Thursday, June 24, 2010

Power 90 and Bike to Work Day

Been extra busy these days.  Nicole and I started a new workout program on Monday.  We started the Power 90 workout program.  This is similar to the P90x program, but came out before it.  This is the first version of p90x.  We've been getting through it.

Yesterday was Bike to work day.  I did p90 in the morning, rode my bike to work, ran 10 miles during lunch, rode my bike back home.  What a crazy day it was.  Maybe a big overboard?  Good for training.  I haven't trained like this since Ironman in 2008.

A new Ironman is coming to Texas.  Looks interesting!!!  Maybe in 2012?  We'll see.  Would need to find some extra money and time to train.

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