Monday, October 8, 2007

Warm up: 300m easy, (swim golf) 6 x 50 w/ 15 sec rest
Main: Swim a moderate effort using the same stroke count in Warm up set.
10 x 100 w/ 10 sec rest
(2:00.61, 2:03.93, 2:04.23, 2:01.98, 2:04.59, 2:03.21, 2:02.70, 2:03.44, 2:02.09, 1:57.86)
Avg 100m: 2:02.46
Total: 1,800 meters

I woke up late so I decided to swim during lunch. I ran out of time so I went back to work and missed my cool down. Oh well. I was very consistent again today with times, breathing and breaks. I went past the 10 sec mark for each 100m, but I was pretty close overall.

I tried a few things with swim golf today. My highest score was 108. My lowest score was around 98. I tried swimming fast with more strokes to see what the difference was. I swam much faster, but had double the amount of strokes. Once I get this combo down perfectly, my swim times should start dropping and I will feel less tired afterwards.

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