Saturday, May 22, 2010

Run Day On, Run Day Off

It sure does feel great to run again!!  I have only run 4 times since Boston Marathon on April 19, 2010.  That is 4 times in a month.  I took about 2-3 weeks off, ran 3 times.  Took another 10 days off and ran once.  My right leg feels pretty good and no pain while running.  I ran a 10k a few weeks ago and my right leg started to ache after the race.  That is when I decided to take some more time off.

I have the BolderBoulder 10k race coming up.  This will be my 13th year running it (or so).  I am in the top wave again, 2nd year in a row.  Last years time will be much better.  I am looking at running the same as a few weeks ago.

I will only have about a week to train.  Yikes.  Instead of running every single day, I will be running every other day.  Hopefully this will give my leg enough time to finish healing (if necessary).  What's next.  I am going to Casper, WY to watch my friend Shirley race.  I have been thinking about the half-marathon????  Probably a mistake..??? But maybe not?  I will make a decision after the BolderBoulder.  If my leg feels great, I might talk with Nicole and see what she thinks.

Till now, I hope I get a chance to go out running today!!!



Andy said...

looks like you have a solid plan, and I think there is definately not a problem going off of how you feel when you workout! Good luck on the BolderBoulder race!

ShirleyPerly said...

I hope you race well and don't have any leg issues at the BolderBoulder 10K. It'd be great to see you running in Casper too!

Lindsay said...

Good luck on your race!