Monday, December 28, 2009

Long Runs in the Desert

I've been out of state for Christmas. I thought our trip was going to be warm, sunny, dry and did I mention warm? New Mexico in the winter is hit or miss. Some weeks it might be in the 50-60s and some might be in the 20-30's. The lows are pretty low and remind me of home.
Christmas Day was an 11 mile run. I woke up extra early because I wasn't quite sure how I was going to sneak in an 11 mile run. I was up at 6am and left the house by 6:30. It was a pretty cold and crisp morning. I didn't think anyone would be out?? I saw a few walkers, runners and a few cars. A few more folks than I thought. I had an enjoyable run and was pretty fast.

Two Days later I had my Sunday long run. Why didn't I wake up extra early and run?? I thought I was going to have plenty of time. Time just got away and I didn't get started running until about 4:30pm. Yikes. That means I had about an hour of sunlight. When the sun goes down the desert gets COLD! And pretty scary too because it gets dark. I didn't go exactly where I hoped, but I just ran. I ran along the highway, which was fine until it got dark.
I had about 6-8 miles left out of 17. It was pitch dark. I knew exactly where I was going, but the terrain was rocks, dirt and not level. I was glad to know that I have tons of miles behind my belt and I wasn't going to trip. I've done it before, but not while on vacation. I slowed down just a little, but I think it was because it was dark. Did I also mention I played the Wii fit the night before? My Glutes were pretty sore and I felt it.
My first 2 miles were warm up and I had 8 miles of hard running. 8 miles at marathon pace. I didn't quite run those miles at my expected marathon pace, but I figured it was pretty darn good. I ran 17 miles last week and was 10 minutes slower last week. What a great run, even though it got dark out.

I have one more lactate threshold day of running tomorrow morning and we will head back to Colorado. I ran a little over 65 miles this week. Pretty cool.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fast Day

Had a tough workout yesterday.  I was scheduled for a lactate threshold day with 9 miles.  4 of those 9 were to be run at 15K to half-marathon pace.  My goal was set to run the 4 miles in 6:30/mile pace.

9 miles = 1:00:11
Miles 1-2 = 7:06, 6:46
Miles 3-6 = 5:42, 5:57, 5:51, 6:19
Miles 7-9 = 7:03, 7:35, 7:48
Avg Pace: 6:41/mile

What happened.  I might have taken those 4 miles too hard? I felt pretty good.  It was starting to get a little cold and I was glad to be finished.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Boston Marathon Training Begins

Let it start.  Today is the first official day of Boston Marathon Training.  I am reading a book called "Advanced Marathoning" by Pete Pfitzinger and Scott Douglas.  This book has a training plan where I plan on following.  The plan I have selected is 70 to 85 miles per week; 18 week schedule. 

I ran 65 miles this past week.  I think I am ready to start at 65 miles.  This program is intense!  I will also be adding core stretches, a flexibility program and strength training.  YIKES...I am giving everything I got into this race.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Bitter Cold

Bitter Cold means treadmill.  I ran 12 miles last week outside in the cold.  The temperature was 12-15 degrees.  Way too cold.

I had a trophy series race at Washington Park on Sunday.  I ran 4.5 miles in crappy weather.  It was snowing while we ran.  The wind was so cold.  I got through it and ran my butt off.  I ended up 2nd in the trophy series race.

The weather has been cold that I've been on the treadmill for 4 days in a row.  5, 9, 12 and 6 miles on the treadmill.  Friday was much better and I ran outside!  All was great until I stepped into a big pothole.  My left foot was soaked.