Saturday, December 8, 2007

Chilly Cheeks

Today was the start of the Chilly Cheeks Duathlon Series. I did the series last year thanks to my friend Art. I met when I was taking the Triathlon class at Englewood Rec Center. You get a discount if you sign up for all 3 races, plus you get something extra. I earned a few points in the rankings, so I wanted to come back for more.

The mountains are getting pounded with snow. Denver is supposed to get a little. It starting last night and when I woke up, I knew the forcasting wasn't very accurate. There was less than an inch, but a good sheet of ice was on the ground. I tested out both my bikes this morning. I was tempted to use my road bike, depsite the snow.

I packed up all my things and left for Cherry Creek State Park. I was extremely late last year and did not want to repeat the same mistake. I got there with plenty of time. I checked in and found out that the rules changed. You would only get points based on your rank on the run. This suits me better because I am a stronger runner and it was first. The course is a 4 mile run and a 10 mile bike ride. Before the race started, I spoke with Luke, Craig, and Art. I am starting to know all kinds of people! That's pretty cool.

I gave myself a good position for the run. I was in the front row. Maybe I was in some photos?? The race started and I took off. I started in about 12th place. By the first mile I was in 8th. I caught one guy around mile 2 and the rest of the run was set. I came really close to catching the guy in front of me. He was wear a USA racing jacket. I really wanted to catch him, but I didn't want to use every piece of energy to catch him. I still have to bike, I kept telling myself.

The transition was stinky. I had a hard time getting my helmet on because my hands were frozen. I had a nice guy on the side help me get it on. I was off...on my mountain bike. Yes I chose to ride my hefty duty bike. Mile 1 and 2 flew by. There were a couple of guys who passed me. Some with mountain bikes and some with road bikes. After more miles passed, so did other riders. I don't think I pumped up enough air in my tires, plus I haven't rode this bike since January 2007 in the Chilly Cheeks race #2.

There was a sharp turn and a rider behind me. I wanted to cut all the way to the left, but he was pretty close. I turned right, lost control and crashed. Damn. I got right back up and noticed my chain was off. I put it back on and off again I went.

Almost there...Almost there. I had one rider behind me. I didn't want him to pass me. I pedaled harder and harder. I had no juice left. He flew by me with just a few hunderd feet to go. He passed me with his road bike. Do I regret not using my road bike? A little, I may have crashed more? I hate crashing! My left arm hurts a little, but I should be fine. I think I may have just bruised it.

I finished and put my bike back on the rack. I came back to greet Art, Craig and Luke at the finish. We went and got some hot chocolate and it didn't help much. I was very cold. Did I mention that the temp was 22 degrees. I was shivering so much...and still shivering as I type.

Here are my results:

Run: 25:37 (Mile 1: 5:54, Mile 2: 6:26, Mile 3: 6:34, Mile 4: 6:41) Avg: 6:24/mile Calories: 527
Bike: 43:09 ( 1) 18.5mph, 2) 17.2mph, 3) 15.4mph, 4) 11.8mph, 5) 16.2mph, 6) 16.1mph, 7) 14.6mph, 8) 18.8mph, 9) 17.3mph, 10) 15.5mph, .75) 8.9mph includes rest...) Avg. 15.0mph

Total Time: 1:09:54


ShirleyPerly said...

Wow, what a race! Glad you weren't seriously hurt on the crash. I don't think I could even go outside in 22 degrees.

The Scott Family said...

Exciting stuff .... great race report. Hope you're recovering from the crash! :)