Saturday, September 26, 2009

24 Hours of Triathlon

I signed up for a triathlon this year!!! YEAH...

24 Hours of Triathlon.

No need to worry, I am doing it as a team of 4. We are Team GU. ROCK ON!!! Oh yeah, the event is this morning. Yikes.

results coming soon...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Boulder Half Marathon

Was I ready for the Boulder Half-Marathon?? I was doing pretty good on my running. I didn't have any exact workouts. I wasn't training for a half-marathon, but I figure I was putting in good mileage and I could do it. My longest run was about 10 miles.

The week before the race I had a tempo run. The run was 8 miles. It was a great run. I did the run with the Rocky Mountain Road Runners, so it was more like a race. I ran 8 miles in 51:26. With the pace I was running I would have run a 1:26:45 half-marathon.

I got to the Boulder Reservoir in good timing. It was such a nice morning. They moved the times forward one hour because it doesn't become light until 7am. I heard that it wasn't safe for the volunteers to be in the dark directing cars. Today was going to be a hot day. The temperature was told it was going to be in the mid 80's.

I got a chance to talk with several RMRR members. Deb Cunningham was doing the full marathon and I had the chance to talk with her. This race was more of a training run for her. Same for me I thought. I was in to race, but not to get carried away.

The half-marathon started at 9am. It was pretty hot already and I knew it was going to be pretty tough. The worst part was the wind. The wind was strong and no shade.

My first two miles were rocking!! I tried not to take it too fast. I always seem to take the first mile too fast. I was having a good race and feeling great. It wasn't easy though. I had one runner drafting off me. He did gain a great advantage. I was in about 15th place overall after the first 10k. Miles 7, 8 and 9 were hard. I started getting cramps in the side. I seemed like I was overheating and loosing steam. I lost it after mile 9. My pace slowed, the cramps were still there and I was fatigued. I felt worn out and well...spent.

I struggled for the remaining race. I had 16 people pass be after the first 10k. 16 people. My pace struggled and I almost felt like walking. I knew I was off pace and my goal was to finish.

The finish seemed like it was forever away. I finally made it and was exhausted. I chugged 2 12.9oz bottles of water. Big mistake. I will try harder not to gulp the water that fast again. I get sick when I gulp water like that.

Mile 1: 6:04, Mile 2: 6:08, Mile 3: 6:28, Mile 4: 6:46, Mile 5: 6:54, Mile 6: 7:08, Mile 7: 7:00, Mile 8: 6:37, Mile 9: 6:52, Mile 10: 7:17, Mile 11: 7:55, Mile 12: 8:21, Mile 13: 7:53, Mile .34: 2:34

Overall Time: 1:32:04
Pace: 7:11/mile
10k Split time: 41:29
Overall Rank (male): 31/699
Division 25-29 male: 10/74

What a learning experience this race has been. I learned to take it easy especially in the wind. Better training and more race specific training. I was very hard on myself about this race. It took me about 3-4 days to get over it.

I had to get over it because a new adventure awaits. One week and I compete in the 24 hours of triathlon race (as a team).

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Just before a Bike Ride

I decided I was going to go for a long bike ride. I went 60 miles in a total time of 3hrs 20min. Not to shabby for being the longest ride of the year. I averaged 18.1 mph total. The first 30-45 miles I averaged 19.2 mph. The rest of the way was a little slower because it was more uphill and I was loosing steam. Always happens on that route.

It's so hard leaving when I have such a cute daughter at home. Ariel is so cute and is very forgiving. She told me to go have fun on my bike, but not to crash. Oh, and not be gone too long. One of these days I will take her with me.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Track Workout

I went to a track workout tonight. The Rocky Mountain Road Runners meets at Heritage HS every Wednesday. This is only the second time I've gone. It's hard for me to go more often because I live on the other side of town. I enjoy it because many of my RMRR friends are there.

Track workouts in HS were crappy. I am not sure how much fun I really had. I would get sick after a workout. Feel terrible and worthless.

Track workouts now are easier because I am better trained. I don't get sick after workouts now!! YEAH. I am pretty exhausted after the workouts though...

Here is what I did:
400 - 1:24 (4:57/mile
600 - 2:01 (5:00/mile)
800 - 2:39 (4:57/mile)
1600 - 5:36 (5:36/mile)
800 - 2:39 (4:53/mile)
600 - 1:58 (4:46/mile)
400 - 1:11 (4:41/mile)

The times are pretty accurate, but the pace may not be exact. I posted them based off my GPS watch. The distances were off just a little. Nicole and Ariel came too!!
Maybe I will try to break under 5:00 for the mile next year after all?????