Sunday, April 20, 2008

Week Totals - Ironman Week 11

4/14/2008 - Bike 1:10:28, 21.03 miles; Run 50:00, 5.79 miles
4/15/2008 - Swim 3,150m; Bike 1:00:00, 22.63 miles
4/16/2008 - Bike 1:40:00, 27.66 miles; Run 30:00, 3.71 miles
4/17/2008 - Swim 2,500m; Run 30:55, 4.66 miles
4/18/2008 - Off Day!
4/19/2008 - Run Greenland 25K 1:54:44, 15.65 miles
4/20/2008 - Swim 2,500m; Bike 2:58:48, 50.73 miles; Run/Brick 15:36, 2.13 miles

Total Distance:
Swim: 8,150 meters (5.43 miles)
Run: 31.94 miles
Bike: 101.02 miles

What can I say? Another week goes by, and pretty quicky too. My swimming total distance went down this week, but it still felt like I was in the pool for long periods of time. I hit 30+ miles this week. Close enough. I can't remember the last time I had this much running? I am feeling great too. I didn't cycle as long this week, but I didn't have a 5 hr bike ride either.

Overall I had a pretty darn good week. The Greenland 25K may have been a bit much? My body is now recovered from the run. My ankles were pretty sore and I still have a few new blisters.

I will start using my brand new Mizuno Shoes on 4/21/08. I am not sure how many miles I have on my old pair, but it is at least 400-500+ I bought 2 pairs back in October, so I am good.

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