Friday, October 12, 2007

Packet Pickup

I rode my bike today. I went downtown Denver to pick up my packet for the Denver Half-Marathon. I decided to go today because I didn't want to ride my bike the day before the race. I left around 4:15-4:30. I didn't get back to my car until 7:15. It was pretty late and dark. I put on my light. The light doesn't work worth a darn. If I plan on riding my bike in the dark, I need to invest into another light.

I know several people who are doing the Denver Marathon. Tea, RMRR members, Deb Collins, and a few others. My bib # is 5534. I am only doing the Half-Marathon. Wish me luck!


Brent Buckner said...

Luck wished!

Tea said...

"only" doing the half. lol.

boy how quickly we forget how difficult running 13.1 miles is. :)

I will be looking for you. Mike will be there also. He's going to try to meet me at mile 24.
Oh, I'm #168.