Saturday, February 2, 2008

Great Swim

I had a really great swim today. I showed up Saturday morning early. 6:45 am early. It snowed last night so I thought there would be a few swimmers. Yeah Right! There were tons of people. Each lane had to share. I usually don't mind. I swim better when I share a lane because I don't zig-zag through the lanes.

So today was my last easy swim before my Ironman training. This is going to be tougher than I expected.

Here was todays workout:
Warm-up: 400m swim, then 6x50 w/ 15 sec rest
Main: 10x100 @ TT pace + 3 sec w/ 15 sec rest (1:49.70, ???, 1:52.72, 1:55.27, 1:57.07, 1:56.79, 1:56.58, 1:53.76, 1:54.08, 1:51.84)
Avg 100m: 1:54.20
Cool Down: 300m easy
Total: 2,000

I swim 20x100 my next workout. Yikes. I will need to show up extra early just so I have time to finish.

I went home afterwards, ate breakfast a second time, and went back to bed. You might call it lazy, but I thought it was great!

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Tea said...

20 X 100's

too much fun for me. I'll let you do that one. ;)

(I like the quote too).