Thursday, March 11, 2010

Leg pains that won't go away

Will my leg pains go away??  I am not certain how much rest I should take?  I went to the doctors almost a month ago.  I took a week off and my left leg pain went away.  2-3 weeks later my right leg started acting up and the pain has been much worse.  I've taken about 1 1/2 weeks off now and the pain still exists. 

I went to a physical therapist last Monday and he told me that my "Peroneus Longus and Brevis" are the cause.  He did some needle therapy, massage, and more to help fix it.  He mentioned that I had a few knots and the muscle is just very tight.

I've used ice, ibprofin, foam roller, massage, rest...and nothing is helping.  This injury is very frustrating.

Boston is less than five weeks away.  I don't want to take off too much time, but I want to complete the race too. 

I also have a half-marathon scheduled for this weekend and I am still deciding whether I should attempt it???


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed visiting with you last evening regarding your leg issues.
Listen to your body!


ShirleyPerly said...

OH no, sorry to hear the leg pain is back!