Friday, May 9, 2008

Pushing Your Limits

Pushing Your limits. That is easy to say. Our bodies can do wonderful things and we can go beyond extreme limits. When do we quit and when do we keep going? Is it mental or physical? Many questions we might ask ourselves when we push our bodies to do nearly impossible things.

Every person is different and some people may not have the drive. Extreme sports. Are we crazy? Some may thing so, but each time we run, bike, swim, hike, climb, row, or sail, it can be an awesome journey. Each struggle we might have may tweak this journey, but should never stop us.

I have brought up a few topics that we all should be thinking about. I wonder how extreme should I be and at what measures do I keep pushing my limits. How hard core are you? Do we do sports for its adrenaline rush?

Wonderful Weather
What types of weather would you be willing to train in?
-Extreme Winds
-Extreme Heat

Ultra Endurance Events
Would we really push our limits and spend more than 8 hours or more doing one activity?

-Ironman (x2 or x3)
-24 hours of triathlon
-24 hours of cycling
-24 hours of running
-Birthday Triathlons (
-Cross Country trips

Extreme Sports/Activities
How much skill or risk does it take to become an adrenaline junkie?
-Wheelchair Rugby
-Rock Climbing
-Mount Everest
-Amazon River Swim
-Storm Chasing
I am here to offer a few suggestions.
1) Create a Plan
A detailed plan will make things much easier. Fine details can give you guidance and point you in the right direction towards success.
2) Don't get injured
Getting injured can make or break you. A great goal is to start at the finish line injury free. Many methods can be enacted in order for you to prevent injury. Proper stretching, knowing your limits, core strengthening, weights, and proper equipment can help.
3) Never Give Up
During a marathon you keep running. During a triathlon you don't stop swimming. During a cycling trip you don't fall asleep. Keep going no matter what you are doing. Keep in mind that some endurance events and certain elements can stop you from a race. Stress fractures, broken bones, extreme fatigue are just a few reasons why people stop for a race. I don't blame them.
4) Keep Going
Know you limits and be willing to stop ONLY in extreme measures. Keep going even if you are slowing down. Continue walking if you must during an Ironman, but don't sit down and take a nap.

5) Too much
Sometimes too much of one thing can tear you apart. You may get bored, injured, or sick of it all. Don't go all out all at once. Don't run a marathon without training. Be smart about doing extreme things.


UntPawGal02 said...

Wish I had read this before my long tough ride today... maybe I wouldn't have almost given up!

KodaFit said...

Wise words - I think I may have some planning to do!

ShirleyPerly said...

Great thoughts! I had an unfortunate incident in T1 that may have ended my race for some folks but I decided to keep going. Knowing your limits is really key, I think.