Thursday, May 22, 2008

30 Days Left

I have only 30 days left until Ironman Coeur d'Alene. This whole year has been fast. I have enjoyed myself through most of it. There are some days, including today, that I just feel wiped out. I know I will finish, I have to finish.

Did I train well? I think so. I didn't get in as much hills as I would have liked, but since I live in Colorado I think I will be fine. I hope to have as much fun as possible.

Whats left in the 30 days?
- One last long bike ride (6 hours)
- Bolder Boulder (10K Run)
- More training
- Practice Open Water Swims
- Taper - Eating Less??
- More time at home
- Rest
- Traveling
- Fun
- Race Day!!


UntPawGal02 said...

30 days... unbelievable! Guess we'll see soon enough if we trained well enough! Keep it up!

SWTrigal said...

You live in COLORADO for goodness sakes-you will do very well!!
See you there..

Judi said...

Thanks for stopping by - I admire your training for IM. I am gonna add you to my blog roll.

P.S. I have a neighbor and my b/f lets my dogs out for me on my 3 12 hour shifts.

Fe-lady said...

THIRTY, I guess I haven't looked at my calendar lately.
(But deep down I KNEW it...yikes!)

Lat long one here on Sun. too...hope the weather clears up. I opted for a trainer ride here today. Here. In "sunny" Arizona where it's cloudy, windy as hell and about 60 degrees currently!

Global warming- pah!

SUB6 said...

WOW!!! That time went fast! only 30 days left (less now) ... good luck with the rest of the training.