Monday, February 25, 2008

Janus Charity Challenge

So here's the many of you know I wrecked my bicycle on May 1, 2007. I feel very lucky to be alive. I managed to walk away with a moderate concussion and a torn thumb ligament. I had surgery on my thumb at the end of May and I am fully recovered. My thumb still feels a little sore from time to time, but nothing that interferes with training.

Some days I cringe to think what could have happened if I was hit by a car or wasn't wearing a helmet.Since this unnerving ordeal, I have been in connection with the Challenged Athletes Foundation and have engaged in projects designed to better educate the community.

I am hosting an event for the Aurora Public Library titled: "From Tragedy to Triumph: In the Eyes of a Challenged Athlete". This is a free event to all and I encourage everyone who lives in the Denver area to come.

Who: Tricia Downing and the Denver Wheelchair Rugby Team.
Where: Aurora Central Library (14949 E Alameda Pkwy)
When: March 12th, 2008 at 6:00pm-7:30pm
Light Refreshments will be served.

I encourage everyone to come! It will be extremely motivational and educational.

I am officially on my quest towards the Couer d'Alene Ironman in June. Janus Captial Group has challenged all athletes currently training for an Ironman, to adopt their vision of enriching the lives of people in the community through a Charity Challenge. This involves fundraising for your charity of choice.

I am passionate about the mission of the Challenge Athlete Foundation and have set a personal goal to raise $500 for CAF.

It has always been hard for me to ask for money, but if you could donate just $10 or $20 this would greatly help the foundation. Please click on the link below to donate:

Thank you for all your support and God Bless.

Eric Greene (Iron Eric)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Week Totals - Ironman Week 3

2/18/2008 - Bike 1:55:49, 30.91 miles, Run 27:19, 3.42 miles
2/19/2008 - Swim 2,300 meters
2/20/2008 - Run 20 min, 2.50 miles; Bike 45min, 11.34 miles
2/21/2008 - Swim 2,400 meters; Run 1:00:41, 8 miles
2/22/2008 - Off
2/23/2008 - Bike 2:16:34, 39.25 miles
2/24/2008 - 2,800 meters; Run 58:21, 8 miles

Total Distance:
Swim: 7,500 meters (4.69 miles)
Run: 21.92 miles
Bike: 81.50 miles

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Whats on my Mind

Yesterday was the start of Week #3. I am feeling pretty good so far. Not too bad for raising my milage in all three sports. I have realized that I am now:

Swimming: 3 days a week
Biking: 3-4 days a week
Running: 4 days a week
Weights: 2 days a week
Sleeping: 6-8 hours per day
Eating: Way too much.

I wanted to share a couple thoughts of my experience thus far. I am mostly still on the trainer in the basement. I have been getting out more and more as time goes by. I have watched the movie "8 Mile", Nutty Professor I and most of II, and Tommy Boy. I have also watched the news, Ironman Austria/Florida 2006. I went out for a long ride yesterday. It felt great. There is construction on the Cherry Creek Path which isn't supposed to be done until 4/1/2008.

My swimming times have really improved. I thought the distance was going to be a major problem, but it's not so far. Tues, Thur and Sat swims work out well because the masters swim group meets Mon, Wed and Fri.

More to come...

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Week Totals - Ironman Week 2

2/11/2008 - Run 35 min, 4.02 miles; Bike 40 min,10.01 miles
2/12/2008 - Swim 3,000 meters
2/13/2008 - Run 38:52 min, 5.5 miles
2/14/2008 - Swim 49 min, 2,000 meters; Bike 1:20, 21.16 miles
2/15/2008 - Off
2/16/2008 - Chilly Cheeks Duathlon - Bike: 33:12, 11.6 miles, Run: 27:38, 4 miles
Swim 1,700 meters (100m fastest 1:39.51)
2/17/2008 - Bike 50 min, 12.26, Run 2:24:21, 16.27 miles, 8:52/mile, 2,109 calories burned

Total Distance:
6,700 meters (4.2 miles)
Run: 29.79 miles
Bike: 55.03 miles

Swimming and Biking went down from last week, but my running milage went up.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Week Totals - Ironman Week 1

2/4/2008 - Run 40:00, 4.57 miles, Bike 18.04 miles
2/5/2008 - Swim 3,000m, Run 24:05, 3.05 miles, pace=7:58/mile, 362 calories
2/6/2008 - Bike 17.38 miles
2/7/2008 - Swim 1,800m TT 1,000: 21:15.72, Bike - Spin Class Time: 1:15:00, Distance: 21.37 miles
2/8/2008 - Off
2/9/2008 - Swim 4,000m, Bike - Time: 1:37:19, Odo: 198.5 miles, Max: 33.6 mph, Avg: 15.5 mph, Distance: 25.13 miles, Run 35:00, 4.5 miles, pace=7:48/mile, 555 Calories
2/10/2008 - Run 1:13:59, 9.30 miles, pace=7:57/mile, 1,150 calories

Total Distance:
Swim: 8,800 meters (5.5 miles)
Run: 21.42 miles
Bike: 81.92 miles

Friday, February 8, 2008

Giving Up

I am Catholic and I usually give up something for lent. I don't always "give up" a food item, habit, etc. Sometimes I just try to donate more time, talent or treasure. Sometimes I try to pray more, spend more time with family, etc.
I could go on and on, but this is my triathlon blog.
What am I doing for this lenten season? I have decided to give up Energy Drinks/Carbonated Beverages (pop, soda, etc).

Oh sweet Energy Drink...How I am going to miss you?

Thursday, February 7, 2008

TT Swim and Cold

Despite my cold which seems to be picking up the pace, my workouts are going strong. This cold is more of a pesky one. First it was sore throat, cough attacks, runny nose, cough attacks again, some more runny nose...

After talking with many staff members at the Library, I caught this cold from someone close. I was told that this cold lasts awhile. Over a week...yuck.

Last night just before dinner I took some night time cold medicine. About 9:30pm I started feeling it. I was getting all loopy and my body started freaking out....WHOA....I did not like that feeling, so I called it a night. I slept pretty well.
This morning I had another Time Trial swim. My schedule calls for me to do one every now and then. I did one last week, but my heart was not into it. NOT AT ALL.
Today's warm up was about 300m shorter than last week and I felt I got enough sleep.

Warm up: 200m, 8x50 w/ 15 sec rest
Main: 1,000m TT: 21:15.75
200m splits: (3:58.10, 4:18.57, 4:18.87, 4:26.08, 4:14.10)
Avg 100m (T-pace): 2:07
Swim Speed: 1.75mph
Cool Down: 200m
Total: 1,800n
My average T-pace last week was around 2:15. Today was much more accurate and I can live with that time. Add a wetsuit and I am ready for Ironman CDA!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Getting a cold?

My throat started feeling scratchy yesterday. On my day off non the less. I am not sure what the situation is, but I have come down with a small cold. My throat is still scratchy, but I was able to run my Rocky Mountain Road Runners race today. I did 7 miles in 47:48. Not to shabby, considering the ground was awful. The ground was super slick with snow and black ice.

The superbowl party was a little rough because I didn't have tons of energy to spend. At least I got my nap in today.

My offical 20 week program starts tomorrow. Yikes! Not a cold...not now...Maybe it will be gone in just a day or two. I have a 40 min run and an hour fifteen bike tomorrow. It can't beat my 3,000m on tuesday! Oh boy.

Week Totals

1/28/2008 - Swim 1,200 continuous 30:18 (5:48.87, 4:56.25, 5:01.46, 5:00.35, 4:47.50, 4:43.37); Run 20 min (treadmill), 2.45 miles, 282 Calories burned
1/29/2008 - Bike (Isolated Leg Training) - Time: 40:00, Odo: 98.9 miles, Max: 18.9 mph, Avg: 14.2 mph, Distance: 9.48 miles
1/30/2008 - Run 50 min (teadmill), 7.10 miles, 810 Calories, 42:07 10K split
1/31/2008 - Swim 2,800m, Bike - Time: 1:02:04, Odo: 116.4 miles, Max: 34.4 mph, Avg: 16.7 mph, Distance: 17.25 miles
2/1/2008 - Off
2/2/2008 - Swim 2,000m, 10x100m
2/3/2008 - Run - Trophy Series - 7.14 Miles, Time: 47:48, Mile 1: 6:28, Mile 2: 6:39, Mile 3: 6:50, Mile 4: 6:48, Mile 5: 6:44, Mile 6: 6:47, Mile 7: 6:42, Mile 7.14: 0:47, Avg Pace: 6:42/mile, Calories: 868

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Great Swim

I had a really great swim today. I showed up Saturday morning early. 6:45 am early. It snowed last night so I thought there would be a few swimmers. Yeah Right! There were tons of people. Each lane had to share. I usually don't mind. I swim better when I share a lane because I don't zig-zag through the lanes.

So today was my last easy swim before my Ironman training. This is going to be tougher than I expected.

Here was todays workout:
Warm-up: 400m swim, then 6x50 w/ 15 sec rest
Main: 10x100 @ TT pace + 3 sec w/ 15 sec rest (1:49.70, ???, 1:52.72, 1:55.27, 1:57.07, 1:56.79, 1:56.58, 1:53.76, 1:54.08, 1:51.84)
Avg 100m: 1:54.20
Cool Down: 300m easy
Total: 2,000

I swim 20x100 my next workout. Yikes. I will need to show up extra early just so I have time to finish.

I went home afterwards, ate breakfast a second time, and went back to bed. You might call it lazy, but I thought it was great!