Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Salt Lake City Marathon Race Report

Pre-Race Meal
The pasta party was held at the Cannella's Italian Restaurant. I wanted to make sure I had lots of carbs the night before the big race. I bought the ticket a few weeks in advance to guarantee a plate. I am glad I did because the tickets sold out. Dinner time was at 5:30pm and I was hungry. I had two full servings of pasta, salad and rolls. I thought I would never get full...until I couldn't eat the last roll.

Night Before
I stayed at the Howard Johnson's Hotel in downtown Salt Lake City. It was a pretty clean room and I was able to change rooms; one with a microwave and fridge. I wanted to make sure I had my oatmeal before the big race. I went to bed at 9:30pm.

Before I left Denver I thought I was going to have problems getting to the starting line. No problem at all once I got to Salt Lake. I took the light rail system to the starting line. I even got a seat! The train was full, including all the cyclists for the bike tour. I used the restroom twice and felt that would be good. The lines grew longer and longer and I am glad I was done. About 15 minutes before the start I dropped off my clothes at the "gear check-in". I headed to the start line because I wanted to make sure I got in the front pack.

Start (Miles 1-8)
The start was amazing with the gospel choir singing and a brisk cool morning. I was positioned almost perfectly. I didn't get too close, but almost too far back. I was dodging people left and right at the start. I didn't want my first mile to be 5:45 or under. Race smart Eric, race smart.
Mile 1: 6:08, Mile 2: 6:25, Mile 3: 6:30, Mile 4: 6:32
Mile 5: 6:41, Mile 6: 6:33, Mile 7: 6:41, Mile 8: 6:33
Avg: 6:30/mile

Miles 9-16
I met several runners along the way. I was amazed at how my pace was going and was wondering if I was going to bonk towards the end. I asked a few runners what their goal pace was. Some said 3:10, some under 3. I ran with an awesome runner, Dane Rauschenberg, who is quite well known. He runs marathons quite often. He even wrote a book about his marathon experience when he accomplished 52 marathon in 52 weeks. I kept up with him for the first 9 miles. He started to push the pace and I decided to let him take off. I kept the same pace and he sped up. He was quite shocked that I was pushing my own pace when I told him my best marathon and what my goals were.
Mile 9: 6:41, Mile 10: 6:33, Mile 11: 6:37, Mile 12: 6:51
Mile 13: 7:05, Mile 14: 6:27, Mile 15: 6:37, Mile 16: 6:51
Avg: 6:43/mile
Half-Marathon Split: 1:26:57

Miles 17-24
I started to slow down just a little. Mile 24 was off a little because my GPS watch lost connection during the run. This happened several other times, but not for long. These miles were more challenging and required more mental power. I was holding up pretty good and realized about Mile 20 that I would break 3 hours. I passed mile 20 at
Mile 17: 6:50, Mile 18: 6:38, Mile 19: 6:51, Mile 20: 7:01
Mile 21: 7:02, Mile 22: 6:59, Mile 23: 6:37, Mile 24: 7:09
Avg: 6:53/mile

Mile 25-26.2
The last miles were pretty tough. Mile 24 was through a nice park, Mile 25 was up State Street. I say up because it was a nice hill to climb. There were lots of half-marathon runners I was passing too. After the long hill, the last mile was at a gradual downhill. Still lots of people to dodge. No marathon runners too close to me so I felt no need to sprint to the end.
Mile 25: 7:13, Mile 26: 7:09, Mile .2: 2:38ish
Post Race
The finish area was pretty cool. I was worn out. I almost felt like I could have run a little faster? I got a neat medal, water, energy drinks, yogurt and a banana. I didn't eat much right away, but I was feeling pretty hungry a little while later. I waited in line to get my gear check bag. That took about 30 minutes. Next I waited in line to get a message. I love getting messages after a big race. Well deserved.

I waited for a long time for the results. I got a chance to talk with other racers who waited for their times too. After waiting at least 2 hours I gave up. The race director said there were some scoring issues and they wouldn't be posted. I wasted to much time and even got sun burned.
Overall time: 2:58:14
Overall Place: 22/1086
Gender Place: 19/697
Age Div Place: 7/107
Overall Pace: 6:48/mile
I am extremely happy with my performance. I feel I have more work to do and a little more to improve. More pics to come...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

SLC Marathon Update

The Salt Lake City Marathon has come and gone. It amazes how much you train for a race. You train, train, train. Lots of sweat, lots of stories. The anticipation drives you crazy. You can't wait till race day.

Race day comes, you complete the course. Get lots of satisfaction, and the race is over. Lots of stories to tell. Then what? Train for another race is usually the next best thing.

My SLC Marathon experience has been a success. I accomplished my goals and I am now going to Boston in 2010. YEAH. The official time on was 2:58:14. I placed 22nd overall and 7th in my age division. Will I ever place in my age group?? May for a smaller race :)

More stories to come when I arrive back in Denver.

Thanks for all the encouragement. I feel like a superstar!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Night before...

Boy am I nervous. The race is almost here. I am looking at getting a good night sleep. My fear of getting to the race is gone. The light rail system is pretty cool and very easy to use. It's free too.

Ate a good dinner at Cannella's. I had to go back for seconds. I was so hungry. The earliest I have had dinner in a long time. Since college??

Anyways, having fun in Salt Lake City. Getting a little board though. Oh well. Maybe I will go watch some TV.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

SLC Marathon...Here we go...

3 days left until Salt Lake City Marathon.

I received tons of information via email from the race organizers. This email has been very helpful. My hotel is less than a mile from the "Host Hotel". I staying downtown Salt Lake City in a Howard Johnson. The price seems right, so I hope for at least a good night sleep.

The biggest trick is to get acquainted with the city just enough to take the public transportation system come race day. This is one of the only things making me nervous.

What are my goals??? I have several goals that I would like to reach for this epic run.
1) Qualify for Boston. This is my main goal and I must run under 3:10. This equals 7:15 per mile. The whole reason I have been running like crazy. I have run nearly 500 miles in 2009. Time for a new pair of shoes...
2) 2.5x?? Do I dare try to break under 3 hours? My friends tell me that I can pull it off...???
3) No baby before marathon. Wife in labor while I'm playing in another state = BAD NEWS. Bad news for the wallet too if any issues arrive.

I leave Friday morning in plenty of time to make the expo. I am not taking much. One bag and it will be a carry-on. I come back on Sunday afternoon. Should be lots of fun. Too bad I won't know anyone? Oh well, I will make due.

Oh yeah...I might go clubbing later that evening if my body isn't too achy.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Holy Week

This weeks marks holy week. What a busy week it will be too.

Tuesday - My birthday
Wednesday - Birthing class
Thursday - Holy Thursday (church activities)
Friday - Good Friday (church activities)
Saturday - Easter Vigil (church activities)
Easter - (lots of activities)

Can we get any busier 28 days before baby Greene??

Praise the Lord for all that he has done. Let us rejoice and be glad. I am not one to be extremely preachy, but this Easter season is extra special. I thank God everyday for all the blessings. Friends, Family and all the good things in our lives.

Running is going great. I am in my taper phase and I only have about 10 days left till Salt Lake City Marathon. Almost there.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lots of Stuff

Life just carries on whether you blog or not. I've had so many activities in the recent weeks that I want to talk about. Not enough time or energy to talk about them all.

Growing a Beard
Many are so shocked to see my woolly face. "You're growing a beard" is what most people say. Gets old sometimes?? I started growing a beard near the beginning of the year. Partly because I am lazy, partly because I feel like I am in a hibernation phase. The beard gets out of control from time to time. I have had it trimmed once before Nicole and I took pictures.

When to remove the beard?
1) Before Easter
2) Before Salt Lake City marathon
3) Before baby is born
4) After spring?
5) Should I even shave it off?

Only time will tell. I guess I will be ready when it goes. Maybe I should make a bet? If I loose I will shave??

24 Hours of Triathlon
My next big race after the marathon will be the crazy 24 hours of triathlon event. I am not doing this alone. YEAH. I will be teaming up with Team GU. This will consist of a team of 4 members and our goal is to survive and have fun. The event is held at Cherry Creek Reservoir which is only 2 miles away from my house. I should have enough time to train since the event is mid September.

I love GU. I am a GU ambassador this year and trying my best to promote the product. Check their website at http://www.gusports.com/ Their latest product is called GU Chomps. These are tasty energy bites. Their hard to consume on the run, but good for cycling, recovery and after long swims.

Countdown to Salt Lake City Marathon
Nearing 10 days left until the marathon. I have trained pretty hard and feel pretty good. No injuries so I am pretty thrilled. My goal is to break 3:10 to qualify for the Boston Marathon. If I am feeling great, I am tempted to try to break 3:00. My friends tell me its possible, I just have to run smart and listen to my body. I don't want to go crazy and run too fast too soon.

Training has been pretty good. My longest run has been 24 miles. 20 miles were hard, 4 miles were easy. I have put in big mileage. I got up to 10 Mile Repeats, 10 800's. Lots of sweat, lots of GU, lots of layers, lots of wind, lots of AWESOME MEMORIES!!

Countdown to Baby
Can't wait till our baby girl is born. We have about 30 days or 5 weeks left. Our emotions have been up and down, but pretty good overall. The nursery is all set. The baby showers have come and gone. All gift cards are used. Shopping is mostly done. Birthing classes are mostly done. I attended a "Daddy Boot Camp" so daddy is mostly ready for this new adventure. Looking forward till our All-Star rookie is born.

Grandma Turns 90
My Grandmother turned 90 in late February. Yeah for Grandma. She even came to the baby shower a few weeks ago. My Grandma is great and I love her.