Thursday, April 24, 2008

Super Long Swim

I went to bed after 11:30pm because I went to a Colorado Rockies game. I went with a bunch of friends. It was pretty good weather, but it was a little windy. I got up super early yesterday so I could get my 2 hour bike ride done in the morning. I was out the door at 5:30am. 2 hours that early in the morning was tough.

I had a super long swim this morning. I woke up early again. I woke up about 5 am and was in the pool at 5:47 am. I should have been there at 5:30 am. I finished right about 7:40 am. Yikes. I hurried to get ready because I had a general staff meeting at 8 am.

My swim today took a little longer than expected. I thought I was going to finish early and be to work early. My plan says: 1h 15m. The plan is never accurate.

Here is how I did:
4,500m Total = 9 x 500 free. Full recovery rest, or 2 minutes between, whichever comes first. I clocked each 200m and the last 100m on every 500.
1) 11:16.83 (4:31.38, 4:30.46, 2:14.99)
2) 11:11.93 (4:25.39, 4:33.33, 2:13.21)
3) 11:26.81 (4:26.22, 4:41.33, 2:19.26)
4) 11:23.15 (4:33.57, 4:34.15, 2:15.43)
5) 11:26.61 (4:31.69, 4:42.57, 2:12.35)
6) 11:06.86 (4:27.06, 4:30.43, 2:09.37)
7) 10:58.59 (4:23.91, 4:27.98, 2:06.70)
8) 10:34.84 (4:19.39, 4:17.78, 1:58.06)
9) 10:09.63 (3:53.38, 4:11.16, 2:05.09)

Total: 1:39:35.25
Avg: 11:03.92

I was very consistent. I like this. I am happy and exhausted. The last 500 was in the smaller pool so I get more push-off on the wall. I also had more than 2 minutes for a break. All the breaks were consistent too! I consumed about 8-10oz of Gu2O and 2 gu gels. I have my weight and strength training during lunch and a 50 min run later today. Time to brew some more coffee?

When ever I get tired during swimming I just think of Martin Strel and his journey swimming the Amazon River. Martin amazes me and I know I could swim longer...but not like him...that's too long.


SWTrigal said...

Great job on a tough swim!

SWTrigal said...
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Duane said...

You the man!

SUB6 said...

You hit the lap button in the pool more than I do :) haha

Iron Eric said...

I touched the wall at least 180 times. That is way too many.