Monday, March 15, 2010

Boulder Spring Half Marathon

What a great way to represent GU!!  I wasn't sure if I should have raced this one.  I decided that it would be a great training/tempo run leading up to the Boston Marathon.

Dave Cook ran along side with me during the race.  We both ran the first half around 7:00/mile.  Not too bad.  I think we were hoping to run just a tad bit faster.  The second half was faster for the both of us.  Dave Cook and I parted ways at this point.  He blasted the 2nd half with amazing split times.  I was pretty happy with my 2nd half performance.

I beat my course PR by almost 2 mintues.  I thought about slowing the pace several times.  I don't think it would have made a differnce if I ran the race fast or slow.  Both ways it would have been hard on my legs.  There was a pack of runners that I kept up with for most the race.  This allowed me to run smart and even pace.

Official Time: 1:31:50
Pace: 7:01/mile
Overall Finish: 56th
Age Group Finish: 12 of 63

Mile 1: 6:45, Mile 2: 6:47, Mile 3: 6:55, Mile 4: 6:58, Mile 5: 7:06, Mile 6: 7:10,
Mile 7: 7:17, Mile 8: 6:33, Mile 9: 6:40, Mile 10: 6:45, Mile 11: 6:52, Mile 12: 7:09
Mile 13: 6:50

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