Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Boston Marathon Race Report

Alarm Clock
Alarm clock went off just before 5:15am.  I arose with ease and was eager to start the day.  I put on all my gear.  I also had some warm-up clothes.  I went downstairs to the cafe "Au Bon Pain".  I was able to get some coffee and oatmeal.  Little sugar and milk with my oatmeal and I was good to go.

Bus Ride
The Rocky Mountain Road Runners group met in the hotel lobby at 6am.  We met for a quick photo or two and headed towards the buses.  We didn't wait to long too get on a school bus.  The bus had a cute turtle on the window next to the door.  On the yellow school bus we go and we went straight to the back.  The ride took 45-60 min.  I started becoming uncomfortable half way.  I was getting car sick and had to find a restroom.

Start Line
The start line was crazy.  We started heading to the start line with only 15 minutes before start time.  It almost felt like a mad dash before the race started.  After a quick last minute bathroom break, I rushed to the the 2000's corral.  The video camera came right in front of us several times.  Click here to view the video.  My friend is dacook (David Cook) and I am next to him on the left.  Check out the bright yellow outfit and my sunglasses.

And we run...
The gun went off and let the mad chaos begin.  It wasn't a fast pace at first.  It actually took us about a minute to get to the start line.  My goal was to take it hard, but not to go crazy and run a miracle mile.  The crowds were already starting to form and I felt like this was going to be a good race day.  The weather turned out to be perfect and sunny.  I didn't even notice the wind.

Miles 1-6
Mile 1: 6:50, Mile 2: 6:18, Mile 3: 6:01, Mile 4: 6:36, Mile 5: 6:33, Mile 6: 6:33
5K - 20:13
10K - 40:48

What a great feeling to run again.  I felt great and so thrilled to be at Boston.  The first mile was perfect.  Not too fast, not too slow.  I increased my speed after the first mile.  Mile 3 might have been a mistake?  I ran too fast and noticed it.  My friend Dave Cook was keeping up with me and was wondering what I was doing. 

We passed by an awesome biker bar with tons of people cheering.  I didn't hear any engines roaring, but I could easily point out the biker dudes.  The first 5K and 10K passed by and I was pleased with my times.  Every time I passed a timing mat, I thought of all my friends, sponsors and family.  Especially those who were watching me on race day.
Miles 7-13
Mile 7: 6:24, Mile 8: 6:43, Mile 9: 6:48, Mile 10: 6:48, Mile 11: 7:01, Mile 12: 7:09, Mile 13: 6:57
15K - 1:01:35
20K - 1:23:18
Half-Marathon - 1:28:02

Steady, easy, and steady.  I was rockin and racing towards the half way point.  The miles started to slow down a little bit towards the end of the first half.  My quads and calf's started feeling tight around mile 11.  I blame this on my new orthotics that I only had a week to break in.  I also will mention that I took off 3-4 weeks before Boston.
Miles 14-20
Mile 14: 7:05, Mile 15: 7:15, Mile 16: 6:58, Mile 17: 7:46, Mile 18: 8:07
25K - 1:45:23
30K - 2:09:11

The hills started at mile 16.  The first two hills were tough and I felt the challenge.  I didn't think the first two would be tough.  We passed by Wesley College during Mile 16.  Something neat about Wesley College...It's a female only college and the girls were out to scream.  One of the most amazing parts about the course.  Hundreds and maybe even thousands of college girls screaming and shouting at all the runners.  Many of them held "kiss me" signs.  Runners would stop just to kiss the girls.  Not me.  I kept running, but I did blow a few kisses.

Mile 19-21: 25:38 (8:22/mile)
35K - 2:35:08

My garmin watch lost signal so I wasn't sure what my pace was.  This is good and bad.  Bad because I wasn't sure how fast I was running, but good because I could run at a comfortable pace. Heartbreak hill was around mile 21 and I didn't even notice it.  I asked another runner if we have passed Heartbreak Hill yet.  He told me we just passed it.  I do remember some college kids screaming at a person to start running again.  The runner nearly stopped and took a break.  The college students screamed and yelled louder once the runner got going again.  Way to inspire!

Mile 22-26.2
Mile 22: 7:54, Mile 23: 8:10, Mile 24: 7:47, Mile 25: 8:10, Mile 26: 7:38, Mile .2: 1:07
40K - 3:00:22

2nd Half-Marathon - 1:42:53

My pace was mixed, but I started picking up the pace.  After passing Heartbreak Hill, the toughest parts were done.  My garmin watch starting working again, so I was able to see my pace.  I passed the 24-25 mile marker and knew I wasn't going to break 3 hours.  My next goal was to break 3:10, which is the time to re-qualify for Boston.  I had a little over 1.5 miles left to run in about 12 minutes.  The finish line was coming close and I had enough time to finish in 3:10.

The last .2 miles was crazy.  I put everything I had left out on the course.  I was running at 4:12/mile pace for the last minute. I ran until I couldn't run any longer.  I finished with a time of 3:10:55.  I re-qualified for Boston by 4 seconds.

Will I be able to Walk?
The race was over and I was exhausted.  I kept thinking to myself, keep walking. Keep walking.  Don't stop.  The wheelchairs to the first aid tents sure did look nice.  I wasn't feeling the greatest and I thought I might have been a little dizzy.  I got my medal, water, snack bag, and headed to the bus to get my "gear bag".  I changed and went straight for the massage area.  I wanted to make sure I got a massage.

After a simple and basic massage I headed towards my hotel.  I found it right away and headed up the elevator.  I was walking pretty well compared to the last race.  I showered, closed the blinds, and took a nice 2 hour nap.

Looking Back
My training paid off.  I worked hard and ran hundreds of miles.  I couldn't have done the race without my sponsors, GU and Brooks!!  My nutrition was right on and I had good shoes, gear and support.

I might run Boston again next year, but I will do a few things differently.  I will make sure I have at least one day off either every week or every other week.  I will make sure to listen to my body a little better and rest when I need to.

I was happy to run the 2010 Boston Marathon.  Despite my leg injuries, I ran a great race.  I ran the first half a little too fast, and ran out of gas for the second half.  This race was my second fastest marathon and I have many more miles to run.  Thanks for your support and well wishes.

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