Monday, July 7, 2008

Might need a plan?

Where to go from here?
Mental Check...Good.
Spiritual check...Good.
- wrist still hurts..maybe 20% better?

I called the doctor to see what he wants me to do with my wrist. It has seen some improvement. It only hurts when I twist it. I am starting to see some strength back, but very slowly. I am a little scared because I want to start exercising right away and I want my wrist to recover.

I start training again soon. I decided to take of 2-3 weeks after Ironman. It has now hit the 2 week mark and I am getting anxious to get going again. I have a 5430 Boulder Long Course (Half-Ironman) coming up August 10th. That's a month away. Yikes.

I will start training again on Thursday July 10th. This will give me one month before my next race. I know what needs to be done. I need to start gearing up for another training mode. HARD CORE.

I have a Team Zoot GU Group ride on Saturday and a 2 Mile RMRR Trophy Series race. This is great because I will ease back into things.


Tea said...

Good Luck at the 5430. I didn't know you were doing that one!

Calling the doctor was a good idea. You might just need more rehab exercises.

Judi said...

Look into getting some acupuncture for that wrist. I know you must be itching to start training again!