Monday, November 28, 2011

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Big Strides

I have some made some big progress this year.  I have several Personal Bests/Records. 
1 Mile
I ran 4:49 at the Metro Mile in July 2011

I ran a 17:02 at the Bradley International 5K fun run

I ran a 34:44 at the Orange County 10k in CA
I ran 2:56:37 at the Denver Marathon

Total time of 5:15:07 at Ironman Boulder 70.3

What has been my success?  How much more can I improve?  What brings next year?  This year I have improved the track workouts, P90x, better nutrition and gave it my best.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

2011 Boulder 70.3 Race Report

Pre-race routine
I set my alarm for 4:00am, 4:15am, and 4:45am. I wanted to make sure I got up. I got up by the about the second alarm. I changed my pre-race meal slightly today with a little less oatmeal.  I am going to this race solo again this year.  Way too hot for my family.  I had most of my stuff packed in the car the night before so I was able to sleep for just a little bit longer. I brewed some coffee and I was out the door.

Event warmup
Traffic getting into the reservoir was pretty bad.  I had an extra 15 min. since the last race.  I've been getting faster at setting up my transition area.  I dump all the stuff out of my bag and neatly place my shoes, gels, helmet and other stuff in an organized fashion.   I went to my car a few times to drop off my extra stuff.  Restroom breaks were somewhat minimal today.  I left my shoes and socks next to a tree.  I figured it wouldn't be the end of the world if they were gone when I returned.  I started in the 2nd to last wave so I had some time to spare.  Of course, by the time I got in the water for a quick warm-up, I had less than 5 minutes to start. 

I had prescription goggles this year so I was able to see.  I sure did miss the tinted goggles.  I am not a super fast swimmer, but I am consistant.  I was able to see swimmers and the buoys.  Amazing!!  My sighting seemed to be great and I kept on course pretty well.  I looked at my watch a few times during the swim and I knew I was on my pace. 

I have had slight issues in the past with cramping, or feeling like this swim was never going to end.  I didn't really have any fears or issues this year. 
40:38 (2011)
47:55 (2008)
39:25 (2007)

They say to practice transition.  I should probably do that some time.  Transition wasn't too bad and was a little faster than the last race.  The transition includes the run from the swim end to the leaving with your bike.  The baby pool saves time since I don't have to worry about wiping off my feet.
2:17 (2011)
1:58 (2008)
1:51 (2007)

I had a pretty good start on the bike.  I was passing people left and right which got old.  I tried keeping an even pace throughout the race.  I passed my friend Duane around mile 5. I shouted "keep it real, be strong".  Sure was great to see him on the course.  I also passed my other friend, Erin at about mile 6.  The course seemed pretty fast and I was rockin.  The downhill section came and it seemed that it wasn't as steep.  I maxed at 40.4mph where in years past my max was 43.7mph(2008), 45.1mph(2007).  I always try to pace myself and my average cadence is usually between 90-100rpms. I was playing leap from with a few riders.  Those who had spectecular bikes passed me on the downhill, but I would catch them going up. I saw a rider or two who had the same bike as mine.  I shouted "cool bike".  I mentioned once "I have the same bike".

My nutrtion on the bike was fair.  I had a shot of GU Roctain's about ever 35-40 minutes.  I also had my GU brew.  I drank about 36oz of GU Brew, some water, and just a little Gatorade Pro Perfrom.  I don't think I drank enough??  I probably had about 40-44oz of liquids on the bike.  I also took 4 endurolyte capsules.  Not the easiest to take while riding, but I managed

There is one turn-around part that was pretty nerve racking during the first look.  I had to slow down big tme because a few riders nearly stopped and hogged the entire area.

I was pretty tired/wasted by the second turn-around part.  I was starting to feel a little lousy and I regreted not taking any chamois butter (helps with chaffing around the saddle areas).  I didn't want to stop, but I sure did feel like it.  It didn't seem too hot, but I poured water on my back.  If felt pretty good for a short time and then it dried up.

Bike Split 1: 27.85 mi (1:19:20) 21.06mph
Bike Split 2: 28.15 mi (1:24:05) 20.09mph

2:43:25 - 20.56mph (2011)
2:40:32 - 20.9mph (2008)
2:38:23 - 21.2mph (2007)

Here is the the time that my bike computer said:
Odo: 1907.5 miles
Max: 40.4 mph
Avg: 20.5 mph
Distance: 56.31 miles

Someone racked their bike in my spot.  I couldn't find my stuff and I was getting frustrated.  T2 is usually pretty fast and I am quick. I finally found my stuff and hurried.
1:14 (2008)
1:28 (2007)

Time to rock!  I was ready to push it hard and finish the race strong.  I have been training hard for the run and my goal was to run 1:30-1:35.  The first few miles were awesome! I ran 6:53 and 6:59.  That is pretty good considering there is a good uphill section.  I passed the first aid station and I think I grabbed some water.  I did not bring my race belt this year, but I did manage to bring my Garmin watch.

I started to feel a little sluggish around mile 4.  I looked at my watch and I knew the possibility of going sub 5 hours was almost gone.  I had to use the port-o-potty so I found the next one.  It was in use.  I am not waiting.  I found the next one was open about 1/2 mile later.  When I stopped, but I felt my legs cramp.  They were pretty crammped from the start of the run, so I knew it could be a long run. 

The next aid station I drank some cola.  WOW.  This stuff was great, but only when it was cold.

Gatorade, cola, water, Ice, water on self, sponge, repeat.  I did this nearly every aid station from this point on.  It wasn't always in this order.  I missed the sponges more often then not.  I even got once sponge that was sandy.  It seemed that I was pretty dry coming into the next aid station.  Amazing what hot weather will do.  I only had one gel around mile 4.  I was pretty hungry.  It was the only gel I had.

I passed my friend, Ted Dunst around mile 5.5.  I didn't stop to talk.  I told him good job and I kept going.  I almost feel like I was being rude, but no time for chit chat.

The wind picked up big time during the second loop.  On top of the hill I saw one lady get blasted by a dust storm.  My hat flew off around mile 11.  It didn't go far, so I had to get it.

Mile 1: 6:56, Mile 2: 6:59, Mile 3: 7:34, Mile 4: 7:42, Mile 5: 8:22, Mile 6: 8:04
Mile 7: 8:25, Mile 8: 8:34, Mile 9: 8:25, Mile 10: 8:22, Mile 11: 8:16, Mile 12: 9:07
Mile 13: 8:35, Mile .1: 0:44,

Rest time: 0:55 - includes quick bathroom break, stopping at aid stations, etc.

Run Split 1: 6.55 miles (51:12) 7:49/mi
Run Split 2: 6.55 miles (55:54) 8:32/mi

1:47:06 - 8:10/mile (2011)
2:00:24 - 9:10/mile (2008)
2:00:14 - 9:12/mile (2007)

Total time:
5:15:07 (2011)
5:32:01 (2008)
5:21:24 (2007)

Cool down
Cool down is what I needed.  I was hot and shaking.  I felt dizzy and needed to sit down.  I debated sitting down at the medic tent, or somewhere else.  I went with somewhere else, but just a minute later I went and sat down at the medic tent.  They gave me a very cold and wet towel.  This made the biggest difference!!!  They also gave me some Nuun recovery...which I am not too sure of?

No ice baths this year.  Just didn't seem like fun.  It took about an hour to get outside the Boulder Reservoir.  When I got home, I took a shower and tried to nap.  Didn't sleep much.

This was the longet triathlon since 2008.  After I look at my results, I am pretty happy with my performance.  I have improved on my run time by almost 13 minutes.  I set a personal record by 6 minutes.

Monday, August 1, 2011

My 2011 Totals

My 2011 Totals (Swim, Bike, Run)

Swim: 0 yards (0 miles)
Bike: 119.01 miles
Run: 121.70 miles

Swim: 0 yards (0 miles)
Bike: 251.18 miles
Run: 128.79 miles

Swim: 17,150 yards (10.0 miles)
Bike: 240.91 miles
Run: 179.39 miles

Swim: 28,800 yards (16.9 miles)
Bike: 291.26 miles
Run: 136.72 miles

Swim: 21,600 yards (12.7 miles)
Bike: 333.63 miles
Run: 140.56 miles

Swim: 15,500 yards (9.1 miles)
Bike: 326.45 miles
Run: 134.14 miles

Swim: 20,140 yards (11.8 miles)
Bike: 326.81 miles
Run: 164.51 miles

Swim: 103,190 yards (60.7 miles)
Bike: 1,889.25 miles
Run: 1005.81 miles

Starting Supplements / Results / Goals

Starting Supplements

I have started taking supplements last week. It is something I have been thinking about and want to make sure my body is well taken care of.
Fish Oil, Magnesium, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Calcium

Metro Mile
A big goal this year was to break a 5:00 minute mile. I’ve been going to track every Tuesday so I have been working extra hard. I ran a 4:56.97 on the track and I ran a 4:49 mile at the Metro Mile.

Boulder Peak Triathlon – 1:24:17
  -Division Place M30-34: 14/84
  -Sex Place: 106/632
  -Swim: 15:44 (Rate 2:06/100m or 1:47/100y, Rank 518)
  -T1: 1:54
  -Bike: 47:09 (Rate 22.0mph, Rank 183)
  -T2: 1:17
  -Run: 18:13 (Rate 5:52/mile, Rank 20)

Boulder Sprint Triathlon – 2:27:55
  -Division Place M30-34: 15/94
  -Sex Place: 127/718
  -Swim: 31:45 (Rate 2:07/100m or 1:58/100y, Rank 735)
  -T1: 2:39
  -Bike: 1:12:41 (Rate 20.9mph, Rank 179)
  -T2: 1:24
  -Run: 39:26 (Rate 6:21/mile, Rank 58)

Coming Up…

Ironman Boulder 70.3 Sprint Triathlon – Goal Sub 5:00
  -Division Place M30-34:
  -Sex Place:
  -Swim: 37:00 - 41:30 (Rate 1:45-1:58/100y, Rank)
  -T1: 2:00 - 2:30
  -Bike: 2:40:00 – 2:48:00 (Rate 20.5-21mph, Rank)
  -T2: 1:15
  -Run: 1:25:00 – 1:35:00 (Rate 6:30-7:15/mile, Rank)

Denver Marathon - Sub 2:50

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Trail Racing

Trail race is much tougher than road racing!!

The Bad
Uphill, dirt, uneven paths, sun, rocks, turns, getting lost (just saying),  limited facilities, little or no cell phone coverage, going out way to far, big hills.

The Good
Being out in the wilderness, shade, fresh air, fewer people, down hill, easier on the knees.

I went to Greenland, CO today and participated in the Greenland 25k.  I ran it in 1:48:35.  I finished 4th overall and 2nd in my age group.  It was a very warm day today and I should have brought some water.

I was being chased by the #1 female, and she was good.  I broke away on the uphill and she was chasing me again on the downhill.  She was so close and I pushed it extra hard.  I didn't think she would ever catch me.  Getting closer and closer.  I picked up the pace.  She was still behind.  3 miles two.  I kept a close eye.  I was in 5th place and wanted to keep it that way.  Less than a half mile to go and I was nearly sprinting.  I knew she wasn't going to catch me, and slowed down just a little.

I didn't care about anything, but getting 5th place.  I ended up 4th place.  Guess I don't think to well while I run.  Crazy!!  Good race and I would highly recommend the Greenland 25k/50k to any trail runner.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!!

I had a great ride yesterday.  3 hours.  I averaged a little over 18mph and rode about 55 miles.  Pretty cool day!!

I have a long run this I better get to it.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Big weekend

This was a pretty big weekend.

Swam 3300 yards

Cycled 40 miles (1/2 in strong winds)
Ran 4 miles
Swam 1700 yards

I was supposed to run for an hour and a half, and cycled for an hour...but I took the day off.  Instead I spent the day with the family.  My parents, siblings and the rest of the crew to celebrate my 31st birthday!!  Yeah!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

2011 Update

Been pretty busy these days.

I got a new job in November and just haven't had nearly as much time to write as I would like.

I'm back in the triathlon world.  I took last year off and focused on my running.  I have made great strides and set a few PR's.  This year I want to add what i've gained and improve.  I want to get that sub 5 hour half-ironman, break under 5 minutes for the mile, set a 10k pr, and just enjoy swimming, cycling and running.

With that being said, I did a brick workout yesterday.  I rode for 2 hours, then ran for 45 minutes.  Both were close to race pace...and it sure did feel good.

Stay tuned...a new blog design is coming!!