Sunday, January 11, 2009

RMRR Trophy Series 10K

Today was the RMRR Trophy Series 10k race held at Twin Lakes Park. It was a pretty good run. It was very cold to start, but I nearly overheated. I will prepare better next time??

Overall Time: 39:38
Distance 6.19 / 10k
Pace: 6:24/mile
Calories burned: 741

Mile 1: 5:55, Mile 2: 6:14, Mile 3: 6:19, Mile 4: 6:32, Mile 5:6:43, Mile 6: 6:42, Mile .2: 1:11

I think I might have been worn out from yesterday's long run? I felt pretty good, but I just wasn't ready to go so fast. My handicap time was said to be 38:50. I knew this might be close, but that is 6:15/mile. There were several other fast runners in the group, and I might have been 5th fastest??
Afterwards, I went to visit my grandmother and we had lunch together. I came home watched a little football, then took a nap. What a day.


ShirleyPerly said...

I'll bet that long run the day before did affect your race. If you have to do a short race the same weekend you have to run long, perhaps it would be better to do the race as part of your long run (i.e., warm-up, do the race, and have an extra long cool down), choose one or the other, or do the long run the day after your race? Running really hard the day after a long run might be too much as the long runs get longer.

KodaFit said...

Probably good advice from Shirley!

Initially when I read that, I was thinking it seemed slower than previous times, but at the same time, far faster than I could even dream about doing it.

And then I read about the long run the day before which made me even more impressed.

And then I saw that you're training for SLC - Dude!! That's my neck of the woods!! I'm training for Ogden the following month, but I have a friend or 2 running SLC... I may have to head on down and do the yelling and cheering thing!

Iron Eric said...

I think I will be doing another long run before a big race weekend???