Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Warm-Up: 10 min alternating slow-fast pacing. Play with difference strokes while warming up.
Main: 30 min steady swim. Swim without stopping. Count your strokes on the first 25 of each 100. Are they staying constant?
Cool Down: 4 min very easy. Choice of strokes or floating on your back
Total: 1,600 meters

I was pretty constant with my strokes. Very high. I counted around 24-26 strokes per 25 meters. That is pretty high. The lowest I can get it is 20-22 strokes. Something I need to work on more!!

Orchard Loop
Time: 44:54
Distance: 6.4 miles
Pace: 7:01/mile
Calories Burned: 789

I felt like a professional today. I wore my Shuttle Pack jersey and shorts. It really made me feel like a superstar. If I can continue this pace, I will run about a 1:35 marathon. That would be awesome!!

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