Saturday, December 29, 2007

Long Group Ride

I am planning a long group ride tomorrow in New Mexico. I went to the local bike shop, and got hooked up with some stuff. I got a new rear tire, CO2 cartridges, extra tire tube, and a gel. I decided to buy some extra stuff because I plan on going out for a long ride and want to be well prepared.

The group ride consists of Mark from Outdoor Adventures Bikes and Sports Shop and a few of his friends. I am not sure how many, but I am expecting at least 3. Mark said that the average speed will be around 15-16mph. I am hoping for 16mph.


The long group ride was pretty cool. I was satisfied with my workout. I almost missed the group because they started right about 10am. Church ended at 9:50 am and we left right away.

The first part of the group ride was slow. We were going around 13mph. I was starting to get worried because I was ready to go faster. We picked up the pace and started the group ride filed in a straight line on the highway. We ranged from 20-24mph and each took the lead for about 20 seconds and rotated.

The drafting part was pretty cool, but I know that in Triathlon there is no drafting. We reached halfway point at Oliver Lee Memorial. I was here the other day. How about that. We took a different way home and was pretty sad about it. There was a section where there were tons of rocks/gravel. This part of the road was not paved. Never least I hope.

We made it back in great timing. My battery on my computer for the bike died. It was hard to predict the exact numbers, but we rode about 45 miles and averaged 16.2mph. Pretty cool. I got a new battery and I am good to go.

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