Thursday, March 20, 2008

Yield to Bicycles

The challenged athletes foundation is an organization that helps injured athletes become competitive is sports again. This usually consists of them providing prosthetic legs, arms, racing wheelchairs, etc.

How are many athletes injured. Tricia Downing, who spoke at my From Tragedy to Triumph Program, was injured because she collided into a vehicle. She was ejected from her bicycle and flew in the air. Just imagine what kind of damage this can do.

Cars are crazy. Some don't even yield to pedestrians or cyclists; even if they have the cross walk sign. To prove my point just a little more. Here is goes: During my lunch break yesterday I decided to go out for my workout. Today was a different day. My workout plan said "60 minutes, Mountain Bike, Have fun!"

The trail near my work has been under construction. What other choices do you have if you want to get from point A to point B? My plan was to go from work to home, change socks and shoes and ride back to work. I had to ride the busy "Chambers Rd" for a good portion of this trip because there is no other options. There is a sidewalk to whole way. I came up to Yale Ave, up from a hill. I saw a blue van stopped at a red light looking to turn left. There was a sign that said "yield to all pedestrians and bicyclists". It was a green like for me and I saw the "Walk" sign for me to cross. I started to cross, the van didn't see me a proceeded to go. I smashed right into the van. Just like a bug flying into a windshield "splat".

My bike was a little messed up, but I just had to re-adjust the front steering and seat. My jacket was torn a little and I had a few scrapes, cuts, bruises. We exchanged info and I rode the bike the rest of the way home. I spent too much time at home, but rode back to work.

My arm and body is sore. I had a tough track workout yesterday. I ran 3 miles to the track, 8x800's with 400 recovery lap. I then ran back home for 3 miles. I am not sure if my whole body is sore for the 12.5 miles running or the collision? I guess I will never know.

Colorado has a bill called "right-of-way" bill, that is going through the legislature. Currently the fines and consequences are not stiff enough and have to be changed. This bill will make a huge difference. The minimum fine will no longer be $10. Yes that is right.
Please be careful while you are out there on the road; riding or driving. It will be my goal now to advocate driving/cyclist safety. I have already contacted the local congress and State Governer to share my story and make sure this law gets passed.


SUB6 said...

Sounds bad ... hopefully no long term damage. Recover well


Andy said...

Holy Crap! I am glad that only your bike was mostly damaged, and not you! I have only been hit once by a car while running (it was not that bad, but I ended up on the front hood), but other than that, nothing too serious. Georgia is a "share the road" state. We are to act just like cars, and cars are to treat us like any other car. Still at times people lose tempers (Atlanta is one of the worst traffic cities in the US). The mayor of Roswell and the Lt. Governor of Georgia are both avid cyclists so they are definately out there to help the cause. Get the bike tuned up and get back out there. In a few more weeks I will be riding to work!


Iron Eric said...

I haven't missed a workout yet, so it must not be too bad :)
My shoulder isn't too bad and I have a few scrapes and bruises on my left arm. It was pretty tough doing planks today. Bike find I think? I don't ride my mountain bike much so I will just throw it in the garage for now.

Duane said...

Glad you are okay! $10? UNBELIEVABLE!

SWTrigal said...

OMG-glad you are OK. I just had a near miss myself last week. I just now asssume that all drivers will run into me, unless I see them look right into my eyes..

Brent Buckner said...

Glad you came through OK.

I'm on my stationary trainer the vast majority of time now....