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2011 Boulder 70.3 Race Report

Pre-race routine
I set my alarm for 4:00am, 4:15am, and 4:45am. I wanted to make sure I got up. I got up by the about the second alarm. I changed my pre-race meal slightly today with a little less oatmeal.  I am going to this race solo again this year.  Way too hot for my family.  I had most of my stuff packed in the car the night before so I was able to sleep for just a little bit longer. I brewed some coffee and I was out the door.

Event warmup
Traffic getting into the reservoir was pretty bad.  I had an extra 15 min. since the last race.  I've been getting faster at setting up my transition area.  I dump all the stuff out of my bag and neatly place my shoes, gels, helmet and other stuff in an organized fashion.   I went to my car a few times to drop off my extra stuff.  Restroom breaks were somewhat minimal today.  I left my shoes and socks next to a tree.  I figured it wouldn't be the end of the world if they were gone when I returned.  I started in the 2nd to last wave so I had some time to spare.  Of course, by the time I got in the water for a quick warm-up, I had less than 5 minutes to start. 

I had prescription goggles this year so I was able to see.  I sure did miss the tinted goggles.  I am not a super fast swimmer, but I am consistant.  I was able to see swimmers and the buoys.  Amazing!!  My sighting seemed to be great and I kept on course pretty well.  I looked at my watch a few times during the swim and I knew I was on my pace. 

I have had slight issues in the past with cramping, or feeling like this swim was never going to end.  I didn't really have any fears or issues this year. 
40:38 (2011)
47:55 (2008)
39:25 (2007)

They say to practice transition.  I should probably do that some time.  Transition wasn't too bad and was a little faster than the last race.  The transition includes the run from the swim end to the leaving with your bike.  The baby pool saves time since I don't have to worry about wiping off my feet.
2:17 (2011)
1:58 (2008)
1:51 (2007)

I had a pretty good start on the bike.  I was passing people left and right which got old.  I tried keeping an even pace throughout the race.  I passed my friend Duane around mile 5. I shouted "keep it real, be strong".  Sure was great to see him on the course.  I also passed my other friend, Erin at about mile 6.  The course seemed pretty fast and I was rockin.  The downhill section came and it seemed that it wasn't as steep.  I maxed at 40.4mph where in years past my max was 43.7mph(2008), 45.1mph(2007).  I always try to pace myself and my average cadence is usually between 90-100rpms. I was playing leap from with a few riders.  Those who had spectecular bikes passed me on the downhill, but I would catch them going up. I saw a rider or two who had the same bike as mine.  I shouted "cool bike".  I mentioned once "I have the same bike".

My nutrtion on the bike was fair.  I had a shot of GU Roctain's about ever 35-40 minutes.  I also had my GU brew.  I drank about 36oz of GU Brew, some water, and just a little Gatorade Pro Perfrom.  I don't think I drank enough??  I probably had about 40-44oz of liquids on the bike.  I also took 4 endurolyte capsules.  Not the easiest to take while riding, but I managed

There is one turn-around part that was pretty nerve racking during the first look.  I had to slow down big tme because a few riders nearly stopped and hogged the entire area.

I was pretty tired/wasted by the second turn-around part.  I was starting to feel a little lousy and I regreted not taking any chamois butter (helps with chaffing around the saddle areas).  I didn't want to stop, but I sure did feel like it.  It didn't seem too hot, but I poured water on my back.  If felt pretty good for a short time and then it dried up.

Bike Split 1: 27.85 mi (1:19:20) 21.06mph
Bike Split 2: 28.15 mi (1:24:05) 20.09mph

2:43:25 - 20.56mph (2011)
2:40:32 - 20.9mph (2008)
2:38:23 - 21.2mph (2007)

Here is the the time that my bike computer said:
Odo: 1907.5 miles
Max: 40.4 mph
Avg: 20.5 mph
Distance: 56.31 miles

Someone racked their bike in my spot.  I couldn't find my stuff and I was getting frustrated.  T2 is usually pretty fast and I am quick. I finally found my stuff and hurried.
1:14 (2008)
1:28 (2007)

Time to rock!  I was ready to push it hard and finish the race strong.  I have been training hard for the run and my goal was to run 1:30-1:35.  The first few miles were awesome! I ran 6:53 and 6:59.  That is pretty good considering there is a good uphill section.  I passed the first aid station and I think I grabbed some water.  I did not bring my race belt this year, but I did manage to bring my Garmin watch.

I started to feel a little sluggish around mile 4.  I looked at my watch and I knew the possibility of going sub 5 hours was almost gone.  I had to use the port-o-potty so I found the next one.  It was in use.  I am not waiting.  I found the next one was open about 1/2 mile later.  When I stopped, but I felt my legs cramp.  They were pretty crammped from the start of the run, so I knew it could be a long run. 

The next aid station I drank some cola.  WOW.  This stuff was great, but only when it was cold.

Gatorade, cola, water, Ice, water on self, sponge, repeat.  I did this nearly every aid station from this point on.  It wasn't always in this order.  I missed the sponges more often then not.  I even got once sponge that was sandy.  It seemed that I was pretty dry coming into the next aid station.  Amazing what hot weather will do.  I only had one gel around mile 4.  I was pretty hungry.  It was the only gel I had.

I passed my friend, Ted Dunst around mile 5.5.  I didn't stop to talk.  I told him good job and I kept going.  I almost feel like I was being rude, but no time for chit chat.

The wind picked up big time during the second loop.  On top of the hill I saw one lady get blasted by a dust storm.  My hat flew off around mile 11.  It didn't go far, so I had to get it.

Mile 1: 6:56, Mile 2: 6:59, Mile 3: 7:34, Mile 4: 7:42, Mile 5: 8:22, Mile 6: 8:04
Mile 7: 8:25, Mile 8: 8:34, Mile 9: 8:25, Mile 10: 8:22, Mile 11: 8:16, Mile 12: 9:07
Mile 13: 8:35, Mile .1: 0:44,

Rest time: 0:55 - includes quick bathroom break, stopping at aid stations, etc.

Run Split 1: 6.55 miles (51:12) 7:49/mi
Run Split 2: 6.55 miles (55:54) 8:32/mi

1:47:06 - 8:10/mile (2011)
2:00:24 - 9:10/mile (2008)
2:00:14 - 9:12/mile (2007)

Total time:
5:15:07 (2011)
5:32:01 (2008)
5:21:24 (2007)

Cool down
Cool down is what I needed.  I was hot and shaking.  I felt dizzy and needed to sit down.  I debated sitting down at the medic tent, or somewhere else.  I went with somewhere else, but just a minute later I went and sat down at the medic tent.  They gave me a very cold and wet towel.  This made the biggest difference!!!  They also gave me some Nuun recovery...which I am not too sure of?

No ice baths this year.  Just didn't seem like fun.  It took about an hour to get outside the Boulder Reservoir.  When I got home, I took a shower and tried to nap.  Didn't sleep much.

This was the longet triathlon since 2008.  After I look at my results, I am pretty happy with my performance.  I have improved on my run time by almost 13 minutes.  I set a personal record by 6 minutes.

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