's pretty exciting, and it really has nothing to do with me.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Warm up: 300 meters easy
Swim Golf (6x50)
68.22 sec + 30 strokes = 98
65.79 + 32 strokes = 98
66.90 + 31 strokes = 98
68.04 + 29 strokes = 97
67.85 + 29 strokes = 97
68.98 + 28 strokes = 97
5x100: 1:55.98, 1:53.98, 1:55.92, 1:56.09, 1:53.34
Cool Down: 100 meters

I had a good day of swimming. Short it seems distance wise, but very good. My efficiency is getting much better. Swim golf has really changed thing up a bit and I am trying to slow things down to reduce my stroke count. My 5x100 meter swim stroke count was around 26-28 per 25 meters. That is a huge difference. Of couse, my swim times sped up too. Hmmm....

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Alameda Run
Time: 1:38:44
Distance: 12.10 miles
Pace: 8:10/mile

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Time: 3:28:37
Odo: 1235.6 miles
Max: 35.1 mph
Avg: 15.8 mph
Distance: 54.91 miles

I went out with Craig and Karen today. We usually go ride with the Bicycle Village group, but decided to go on a new ride today. It was really cool. Craig got two flat tires because he ran over something.

It was a little windy at parts, but such a great workout. I found out later that both my tires were flat. Stinky!! Now I have to change them. Better after a ride than during.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Warm up: 200 easy swim
2 x 50 Swim
21 + 22 + 63 = 106
18+ 22 + 60 = 100
Main 8 x 50yd/m w/:20 rest:
#1-3: Right Side Kick
#4-6: Left Side Kick
#7-8: Six Kick Change.

*Mastery of a drill determines progression, not yardage.
2 x 50 Swim Golf. Did you improve your swim golf score?
18 + 20 + 60 = 98
19 + 22+ 60 = 101
Cool down: 200 easy
Total: 1,000 meters

Time: 44:46
Distance: 6.0 miles
Pace: 7:28/mile

I had a good run this afternoon. I took it slower than a few days ago. I seem to start off to fast. I meant to take today pretty easy. It just felt so natural. I am really trying hard to pay attention to my form.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Time: 1:00
Odo: 1180.7 miles
Max: 19.0 mph
Avg: 15.6 mph
Distance: 15.68
My 2007 Totals (Swim, Bike, Run)

Swim: 21,275 meters (13.30 miles)
Bike: 190.20 miles
Run: 59.81 miles

Swim: 19,750 meters (12.34 miles)
Bike: 213.04 miles
Run: 67.81 miles

Swim: 23,250 meters (14.53 miles)
Bike: 241.96 miles (16.50 not recorded on Cateye)
Run: 86.38 miles

Swim: 23,800 meters (14.88 miles)
Bike: 277.50 miles
Run: 54.8 miles

Swim: 5,270 meters (3.29 miles)
Bike: 149.95 miles
Run: 27.2 miles

Swim: 6,600 meters (4.13 miles)
Bike: 243.89 miles
Run: 78.90 miles

Swim: 28,970 meters (18.11 miles)
Bike: 325.49 miles
Run: 89.69 miles

Swim: 12,070 meters (7.54 miles)
Bike: 264.57 miles
Run: 47.46 miles

Swim: 7,000 meters (4.375 miles)
Bike: 300.01 miles
Run: 70.32 miles

Swim: 16,900 meters (10.56 miles)
Bike: 172.77 miles
Run: 45.98 miles

Swim: 19,350 meters (12.09 miles)
Bike: 108.23 miles
Run: 44.42 miles

Swim: 15,800 meters (8.875 miles)
Bike: 182.99 miles
Run: 41.29 miles

Swim: 200,035 meters (125 miles)
Bike: 2,570.60 miles
Run: 714.06 miles

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Warm-Up: 10 min alternating slow-fast pacing. Play with difference strokes while warming up.
Main: 30 min steady swim. Swim without stopping. Count your strokes on the first 25 of each 100. Are they staying constant?
Cool Down: 4 min very easy. Choice of strokes or floating on your back
Total: 1,600 meters

I was pretty constant with my strokes. Very high. I counted around 24-26 strokes per 25 meters. That is pretty high. The lowest I can get it is 20-22 strokes. Something I need to work on more!!

Orchard Loop
Time: 44:54
Distance: 6.4 miles
Pace: 7:01/mile
Calories Burned: 789

I felt like a professional today. I wore my Shuttle Pack jersey and shorts. It really made me feel like a superstar. If I can continue this pace, I will run about a 1:35 marathon. That would be awesome!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Long Morning Run

Time: 1:48:26
Distance: 12.6 miles
Pace: 8:36/mile

I woke up extremely early this morning so I could get my long run in. I was supposed to do it yesterday, but Nicole and I did some volunteer work with our church. Then football games were on, I took a nap, went to church. I was going to run late yesterday evening, but it was getting really late.

My run time was very surprising because I felt like I was running really slow. I brought a cheap crappy radio with me. I finally took it off because it wasn't worth the hassle. It kept cutting in and out. I really started to pick it up once a cyclist spooked me a little as he passed me on the sidewalk. I also started walking about mile 6.5. I ate a hammer gel and off I went. That really made a huge difference. I walked about .2 mile and did not count it part of my run. I stopped the watch too.

Warm-up: 10 min
Main: These are with you shoes clipped in, and the idea is to focus on one leg at a time.
90sec right leg, 90sec left leg
45sec right, 45sec left, vice versa 2x
30sec left, 30 sec right increase cadence each 5sec to maximum
20sec right, 20sec left for 2 min
15sec right, 15sec left for 1 min
10sec right, 10 sec left for 40sec
5sec right, 5 sec left for 20 sec
3-4 x 1 min at max cadence, Rest 1 min
3-4 x 15sec at max cadence to spinout, Rest 45sec
Cool Down: 10 min

Time: 45:00
Odo: 1165.0 miles
Max: 35.0 mph
Avg: 15.8 mph
Distance: 11.87 miles

This was a pretty good workout. It was hard focusing on just one leg being clipped in with both legs. I can max out pretty easy on my trainer. I am starting to wonder about getting a Fluid instead of a Max+.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Tea's HIM

I woke up bright and early today. I only live about 6 miles from the Aurora Reservoir. Today was the day that the Harvest Moon was to take place. I knew of someone in my Triathlon class who did it last year. This year I knew that Tea was doing the race. I missed her at Danskin because there were too many people there. This one was a smaller race and I was determined to see her race.

I also knew that Duane and Tea's Sherpa (Mike) would be there. I arrived about 6:30-6:45 with plenty of time. I was looking all over for Tea, but she was not in sight. The last 5-10 minutes before the race started, I saw her!!! Yes. I am so glad that I did. I gave her a big hug and wished her well. I timed her swim so she would know how she was doing overall.

Fantastic swim!! 44 minutes. That is way awesome! Mike and I went to transition area to give Tea some encouragement. I am glad that she was still there! Shortly after she was off. Mike and I talked about triathlon stuff. Bike, wheels, equipment, Ironman Coeur d'Alene and more. It was awesome! I cheering on several other triathletes that were leaving the transition area. I finally went down to the swim area. I watched the last two swimmers come in. That was my cue to adventure back home.

I sure was sad that I had to leave. Nicole and I did some volunteer work with my church. We went and delivered Sunday lunches to the Senior Center and Olin Apts in downtown Denver. That was such a great experience. It was a little stressful, but we survived.

Click on the following link to view Tea's Race Report.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Time: 42:45
Distance: 5 miles
Pace: 8:33/mile

I went to the gym today for lunch to run. Normally I just go and do my core exercises. I wanted to get my run in before I go home. Lots of things to do.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Still Here

I am still alive and well. I have so much to share, but so little time to get caught up. I finished the Buffalo Bicycle Classic Century Ride on Sunday. Yeah! I had a great experience and can't wait till the next one. I was a bit cold.
more details to come...

I have 4 weeks before my half-marathon so I decided to get off my butt and run. I haven't been swimming or running much. Just cycling. When I don't have a plan or goal, I seem to work out less. GO FIGURE.

Time: 42:47
Distance: 6 miles
Mile 1: 7:31, Mile 2: 7:06, Mile 3: 7:08, Mile 4: 6:43, Mile 5:17, Mile 6: 7:02
Pace: 7:08/mile

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Buffalo Bicycle Classic
Today I rode 100 miles. That a record!! I am so shocked that I went this far. It was an awesome adventure. There were so many events going on Sept. 9th. The RaceAthlete Team did Ironman Wisconsin. Duane did the Glenwood Springs Triathlon. I was thinking of them during my ride.

Well, I woke up about 5:15am. I ate a bowl of oatmeal and quickly got ready. I felt like I was running behind, so I drove really fast towards Boulder. Probably a little too fast. I made it in barely enough time. Of course, the ride was so relaxed there was no official start time. I wasn't used to this.

It was a neat feeling to start the ride. It was about 40-45 degrees and I was freezing. I should have wore a long sleeve jacket and pants. That was a pretty big mistake. I will remember next time. I guess I just didn't want to shed any clothes and have to lug them with me.

I stopped at mile 50. That was turn around point. I ate a p&j sandwich. I also filled up a 33 oz bottle filled with water. I drank 33 oz of accelerade in 50 miles time. If it was warmer, I was going to force myself to drink more.

I briefly stopped at mile 75 and 90. I used the restroom twice and ate 1 cliff protein bar, 3 gels and another 30oz of accelerade. Oh..can't forget the pretzels and oranges I had at mile 90. They were so tasty!!

Here are my stats:

Time: 5:27:45
Odo: 1153.10 miles
Max: 46.6 mph
Avg: 18.4 mph
Distance: 100.6 miles

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Time: 2:07:46
Odo: 1051.20 miles
Max: 34.3 mph
Avg: 17.8 mph
Distance: 37.86 miles

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Time: 37:27
Distance: 4.42 miles
Pace: 8:28/mile

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Time: 1:19.44
Odo: 1013.4 miles
Max: 28.9 mph
Avg: 16.3 mph
Distance: 21.73 miles

Saturday, September 1, 2007

24 Hours of Triathlon

Time: 2:30
Distance: 44.0 miles
Average : 16.5 mph
Max: 44 mph