Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Daily Cup of Brew

I drink coffee. I also drink energy drinks, kool-aid and soda. Ever wonder why I am always go.go.go? Since I started my Ironman training, I would mostly drink coffee. I didn't drink too much soda. I had an energy drink every now and then.

Now that I am not in serious training mode...I have had a few more sodas and energy drinks. Everything else has stayed the same. Nicole and I don't buy too many 12 packs of soda because I will drink 1-2 per day....love the mountain dew!! I am starting to dislike highly carbonated beverages. Too much carbonation and it makes my stomach bloated.

I have a french press coffee maker at work and I really enjoy it. My co-worker, Ann, loves the coffee too.

Does this extra caffeine give me an extra lift. Sometimes. I have read a study that says caffeine 30min before a workout can make a difference. Your body doesn't hurt or ache as much during workouts. I put this to the test. I believe it.


Brent Buckner said...

Caffeine sure helps with a workout, but some folks recommend abstaining in training and using it when endurance racing. Reportedly, caffeine improves fat metabolism, but only if you haven't desensitized to it.

iron-boyer said...

Caffeine used to be a banned substance for elite athletes. It is performance enhancing.