Monday, May 17, 2010

Passing a Brick Wall

I went for a bike ride today.  I told Nicole I would be gone 1-2 hours but no longer.  My lungs were burning the first two miles of the ride.  The first two miles are on Quincy Ave which is a moderately busy road.  Cars always seem  to be pretty good about cyclists, but I am always alert.  The first mile is a slight uphill and the second is a fast downhill. I can get my bike 25-32mph.  I always take it too fast.

I went one loop around Cherry Creek Reservoir and only 40 minutes into my ride.  I was pretty worn out and felt like calling it a day.  GU to the Rescue!!  I had an orange burst GU and gave me enough energy to keep going.  I ended up going around Cherry Creek Reservoir again.  I paced myself better going around the second time.

I rode 26.5 miles and averaged 17.5mph.  Not too bad. 

Got some good Wii Sports workout afterwards. I was determined to beat the obstacle course record.  I did it, but too me way too long.

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