Thursday, February 7, 2008

TT Swim and Cold

Despite my cold which seems to be picking up the pace, my workouts are going strong. This cold is more of a pesky one. First it was sore throat, cough attacks, runny nose, cough attacks again, some more runny nose...

After talking with many staff members at the Library, I caught this cold from someone close. I was told that this cold lasts awhile. Over a week...yuck.

Last night just before dinner I took some night time cold medicine. About 9:30pm I started feeling it. I was getting all loopy and my body started freaking out....WHOA....I did not like that feeling, so I called it a night. I slept pretty well.
This morning I had another Time Trial swim. My schedule calls for me to do one every now and then. I did one last week, but my heart was not into it. NOT AT ALL.
Today's warm up was about 300m shorter than last week and I felt I got enough sleep.

Warm up: 200m, 8x50 w/ 15 sec rest
Main: 1,000m TT: 21:15.75
200m splits: (3:58.10, 4:18.57, 4:18.87, 4:26.08, 4:14.10)
Avg 100m (T-pace): 2:07
Swim Speed: 1.75mph
Cool Down: 200m
Total: 1,800n
My average T-pace last week was around 2:15. Today was much more accurate and I can live with that time. Add a wetsuit and I am ready for Ironman CDA!


Brent Buckner said...

Beat that cold!

ShirleyPerly said...

Sorry to hear you've been sick. Take it easy and get well soon!

Bradster said...

Dude--I have the same thing right now. I think it's been raging for like two weeks! At least it's not bad enough to miss workouts. Get better.