Friday, November 30, 2007

Great workout week...and it's Friday!

I had a great set of workouts this week. I has some intense swimming workouts, short runs and short bike sessions. I am enjoying some extra rest during the late fall/winter. I feel like winter is already come and I've been stuck indoors since daylight savings.

My left arm is nagging me just a little while I swim. The harder I "pull" during the seems to be a little more noticable. I know that I need to reduce my stroke count! Maybe a goal for 2008? I don't swim this weekend, so I am hoping that with a little rest, it will go away.

I ran about six miles the other day and it was about 20 degrees outside. I averaged 8:00/mile and I felt pretty good. I took a new route and wanted to see how far I can go. Of course, this route is along a big road so I have to stop and the lights. (not too many)

I've had so much to talk about the last few weeks, but I just am running out of time during the day. I am thinking about going back to my old routine of posting everyday. It seems that I can express my thoughts, concerns, issues, talk about my Amazing Stories, and more.

Happy Friday!!

Oh, I am going to meet Chris McCormick, Ironman 2007 Champion tomorrow at Bicycle Village. My co-worker, Brett, and I are driving to Westminster where Bicylce Village is having an Ironman showing. More details will follow.


Duane said...

They sure didn't advertise much! Hopefully a photo!

Brent Buckner said...


ShirleyPerly said...

Good job getting out in that cold! Hope the arm is better.