Sunday, April 6, 2008

Week Totals - Ironman Week 9

3/31/2008 - Run 1:10:32, 9.56 miles
4/1/2008 - Swim 3,600m
4/2/2008 - Swim 4,000m; Run 15:00, 2 miles
4/3/2008 - Swim 3,000; Bike 1:20:00, 24.64 miles
4/4/2008 - Off Day!
4/5/2008 - Off Day!
4/6/2008 - Run 1 (RMRR Trophy Series) 24:41, 4 miles, 6:10/miles; Run 2 cool down 8:41, .90 miles; Endurance Run 1:30:02, 8:36/mile, 10.47 miles

Total Distance:
Swim: 10,600 meters (6.63 miles)
Run: 26.93 miles
Bike: 53.80 miles

I became a fish this week. I was at the pool at least 4-5 hours this week. It was pretty tough being in the pool for over an hour and a half. So many people came and went. I still swam. The high school group was on spring break this week so it was nice that I was able to continue swimming.

My running seemed to be about the same distance as last week. My cycling on the other hand was lacking. I was supposed to have this coming Monday off, but I decided to change it with Saturdays workout. I missed 2:20:00 worth of cycling and another 2,500m swim. I will make this up on Monday because I will be doing the B-Day Fit Challenge Triathlon.

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