Saturday, May 7, 2011

Trail Racing

Trail race is much tougher than road racing!!

The Bad
Uphill, dirt, uneven paths, sun, rocks, turns, getting lost (just saying),  limited facilities, little or no cell phone coverage, going out way to far, big hills.

The Good
Being out in the wilderness, shade, fresh air, fewer people, down hill, easier on the knees.

I went to Greenland, CO today and participated in the Greenland 25k.  I ran it in 1:48:35.  I finished 4th overall and 2nd in my age group.  It was a very warm day today and I should have brought some water.

I was being chased by the #1 female, and she was good.  I broke away on the uphill and she was chasing me again on the downhill.  She was so close and I pushed it extra hard.  I didn't think she would ever catch me.  Getting closer and closer.  I picked up the pace.  She was still behind.  3 miles two.  I kept a close eye.  I was in 5th place and wanted to keep it that way.  Less than a half mile to go and I was nearly sprinting.  I knew she wasn't going to catch me, and slowed down just a little.

I didn't care about anything, but getting 5th place.  I ended up 4th place.  Guess I don't think to well while I run.  Crazy!!  Good race and I would highly recommend the Greenland 25k/50k to any trail runner.

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Andy said...

Congratulations on your overall and AG finish! It really sounds like you did not wanna get chicked ;) Have a good weekend!