Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Frosty Frozen 10 mile

Frosty Frozen 10 Mile
What a weekend. Lots of activities planned...and not all just running.  I woke up pretty early because it was race day!  The race didn't start until 10am, so I had plenty of time. I even got to sleep in a little.

I had my morning race breakfast, oatmeal.  I try not to eat too big of a breakfast on race day.  I didn't have any coffee, but I sure wanted a cup.

I have been trying to get over all my leg injuries, so I wasn't sure how my run was going to be??  My right leg started bothering me on Thursday's run and I was a bit nervous.  I ran an easy 1 mile warm-up run.  I tried my best to get fully warm before the race started.  The temperature was rising and I was getting anxious.  I found several of my running friends.  Dave Cook and I will be running Boston together, so this race was perfect.

The race started. Dave Cook and some of my other friends took off.  I did not want my first mile to be under 6 mintues, so I let some them pass.  My first mile was 6:20, so I was pretty happy.  It amazes me how many people (just like me) go crazy for the first mile.  Almost a dead sprint...then everyone seems to slow down, or adjust.

Mile 1: 6:20, Mile 2: 6:15, Mile 3: 6:21, Mile 4: 6:09, Mile 5: 6:20
Total Time: 31:27
Avg Pace: 6:17/mile
The first 5 miles flew by.  I felt pretty good.  I wasn't too concerned about time split mile times.  I kept trying to push the pace.  I also kept catching other runners.  I ended up passing 10 runners after the first mile.  Not a single runner passed me.

Mile 6: 6:38, Mile 7: 6:24, Mile 8: 6:23, Mile 9: 6:23, Mile 10: 6:14
Total Time: 32:24
Avg Pace: 6:29/mile

I was catching Dave Cook.  I passed him about mile 8.  He was still running pretty strong too.  He kept up with me for most the way.  I looked back because I thought I heard him slip on some ice.  Dave did slip on ice, but didn't fall.  I passed one final runner with 1/2 mile to go.  I was picking up the pace and running towards the finish.  Dave sprinted towards the end, and nearly caught me.  He finished at about the same time as I finished.  Amazing.

Official Time: 1:03:51
Avg Pace: 6:23/mile or 9.4 mph

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ShirleyPerly said...

Well done on your race!

Sounds like you are over your leg injuries too. Doubly good!!