Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Whats on my Mind

Yesterday was the start of Week #3. I am feeling pretty good so far. Not too bad for raising my milage in all three sports. I have realized that I am now:

Swimming: 3 days a week
Biking: 3-4 days a week
Running: 4 days a week
Weights: 2 days a week
Sleeping: 6-8 hours per day
Eating: Way too much.

I wanted to share a couple thoughts of my experience thus far. I am mostly still on the trainer in the basement. I have been getting out more and more as time goes by. I have watched the movie "8 Mile", Nutty Professor I and most of II, and Tommy Boy. I have also watched the news, Ironman Austria/Florida 2006. I went out for a long ride yesterday. It felt great. There is construction on the Cherry Creek Path which isn't supposed to be done until 4/1/2008.

My swimming times have really improved. I thought the distance was going to be a major problem, but it's not so far. Tues, Thur and Sat swims work out well because the masters swim group meets Mon, Wed and Fri.

More to come...


ShirleyPerly said...

You made me laugh with the Eating entry :-)

Sounds like your training is coming along well. Thanks again for your vote!

All-Stars said...

LOL, honey. I haven't noticed your increased appetite,although . . . I haven't seen any leftovers in the fridge. Do you know anything about that?

SUB6 said...

thanks for your comments on my Kid's Weet-Bix Triathlon. Let me just say that there was a lot of running involved to get the pictures. Great fun though!

Bob Almighty said...

I hear you on the eating way too much, especially since I'm on Taper for Ironman New Zealand.
Also I read you Ash Wenesday blog, Good luck going Sans Energy drink.

Tea said...

oh, I see...you'll be ONE OF THOSE.

The ones that finish while the sun is still up.