Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fast Day

Had a tough workout yesterday.  I was scheduled for a lactate threshold day with 9 miles.  4 of those 9 were to be run at 15K to half-marathon pace.  My goal was set to run the 4 miles in 6:30/mile pace.

9 miles = 1:00:11
Miles 1-2 = 7:06, 6:46
Miles 3-6 = 5:42, 5:57, 5:51, 6:19
Miles 7-9 = 7:03, 7:35, 7:48
Avg Pace: 6:41/mile

What happened.  I might have taken those 4 miles too hard? I felt pretty good.  It was starting to get a little cold and I was glad to be finished.


Michael Quispe said...

"I might have taken those 4 miles to hard". Ya think? :) Almost seems like you were running downhill for those miles and maybe uphill for the last few? Either that or you totally died.

Iron Eric said...

I need better control...? I might have had the wind helping me some? I slowed down for miles 7-9.

Easy days have been pretty easy, and hard days I give it my all. I am reading in the "Advanced Marathon" book that the fastest you need to run is race pace...that is hard to do.

Mike said...

Good luck with your training. be interesting to see how the Advanced marathon Training works out.