Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Journey Update

There is certainly not enough time to do things. I have tons of stuff to post of my blog. Here is a re-cap of my week.

From Tragedy to Triumph Library Program

I have been planning the library program for quite a while now, since at least October. I originally thought this was going to be a fundraiser event, but since I work for the Library I was unable to collect money.

The event had two outstanding speakers. Tricia Downing, a paraplegic Triathlete and Jason Regier, Denver Wheelchair Rugby Member. Each shared their stories and told the audience about how they overcame a tragedy in life. They shared stories about themselves and their involvement with sports and the community.
Check it out:
Aurora Sentinel (This explains the event in more detail)
My Fox 31 News

I started the Janus Charity Challenge several weeks ago because I want to help out the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF). It was a hard decision to make because it is always hard to ask others for donations. I have raised a total of $315. My goal is set at $500. Please donate if you can. Thanks.

My New Toy
I received a new HP iPAQ (pocket pc). What a cool toy to have. Nicole asks me a question and if I don't know it...let's google it. I am really seeing how this could get me into trouble. I must not do this too many times. The iPAQ was purchased from work. I am now becoming better organized at home and work. No more missing meetings, deadlines, emails, etc. No excuses

Calorie Count Update
I have been doing pretty good with counting calories. My initial goal was to reach 3,500 calories. That is extremely tough and almost impossible. Let me take that back. Not impossible if you eat tons of "junk food". I have come close to 3,000 almost every day. Some days over, some days under. I need to consume nearly double than what my wife should be consuming. Nicole is counting calories which helps because I am not alone.

Less than 100 Days
The count is now at 96 Days. The weeks just go by and training is going great. I got sick on Thursday which only slowed me down for one bike ride. Less than 100 days should scare me, but I get more excited just thinking about my race. It is getting tougher to plan those long runs and ride, but than seems the same

Denver Harlequins Quad Rugby Match
Nicole and I went to watch the Denver Harlequins Quad Rugby playoff games on Sunday. We went just after church and watched 2 games. The best game was Denver vs. Texas. There was a pretty big crowd and lots of excitement. The crashes, scoring, screaming and more made the match awesome. I wanted to see Jason, mentioned above, in action. Checkout their website for more information.


All-Stars said...

Thanks for the update! You say your busy, but are you really too busy for all your blogging buddies? :0)

ShirleyPerly said...

Glad your event went well! Too bad you were unable to use it as a fundraiser but maybe the additional press you got will help with that. Keep up the good work in training and fundraising!