Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hard workouts = feeling like crap

I had a very intense workout today. Lactate threshold - 11 miles w/ 5 miles @ 15k to half marathon pace. I think I pushed it too hard!

Miles 1-2: 8:16, 7:27
Miles 3-7: 6:14, 6:17, 6:17, 6:08, 6:31
Miles 8-11: 7:14, 7:42, 7:27, 7:52
Total Distance: 11.15
Time: 1:18:47
Avg Pace: 7:04/mile

Few things to note. First, after I slowed things down a little, I felt pretty good and the pace was still pretty fast but felt easy. Second, I did a bad job with hydration. I didn't drink many liquids until I think it was too late. Third, I felt extremely sick afterwards. I am getting over a cold, so this didn't help much. I have been having extreme bowel issues lately. I have been taking emergency stops and getting lucky.

My stomach seems to be a mess after intense workouts. Today was definitely the case. I felt so sick after today's workout. I left for home, and barely made it. I used the restroom several times and got home enough to say hello to everyone and right to bed.

Finally, don't use socks with holes in them. I was desperate and used a backup pair of socks, but one had a hole in it. A good size hole. Enough to rub and tear off some skin from my foot. Doesn't hurt too badly, but I am not sure how it will fair with today’s run.

Other Notes:
Last day off was Nov. 15th, 2009
Next day the Boston Marathon.
Miles run since last day off 700+
Miles run in January: 300 and still counting...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lots of running.  I nearly put in 80 miles last week.  This week has been a recovery week for me.  Recovery week is set at around 65 miles.  Wow.  I can remember when that was my max for marathon training.  This recovery week doesn't feel like a recovery week.

Sore all over.  It seems that another body part seems to ache each month.  First it's my hips, then my knee, then my back, then the bottom of my foot.  Now it's my calf muscle.  My back seems to be doing better after I quit playing the Wii Fit??

I've been meaning to post more on my blog, but life has been pretty darn busy.  I have written down some possible races for 2010 that I will be entering:

2/27 Snowman Stampede 5M/10M or Greenland 50K in May
3/14 - Boulder Spring Half Marathon
4/19 - Boston Marathon
9/19 - Boulder Half Marathon
9/25 - 24 hours of Triathlon event??  Maybe the 8 hours solo??
10/17 - Denver Marathon??

Lots of decisions to make.  Lots of thanks to Brooks and GU for helping me through my journey to Boston and beyond.