Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lots of Stuff

Life just carries on whether you blog or not. I've had so many activities in the recent weeks that I want to talk about. Not enough time or energy to talk about them all.

Growing a Beard
Many are so shocked to see my woolly face. "You're growing a beard" is what most people say. Gets old sometimes?? I started growing a beard near the beginning of the year. Partly because I am lazy, partly because I feel like I am in a hibernation phase. The beard gets out of control from time to time. I have had it trimmed once before Nicole and I took pictures.

When to remove the beard?
1) Before Easter
2) Before Salt Lake City marathon
3) Before baby is born
4) After spring?
5) Should I even shave it off?

Only time will tell. I guess I will be ready when it goes. Maybe I should make a bet? If I loose I will shave??

24 Hours of Triathlon
My next big race after the marathon will be the crazy 24 hours of triathlon event. I am not doing this alone. YEAH. I will be teaming up with Team GU. This will consist of a team of 4 members and our goal is to survive and have fun. The event is held at Cherry Creek Reservoir which is only 2 miles away from my house. I should have enough time to train since the event is mid September.

I love GU. I am a GU ambassador this year and trying my best to promote the product. Check their website at Their latest product is called GU Chomps. These are tasty energy bites. Their hard to consume on the run, but good for cycling, recovery and after long swims.

Countdown to Salt Lake City Marathon
Nearing 10 days left until the marathon. I have trained pretty hard and feel pretty good. No injuries so I am pretty thrilled. My goal is to break 3:10 to qualify for the Boston Marathon. If I am feeling great, I am tempted to try to break 3:00. My friends tell me its possible, I just have to run smart and listen to my body. I don't want to go crazy and run too fast too soon.

Training has been pretty good. My longest run has been 24 miles. 20 miles were hard, 4 miles were easy. I have put in big mileage. I got up to 10 Mile Repeats, 10 800's. Lots of sweat, lots of GU, lots of layers, lots of wind, lots of AWESOME MEMORIES!!

Countdown to Baby
Can't wait till our baby girl is born. We have about 30 days or 5 weeks left. Our emotions have been up and down, but pretty good overall. The nursery is all set. The baby showers have come and gone. All gift cards are used. Shopping is mostly done. Birthing classes are mostly done. I attended a "Daddy Boot Camp" so daddy is mostly ready for this new adventure. Looking forward till our All-Star rookie is born.

Grandma Turns 90
My Grandmother turned 90 in late February. Yeah for Grandma. She even came to the baby shower a few weeks ago. My Grandma is great and I love her.


KodaFit said...

I vote for shaving it off for the marathon. Of course that's just because my winter face came off the night before my first race of this season - good thing too, otherwise I may have scratched my face off!

All the best with the marathon... Would have been fun to head downtown, and give you some extra encouragement, but I have a tri down in Vegas that weekend.

Supposed to be a great course though!

iron-boyer said...

sounds like you are having a lot going on...good luck for the marathon and all the best to your baby girl.

ShirleyPerly said...

Wow, time has sure flown with that pregnancy! It seems that you just announced it recently. Glad to hear all is set up and ready to go. I'm sure you and Nicole will be the best parents. That Daddy Bootcamp class made me laugh.

Enjoy your taper and Happy birthday to your g'ma!