Tuesday, April 14, 2009

SLC Marathon...Here we go...

3 days left until Salt Lake City Marathon.

I received tons of information via email from the race organizers. This email has been very helpful. My hotel is less than a mile from the "Host Hotel". I staying downtown Salt Lake City in a Howard Johnson. The price seems right, so I hope for at least a good night sleep.

The biggest trick is to get acquainted with the city just enough to take the public transportation system come race day. This is one of the only things making me nervous.

What are my goals??? I have several goals that I would like to reach for this epic run.
1) Qualify for Boston. This is my main goal and I must run under 3:10. This equals 7:15 per mile. The whole reason I have been running like crazy. I have run nearly 500 miles in 2009. Time for a new pair of shoes...
2) 2.5x?? Do I dare try to break under 3 hours? My friends tell me that I can pull it off...???
3) No baby before marathon. Wife in labor while I'm playing in another state = BAD NEWS. Bad news for the wallet too if any issues arrive.

I leave Friday morning in plenty of time to make the expo. I am not taking much. One bag and it will be a carry-on. I come back on Sunday afternoon. Should be lots of fun. Too bad I won't know anyone? Oh well, I will make due.

Oh yeah...I might go clubbing later that evening if my body isn't too achy.