Sunday, April 13, 2008

Week Totals - Ironman Week 10

4/7/2008 - Birthday Triathlon! Swim 59:51.75 (2miles or 3,000m), Bike 1:32.21 (28 miles), Run 1:01:49 (8 miles)
4/8/2008 - Swim 2,900m
4/9/2008 - Bike 1:00:00, 17.79 miles; Run 1:10:43, 8.30 miles
4/10/2008 - Swim 2,000m; Run 40:01, 5.10 miles
4/11/2008 - Bike 1:30:02, 23.0 miles
4/12/2008 - Swim 3,400m; Run 52:14, 7.0 miles
4/13/2008 - Bike 4:52:14, 88.04 miles

Total Distance:
Swim: 11,300 meters (7.06 miles)
Run: 28.4 miles
Bike: 156.83 miles

A great week of training. My birthday triathlon started this week off. I took the day off work and played professional triathlete for the day. My swim was awesome, breaking new barriers. My cycling has been faster. I think the weather played a role into this, plus I just swam 2 miles. My run was right on target. I love it when things go right.

I ran 4 days, swam 4 days, biked 4 days and went to the gym for weights 2 days. This was extreme. I hope next week is less workout sessions. My b-day triathlon didn't help the matter, but these 2-a-day workouts are getting tough...mentally.

Sunday was crazy. I took my Grandma to church (we go every 2nd Sunday of the month). This gives me a chance to spend good quality time with Grandma! We should have gone to church earlier. I didn't get home until 2:30. Yikes. A 5-hour bike ride and I started at 3pm. It was nearly dark by the time I finished. I need to change things up next time. I went over to my friend Joe's house after the ride was over. I planned it just right so I would finish at his house. I was a little shy of 5 hours, but close enough. The weather was awesome! Not too hot or cold. The bugs were fierce. I think I got a little extra protein along the way.

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Dan Seifring said...

Great Week. I am tired just reading about all that training.