Sunday, March 2, 2008

RMRR Trophy Series - Crown Hill Park

Today was a winter weather land race. It was so nice yesterday. It reached 74 degrees, but extremely windy. I took advantage of the weather. I rode my bike for 3:47:00. That was pretty awesome. I rode with the Front Rangers who are a cycling group for teenagers and young adults. The age range is 15-22 (or so). I don't fit in with the group, but I rode with them by a recommendation from the Bicycle Village store manager.

I rode and rode and rode. I was only supposed to ride for 1:15, but I figure I would get some good riding in while I can.

I woke up early this morning to a big mess. It snowed an inch or two and was still going. I woke up early enough to eat my "race day oatmeal" and took off. I left with plenty of time to spare. I was close to an accident. I bumped the curb and got past the car. I hope my car is alright.

This month's RMRR trophy series race was at Crown Hill Park. This race is a total of 3 miles. I ran the race last year at 18:39. It was nice weather and I pushed it hard. This year's goal was to race against my current handicap time which was 18:59.

Despite all the snow and slush I came really close to my predict time. We all started at the same time and I was in 2nd most of the way. I couldn't make a break and pass Scott ahead of me. Scott finished about 10-15 seconds before me. My total time this year was 19:23. That was pretty darn good for all the snow. I might have done such a well job that I might receive a ribbon??

After the run, 5-6 of us went another loop around the park. I was glad because I got my 35 min of running in. Afterwards my feet were soaked. They were unthawed but wet. The shoelaces were frozen. There were about 12 of us who went to Village Inn afterwards. I got some Chili and coffee. Guess what I did afterwards? I went to the pool and swam 2,500 meters. My average 200m was awesome today. I was under 4:00 for everyone!!! Very cool.

I really needed a nap afterwards, but I went to a Library "Wagging Tales" event and JcPennys. Nicole and I went to church a little later and that's it. Time to work on dinner and call it a night.

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