Friday, November 14, 2008

Tires, Running Update

New Tires
Check em out baby. Their hot, their cool, their expensive. I bought a new tire or two when I needed them. I waited about as long as I could to buy new tires for my car. I figure I would buy all four at the same time. I might split it up next time $450 for tires plus labor, plus an alignment plus an oil change is a bit much all at the same time.
Maybe I don't need new tires?? Maybe I should have waited and saved the money towards a new bike? Who am I kidding? I needed at least 2 new tires, and I have a kid on the way. Safety is most important. Now I can drive fast again. YEA!!

1,000 miles Update
168.09 miles left to run till the end of the year. I have 47 days left. I am on my way to success. The only problem is...I might need a new pair of shoes by new years? It's worth it.

Running off Steam
It seems like I have been on a mission. Running long distances and in the cold. I ran 10 miles today. 9 miles before work and 1 during. I dropped off my car to get my new tires. I ran a mile to work, dropped off my backpack, and ran 8 more miles. A little over hour later my car was ready. I ran back to the tire store and picked up my car. Running for a Reason!!!

During my runs, it seems that I have had more time to vent, process, and run off steam. Running will wear me out and I won't feel the need to drink. That is a good thing. I am too tired to get mad when I am finished.

Baby Greene Update
I won't have too many Baby Greene Updates because Nicole and I want to have everyone checkout our family blog. We are at 15 weeks today and we a doing great. We told almost everyone now. That was fun...what's next?


Judi said...

Good job running lots. Those are my favorate distances, 8-12. Congrats on the baby Eric!

ShirleyPerly said...

Yes, safety first! And the only thing worse than dropping $450 on car expenses is having to do so on unexpected health care expenses (not me, hubby). Oh well ...

Glad you'll make your 1000 mi running goal!

Iron Eric said...

I hate health expenses... especially bike accients.