Wednesday, August 6, 2008

FootGlide Product Review

FootGlide is a blister fighting formula designed just for your feet. It is so easy to apply. You rub this stuff all over your toes, heels, and any other parts that you might form blisters. FootGlide is a new product that has received great reviews. I was offered through to review this product.

I started using FootGlide a few weeks ago. I don't have too many problems with blisters on my feet. I wear my shoes out. I run them to the ground and put on about 400-500+ miles per pair. After I have a pair of shoes for a long time I start getting blisters. It seems the evil blisters form on my long runs. I don't have any problems on my short runs.

The first time I used FootGlide, I was impressed. This formula made my feet look shiny and clean. No big blisters. The second time I used FootGlide I went on a long trail run. The run was about 10 miles and I pushed the pace. It was about 96 degrees outside and I could tell my feet were hot. When I finished my run, I took off my shoes right away. My feet had a few big blisters. YUCK...Same spots every time.

It seems I would have one great experience with FootGlide and one bad experience. This seems to be ongoing and it is hard to decide whether to continue using it. Here are a few conclusions and observations I have made.

1) FootGlide worked best for short runs
2) FootGlide works great on bike rides
3) My blisters may have nothing to do with the FootGlide...I might just need either new inserts or new shoes.
4) Socks. Some socks work better.
5) I used BodyGlide "just in case" so I don't have any wetsuit chaffing issues. I might use FootGlide just for this reason.
6) FootGlide doesn't smell and leaves no filmy residue.
7) Easy to Apply!

Blisters are no fun and I have been told that you can easily prevent them. I am now on a mission to get rid of them forever. My next step is to buy a brand new pair of shoes and test the FootGlide out.


SWTrigal said...

I assume you have tried vasoline and pre-taping your feet? Blisters are a drag..

tri-dogmom said...

Eric. this is a great product review. We would love to put this on If it's ok, would you send me a copy of this in a word doc & I will post it!?

Thank you!

Iron Eric said...

I haven't tried the vasoline or taping feet. Wouldn't vasoline be messy?

ShirleyPerly said...

Yeah, blisters suck but I have, for some reason, been pretty fortunate not to get many. Not sure why ... perhaps just because I don't run really all that much or hard compare to you?