Sunday, March 30, 2008

Week Totals - Ironman Week 8

3/24/2008 - Bike 1:49:58, 32.21 miles
3/25/2008 - Swim 2,300m; Run 45:03, 6.50 miles
3/26/2008 - Bike 1:10:00, 22.36 miles
3/27/2008 - Swim 1,800m; Run 50:00, 6.40 miles
3/28/2008 - Off Day!
3/29/2008 - Swim 3,600m; Bike 4:07:02, 74 miles; Run (brick) 15:01, 1.80 miles
3/30/2008 - Run 1:31:47, 12 miles

Total Distance:
Swim: 7,700 meters (4.81 miles)
Run: 26.7 miles
Bike: 128.57 miles

I had a pretty steady week. My bike ride was set for Sunday, but the forecast was not looking good. Saturday was nearly 65+ degrees so I went out on my long ride on Saturday. I swam early in the morning, came home and ate a good breakfast. I waited awhile so my food could digest. I made it out just before noon.

I got two flat tires along the way. Yuck. One more and I would have been sunk. I only care 2 tubes with me. I made it from Chery Creek Reservoir to Chatfield Reservoir. Its about 35 miles each way. I thought I was going to need a nap afterwards, but I was doing pretty good.

My long run on Sunday was fantastic. I ran to Cherry Creek Reservoir and did some trail running. I ran in the marsh/swam areas. I really enjoyed myself. The temperature outside was almost perfect. I would have prefered it to be a little warmer.


UntPawGal02 said...

Sounds like a good training week to me :) Keep it up!

ShirleyPerly said...

I usually only carry two tubes and 2 CO2 cartridges with me too. One time I got 2 flats within 5 minutes of each other and was sweating bullets hoping I didn't get another one!

Tea said...

awesome training! I love the new layout!