Saturday, December 29, 2007

Long Group Ride

I am planning a long group ride tomorrow in New Mexico. I went to the local bike shop, and got hooked up with some stuff. I got a new rear tire, CO2 cartridges, extra tire tube, and a gel. I decided to buy some extra stuff because I plan on going out for a long ride and want to be well prepared.

The group ride consists of Mark from Outdoor Adventures Bikes and Sports Shop and a few of his friends. I am not sure how many, but I am expecting at least 3. Mark said that the average speed will be around 15-16mph. I am hoping for 16mph.


The long group ride was pretty cool. I was satisfied with my workout. I almost missed the group because they started right about 10am. Church ended at 9:50 am and we left right away.

The first part of the group ride was slow. We were going around 13mph. I was starting to get worried because I was ready to go faster. We picked up the pace and started the group ride filed in a straight line on the highway. We ranged from 20-24mph and each took the lead for about 20 seconds and rotated.

The drafting part was pretty cool, but I know that in Triathlon there is no drafting. We reached halfway point at Oliver Lee Memorial. I was here the other day. How about that. We took a different way home and was pretty sad about it. There was a section where there were tons of rocks/gravel. This part of the road was not paved. Never least I hope.

We made it back in great timing. My battery on my computer for the bike died. It was hard to predict the exact numbers, but we rode about 45 miles and averaged 16.2mph. Pretty cool. I got a new battery and I am good to go.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Another Flat Tire

Darn tires. I got another flat tire. I changed my back tire before I left for a long bike ride today. I changed the same tire out again about 11 miles into my journey. I am not sure if I will be going to ride until after the new year. My front tire has over 2,500 miles. That's pretty good for a tire!!!! My bike has about half the miles, but I use the trainer too.

My back tire looks pretty bald so I know its time to replace it. The average temperature in New Mexico is around 50 degrees. That is pretty warm compared to Denver. Denver got hit with about a foot of snow. YIKES!! I have 1 tube and 1/2 CO2 cartridge left, so if I get another might be calling Nicole.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!!
What an awesome day! Dear Jesus was born and its now time to party. Nicole and I traveled to New Mexico a few days ago and we are visting her parents. Denver is snowing like crazy and I am working out like crazy. I ran 13 miles on Sunday, I rode my bike 42 miles on Monday and ran 4.35 miles today.

A 4.35 mile run on Christmas day. Fantastic!!
Mile 1: 6:29, Mile 2: 7:36, Mile 3: 6:36, Mile 4: 6:40, Mile .35: 2:10
Total time: 29:32
Average Pace: 6:47/mile
574 Calories Burned

The run was great. I used my new MP3 player and listened to Willie Nelson (reggae style) and peter tosh. Mile 2 was a little rough because I ran up a huge hill. The wind helped push me some, but it was still difficult.

Turkey and Ham dinner is coming up soon...

Week Totals

12/19/2007 - Swim - 2,700 meters (15x100 1:53.71, 2:01.09, ..., 1:59.58, 2:05.35, 2:00.22, 2:02.58, 2:01.26, 2:00.50, 1:57.61, 2:02.42, 2:00.13, 2:00.61, 2:00.04, 1:57.28) - Run - 31:07 - 4.14 miles, pace: 7:31/mile, 498 calories
12/20/2007 - Bike - 1:00:00, Odo: 1580.3 miles, Max: 19.6 mph, Avg: 15.3 mph, Distance: 15.29 miles
Walk the Dog - 23:44, 1.5 miles, Pace: 15:48/mile, 170 calories
12/21/2007 - Off
12/22/2007 - Off
12/23/2007 - Run - 1:39:55, 13.0 miles, Pace: 7:41/mile, 1651 calories
12/24/2007 - Bike - Time: 2:33:57, Odo: 1622.3 miles, Max: 30.7 mph, Avg: 16.4 mph, Distance: 42.03 miles
12/25/2007 - Run - 29:32, 4.35 miles, Pace: 6:47/mile, 574 calories

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

New Milestone

Today was a very eventful day. I got up early to go swimming and I have reach an important mark this year. I swam for 200,000+ meters in 2007!!!!! That equals 125 miles.

I have reached such a great high, but I'm done swimming for the year. I might get in one more workout tomorrow morning, but it looks doubtful. I am going to Alamagordo, NM for Christmas and the New Years and I won't have access to a pool. I could find one if I desire, but I think I will take a week off. I will bring up my bike and get some good outside riding. The average temperature in NM is around 50 degress. Not bad compared to Colorado.

I also have 185 days left of training till Couer d'Alene Ironman. My official 20 week training program starts on Feb 3rd.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Week Totals

12/12/2007 - Run (Race Specific) - 45 min, Distance: 5.85 miles, 646 calories - Swim - 2,000 meters
12/13/2007 - Bike - Time: 1:00:00, Odo: 1553.1 miles, Max: 17.2 mph, Avg: 12.7 mph, Distance: 12.71 miles
12/14/2007 - Swim - 2,000 meters
12/15/2007 - Off - Shopping for 8 hours
12/16/2007 - Off - Christmas parties!!
12/17/2007 - Run (Outside) - 51:02, 6.46 miles, Pace: 7:54/mile, 790 Calories - Swim - 2,500 meters straight swim 1:05:05 (5:11.13, 5:59.41, 4:58.78, 5:18.05, 5:13.48, 5:22.32, 5:28.60, 5:26.51, 4:58.37, 4:55.06, 4:46.73, 2:15.53)
12/18/2007 - Bike (Race Specific) - Time: 50:00, Odo: 1565.6 miles, Max: 22.9 mph, Avg: 14.2 mph, Distance: 11.84 Miles

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Week Totals

12/5/2007 - Runners Roost Group Run - Ran with H2 - New Garman Forerunner 201 watch - Time: 38:05, Distance: 4.16 miles, Pace: 9:10/mile, 534 Calories
12/6/2007 - Swim - 1,500 meters
12/7/2007 - Off
12/8/2007 - Chilly Cheeks #1 - Bike - 10.75 miles, Run - 4 miles
12/9/2007 - Off
12/10/2007 - Run - 20 min, 2.42 miles, 290 calories - Swim - 2,200 meters
12/11/2007 - Bike - Time: 1:00:00, Odo: 1540.4 miles, Max: 24.8 mph, Avg: 13.8 mph, Distance: 11.54 miles

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Chilly Cheeks

Today was the start of the Chilly Cheeks Duathlon Series. I did the series last year thanks to my friend Art. I met when I was taking the Triathlon class at Englewood Rec Center. You get a discount if you sign up for all 3 races, plus you get something extra. I earned a few points in the rankings, so I wanted to come back for more.

The mountains are getting pounded with snow. Denver is supposed to get a little. It starting last night and when I woke up, I knew the forcasting wasn't very accurate. There was less than an inch, but a good sheet of ice was on the ground. I tested out both my bikes this morning. I was tempted to use my road bike, depsite the snow.

I packed up all my things and left for Cherry Creek State Park. I was extremely late last year and did not want to repeat the same mistake. I got there with plenty of time. I checked in and found out that the rules changed. You would only get points based on your rank on the run. This suits me better because I am a stronger runner and it was first. The course is a 4 mile run and a 10 mile bike ride. Before the race started, I spoke with Luke, Craig, and Art. I am starting to know all kinds of people! That's pretty cool.

I gave myself a good position for the run. I was in the front row. Maybe I was in some photos?? The race started and I took off. I started in about 12th place. By the first mile I was in 8th. I caught one guy around mile 2 and the rest of the run was set. I came really close to catching the guy in front of me. He was wear a USA racing jacket. I really wanted to catch him, but I didn't want to use every piece of energy to catch him. I still have to bike, I kept telling myself.

The transition was stinky. I had a hard time getting my helmet on because my hands were frozen. I had a nice guy on the side help me get it on. I was off...on my mountain bike. Yes I chose to ride my hefty duty bike. Mile 1 and 2 flew by. There were a couple of guys who passed me. Some with mountain bikes and some with road bikes. After more miles passed, so did other riders. I don't think I pumped up enough air in my tires, plus I haven't rode this bike since January 2007 in the Chilly Cheeks race #2.

There was a sharp turn and a rider behind me. I wanted to cut all the way to the left, but he was pretty close. I turned right, lost control and crashed. Damn. I got right back up and noticed my chain was off. I put it back on and off again I went.

Almost there...Almost there. I had one rider behind me. I didn't want him to pass me. I pedaled harder and harder. I had no juice left. He flew by me with just a few hunderd feet to go. He passed me with his road bike. Do I regret not using my road bike? A little, I may have crashed more? I hate crashing! My left arm hurts a little, but I should be fine. I think I may have just bruised it.

I finished and put my bike back on the rack. I came back to greet Art, Craig and Luke at the finish. We went and got some hot chocolate and it didn't help much. I was very cold. Did I mention that the temp was 22 degrees. I was shivering so much...and still shivering as I type.

Here are my results:

Run: 25:37 (Mile 1: 5:54, Mile 2: 6:26, Mile 3: 6:34, Mile 4: 6:41) Avg: 6:24/mile Calories: 527
Bike: 43:09 ( 1) 18.5mph, 2) 17.2mph, 3) 15.4mph, 4) 11.8mph, 5) 16.2mph, 6) 16.1mph, 7) 14.6mph, 8) 18.8mph, 9) 17.3mph, 10) 15.5mph, .75) 8.9mph includes rest...) Avg. 15.0mph

Total Time: 1:09:54

Friday, December 7, 2007

Finding Time

Time flies by so fast. I really wish there was more time during the day, especially after work. I have so many projects and so many things I want to do, but when will I have time to ever do them. Here is a list of things I would do if I had more time:

1) Spend time with my wife, Nicole
2) More time training! Swim, Bike, much fun
3) Community Service projects
4) Read or listen to books on tape
5) Catch up on my blog postings
6) More time with friends and family
7) Cleaning...inside the home, yard, cars, garage
8) Catching up on daily tasks (Balance checkbook, laundry, cooking, etc)
9) Work on all my extra side project jobs. Adams State stuff, Church website
10) Do some new things, meet new people, go to new places

I feel that I do a pretty good job with time management, but I can always use help. I so many dreams and ambitions that I want to accomplish. I will, but some may take much longer. Can we add more hours per day and remove one workday? The weekends seems to busier.

Only if I had more time...

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Week Totals

11/28/07 - Swim 2,800m
1,000m TT: 24:42.90 (4:09.43, 4:31.80, 4:27.23, 4:23.46, 4:10.98)
3x200: 4:11.03, 3:49.0, 3:12.09 - all using fins

Run 44:41, 6.1 miles

11/29/07 - Bike - Time: 59:59, Odo: 1506.3 miles, Max: 16.8 mph, Avg: 13.9 mph, Distance: 13.91 miles
11/30/07 - Swim 2,000m
1,200: (4:46.02, 4:58.35, 5:08.98, 5:00.87, 5:01.69, 4:45.89)
12/1/07 - Bike - Time: 1:01:07, Odo: 1521.3 miles, Max: 18.4 mph, Avg: 13.9 mph, Distance: 14.20 miles

12/2/07 - RMRR Trophy Series Race - Time: 28:26, Distance: 4.4 miles, Pace 6:28/mile
(Mile 1: 6:04, Mile 2: 6:18, Mile 3: 6:33, Mile 4: 6:28, Mile .4: 4:00)
12/3/07 - Swim - 2,900 meters (50m PR: 18.34)
Run - 20 minutes, 2.5 miles, 301.8 calories

12/4/07 - Bike - Time: 30:00, Odo: 1528.6 miles, Max: 27.7 mph, Avg: 14.5 mph, Distance: 7.27 miles

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Ironman Party 2007

Was it a dream?

Not really...because I was there! Chris McCormack, the 2007 Ironman Champion was there to watching this years ironman on TV. I hope everyone got a chance to watch it too. It was a really neat race and NBC did a great job with the broadcast.

Brett, my co-worker, and I both carpooled to Westminster, CO to Bicycle Village. I have talked numerous times about this store because I bought my bike and ride with Bicycle Village group. We got there about 2pm and got an awesome seat!

I knew more people than I thought. Bold in Boulder (Greg), Chris Voeller, Gordon Haller (1st Ironman Champion), a few from Bicylce Village Aurora. Prizes were giving away and I won 5 free spin classes at Bicyle Village. We got a t-shirt and some cliff bars.

Chris McCormack spoke twice and answered many questions. Chris is an awesome guy and I listened to his interview from fellow blogger, Simply Stu. Chris loves the sport of triathlon and you can really tell. He had an autograph signing at the end and my picture shows it all. I feel blessed to be able to go to such a great event!