Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Run Goal (Thousand Miles) - done

Today was my last day to run for 2008. I did it. I made my goal. I ran just a little over 1,000 miles. I reached this at 1:40pm at mile .9 of my 3.6 mile run today. I was listening to my Triathlon Song just before I hit the big 1,000. I raised both my hands in the air just for a brief moment. I feel so amazed and cheerful.

Just before Christmas I recieve a plaque with a neat quote (above) written by lao Tzu. This almost put me into tears because this year has been a huge journey for me. Now it's finally time to rest and take a break. Maybe 3-4 days off??

Total (As of 12/31/08)
Swim: 225,300 meters (150.2 miles)
Bike: 3,009.36 miles
Run: 1,002.61 miles

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Swim Goal - done

I have reached my swim goal for 2008 today. I topped it off with a 1,350 swim at the pool this morning. I swam a total of 225,300 meters (150.2 miles) for 2008.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Kwanza 5K Run

Getting faster? Getting slower? Running the same...but I got a medal. Oh boy!! I don't get too many prizes for placing in events. I won 2nd place today in my age group and overall. I didn't run my best 5K time, nor my worst. I wasn't even sure I was going to do the race until this morning.
The race was bitter cold. It was posted at about 14 degrees. I received a new Pearle Izumi top for Christmas from my parents. It kept me warm. I ran 2 miles before the race and 1.5 miles after the race. I ran a total of 6.79 miles.

My overall time was 19:08. That is a 6:09/mile pace. My first mile was the fastest at 5:41. I slowed the pace down because this was not a goal for me to PR. I was in 2nd place by a good distance so I knew I wasn't going to kill myself to the finish.
10.25 miles left to run for the year. There are only 4 days left and I know I will do it!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Almost there...A Bump in the Road

Almost 2009. I have almost met all my distance goals. It has been a long haul and I have reached new levels this year.

My Distance Goals:
Swim: 225,000+ meters (150 miles)
Bike: 3,000+ miles
Run: 1,000+ miles

What I have with 13-14 days left in 2009:
Swim: 222,950 meters (148.63 miles) - 2,050 meters left
Bike: 3,009.36 miles - Done
Run: 952.23 miles - 47.77 miles left

So close!! I will easily get my swim goal. Bike goal is done.

Uh oh...
I have 47.7 miles left to run...will I be able to run this amount in 13-14 days?? That is about 3.5 miles per day. I know its possible, but here's the deal. I was on the treadmill last week and was working on sprint/fartleks. I screwed up and wore myself out. My right hip has been acting up and I am a bit concerned. I took 3 full days off from running and was on the treadmill again last night. I took it easy, but my hip hurt. It only hurt after the run...I was limping a little too.

This might be related to my crash 1 week before Ironman in June?? It seems like its the same issue anyways. It nearly went away and it came back.

I am off running during my lunch break today. I brought warm clothes because I plan on running outside (38 degrees). Yikes. I don't plan on going too far; 4-5 miles. I plan on taking Ibuprofen which should make a difference.

I will tough it least these last 47.77 miles. That's only about 24 miles per week, which is less than what I have been doing.

I will keep you posted. Thanks for reading.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Chilly Cheeks Race #1

Here are my results from the Chilly Cheeks Race #1
Overall Place: 34
Sex Place: 34
Division Place: 22

Run Rank: 8
Run Distance: 4 miles
Run Time: 24:36 (6:09/pace)

T1: 1:50

Bike Rank: 67
Bike Distance: 10.8 miles
Bike Time: 32:57 (19.7 mph)

Total 2008 Time: 59:22 (Run Time: 24:36)
Total 2007 Time: 1:09:34 (Run Time: 25:03)
Total 2006 Time: 1:00:15 (Run Time: 26:59)

My times were better this year overall. The course was covered in ice/snow last year which made the bike times to vary. I was able to ride my road bike this year and my run time was 27 seconds faster.

I need to start riding my bike again. I've only been out riding 2-3 in two months so it's time to start riding again. This will improve my bike times. I was in shock because I finished the run in 8th place overall and 26 people pass me on the bike. Way too many!!! I will start working on my 2009 goals, and improving my speed times on the bike is one of them.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Swimming to Reach My Goal

I am now being forced to swim to reach my goal. I have swam 220,150 meters (146.77 miles) and only 4,850 left to go to reach 225,000 or 150 miles!! Almost there. YEAH!

Here is today's workout
1,100m warm up/drills
Avg: 1:50.16
100 cool down
Total Distance: 2,000m

Monday, December 8, 2008

Have a great Monday.

I had my trophy series run yesterday. I matched my goal. I ran the 4.4 miles at Washington Park in 26:45. The official time is off by a few seconds, but the distance is off too. I ran 4.55 miles. I was hoping to run a little faster.

Here is my mile splits:

Mile 1: 5:27, Mile 2: 5:54, Mile 3: 5:56, Mile 4: 6:06, Mile .4: 3:22
As usual, I took off too fast!! My first mile was one of my fastest in a long time. I was planning on running fast, but at a more even pace.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Freaky Fast Mondays

I have decided nearly a month ago that Mondays would be my speed workout days. It went from speed-ups to tempo runs. The last two weeks have been a 4.4 mile time trial. My next RMRR Trophy race is at 4.4 miles and I want to do good.

Monday 11/24 - 4.4 miles - 26:20
Monday 12/1 - 4.4 miles - 26:15

GOAL 12/7 - 4.4 miles - 27:00

The treadmill makes me push hard so if I can run well on Sunday I will make my goal.

I have only 100 miles left to go!!! With 30 days left, That's only 3.33 miles per day. I am almost there. Almost...