Sunday, March 21, 2010

Needing a battery charge?

Crap.  The car stalled on me again.  Yesterday's somewhat big snowstorm also brought me a dead vehicle.  My Mercury Cougar's battery light came on Friday morning.  It was enough to get me to work and back home.  Ariel's 10 month dr. appointment was after work and I drove seperatly to meet Nicole and Ariel.  I tried starting the car in the parking lot.  No luck.

I went to Checkers Auto.  They told me I needed a new battery.  I bought a battery 2 years ago, which seemed odd.  Put the new battery in my car.  The storm made things cold.  I was able to get home and drive some today.

My MRI appointment was at 7:00pm for my right leg.  I was done at 8pm and started driving home.  I didn't make it too far.  Long story short...I think my car needs a new alternator.  Battery is dead, but just needs re-charging.  What an ordeal tonight.  Hopefully the car is safe where I left it...??...

I feel like my body needs a new re-charge.  Hopefully I will figure out the results of the MRI soon and I can get back to working out.

5 days in a row for Aqua swimming.  Not too day.  Will post more about it soon.

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